Buchanan // The Crayon Collection

Buchanan is an alternative rock band formed in late 2009. The band is the brainchild of English-born Josh Simons, brought to life in collaboration with a few musician friends.

Between 2009 and 2019 they released fifteen singles, three EPs, two studio albums, one live album and a final mixtape: The Crayon Collection. In January 2019, on their tenth anniversary, Buchanan announced their retirement.

Buchanan on ripCORD World Tour – Australia (2016)
Buchanan on ripCORD World Tour – Australia (2016)

The first and last, ever

The Crayon Collection is Buchanan‘s first and last last mixtape ever.

This release includes four tracks: two singles from Los Angeles and two tracks recorded during the Human Spring sessions. These songs capture the entire spectrum of sound, colors, and experiences, from each era of the band as they evolved.

The mixtape features production and engineer work from all-star previous collaborators , including 2018’s MPG Producer of the Year Catherine Marks (Foals, Wolf Alice), 4x GRAMMY winner Anthony Kilhoffer (Kanye West, Kid Cudi) and renowned London producer Simon Duffy (Leftfield, Mr Hudson).

Listen to The Crayon Colllection, available on all digital platforms. It’s a true retrospective on the Buchanan‘s artistic career.

This isn’t a sad story

Over a ten-year successful career, the Buchanan got to experience everything an artist can ever dream of: live TV performances, international radio play, millions of streams, awards, lots of touring including festivals and arenas, not to mention chart impressions in every continent.

Here is a note about their achievements, published by Josh on the Buchanan Facebook page:

The Buchanan career is also summarized in the video accompanying An Uncommon Experience, the third track from The Crayon Collection.

What’s left?

Buchanan story has reached the end of its creative parable. But it’s like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Follow it to discover the treasure at the end: the music they created during their prolific ten-year career.

Genuine, sincere, simply beautiful music.

Snowmine // Laminate Pet Animal

Snowmine is a five-piece band based in Brooklyn, NY. Their music embraces an indie rock pop sound, capable of depicting rich and echoing sounscapes, blended with more classical orchestrations.

The band is fronted by new-classical composer Grayson Sanders, whose vocals have been compared to Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes, to Jim Jones of My Morning Jacket. He is joined by talented artists Grayson Sanders, Austin Mendenhall, Alex Beckmann, Jay Goodman, and, last but not least, Calvin Pia.

Between 2011 and 2012 Snowmine had 4 releases, including albums and singles. Among these stands out Laminate Pet Animal, which is a sort of artistic prelude, an incubator for their last album Dialects. It’s a great insight into how the band has matured over time.

Laminate Pet Animal has a very good formula of eclectic instrumentation, catchy melodies, pleasant vocals and solid songwriting. This is a really engaging record, where indie rock meets a progressive and experimental attitude, somewhere in between Van-She, Semisonic and Everything Everything.

Find out more about Snowmine on BandCamp [ here ], and listen to Laminate Pet Animal available on all main streaming platforms.

Valdimar // Sitt Sýnist Hverjum

Valdimar is an indie rock band established in 2009 as a duo by Valdimar Guðmundsson and Ásgeir Aðalsteinsson, both from Keflavik, Iceland.

Guðlaugur Guðmundsson, Þorvaldur Halldórsson, Kristinn Evertsson and Högni Þorsteinsson gradually joined in to make it a 6-member band. 

The band released their debut album Undraland in 2010. Four singles from the album reached the Top 10, including their biggest hit Yfirgefinn, one of the most played songs of 2011 in Iceland.

In October 2012 they released Um stund, nominated for the album of the year award at the Icelandic Music Awards. The band released their third album titled Batnar útsýnið in October 2014, and the latest one, Sitt sýnist hverjum in, September 2018.

Valdimar performs live show too, most often supported by a small brass section. Check the show section on their website [ here ], they have dozens of events already scheduled over the next few months.

Valdimar‘s music builds up in a natural way, driving the listener from soft and intimate moments, to heart-pounding pinnacles. The sound of their music can be described as an indie mix with electro/ambient/pop/rock influences.

If you’ve never heard the Valdimar sound, listen now to their latest album Sitt Sýnist Hverjum, available in streaming on all digital platforms. Also check BandCamp [ here ] for their releases, available also on CDs and vinyls.

E321 // Among The Trees

Hailing from Västerås, Sweden, E321 is a post-rock trio with shoegaze influences.

Among The Trees is their debut EP, released in 2012. This is a collection of 3 tracks which alternate static moments to breath-taking bursts, with intrusions of spoken lyrics and flowing guitar distortion.

In addition to Among The Trees, the band has released two other albums: Id in 2015, and Eyes Wide, in 2018.

Their performance is reminiscent of the likes of Mogwai or This Will Destroy You.

Find out more about E321 and don’t miss out Among The Trees on BandCamp [ here ].

The Ataris // Live in Los Angeles

Live in Los Angeles was released to raise funds to replace the engine in the band's van, which blew out on their previous US tour.
The Ataris // Live in Los Angeles – cover

Live in Los Angeles is a soundboard recording of a show The Ataris played in 2012. It’s a raw and honest recording, without edits, overdubs or frills, which give us all the energy of this band with some familiar tunes everybody would sing at the top of their lung.

This release is a good photograph of the band doing what it does best: performing some honest, loud rock n’ roll.

Founded in 1996, more than twenty years later, they are still going strong, traveling the world and playing alternative-indie-rock music. 

Live in Los Angeles was released to raise funds to replace the engine of the band’s van, which blew out on their previous US tour.

With a discography of 12 releases, the latest one out in 2017, The Ataris still hit the road with many gigs, sharing their journey with their fans and other bands too – like during the MxPx w/ The Ataris & Rehasher event on November 23, in Anaheim, CA.

Are you thinking about buying tickets for their next concert, but never met their sound?

Then check it out and listen to Live in Los Angeles from their page on BandCamp [ here ], where you can also find all their albums, including special editions vynils, and don’t forget to follow them on Facebook [ here ].

Esperi // In a Moment, Emotion, Sentiment

Esperi // In a Moment, Emotion, Sentment - album review on NOVA MUSIC blog
Esperi – solo outfit of Chris James Marr – performing live

Esperi is the solo outfit of Scottish composer and multi-instrumentalist Chris James Marr. Back in 2012 he released In A Moment, Emotion, Sentiment, a remarkable album with a minimal and dreamy sound, yet at the same time rich in details and really eclectic.

Esperi makes a poignant, delicate music that could be called folk if it weren’t for the electronic loops and the myriad of instruments that mesh together to construct every song. There are so many ideas that goes into each track.

Every element is like a little tantalizing trick, pulled out of a toy box, layer upon layer. Time after time, track by track, Chris continually introduces new details to grip your attention.

All converge with Chris’ pleasant vocals and reassuring guitar. It’s all fused together, with no detail sounding superfluous or out of place. This album is a colorful rainbow over the sky, a little faded by the sunlight and perfectly blended into the landscape.

The mellow and gentle touch of Esperi‘s songs is deceptively, way more inspired and complex than you would expect. It’s an intimate, fervid dream.

Fans of artists such as Bon Iver, Iron and Wine, Mum will definitely connect with the vibes of this record!

Have a listen now to In A Moment, Emotion, Sentiment and find out more about Esperi gigs and discography:

on BandCamp [ here ]
on Facebook [ here ]

Giants // Giants

In 2011 Giants released their self-titled post-rock EP. It’s 4-tracks of brilliant instrumental melodies, which give us a dynamic sound.

Wide-ranging soundscapes transmit uplifting feelings, while drums and rhythmic guitars convey a straightforward and engaging musical message.

Check out Giants‘ music and listen to their EP on BandCamp [ here ].

TTNG // From to *something new*

TTN - This Town Needs Guns - is going to release a new album?
TTN – This Town Needs Guns – Are they going to release a new album? is the second album released in 2013 by TTNG, formerly known as This Town Needs Guns.

From 2008 to 2018 they have released 7 albums, 2 of wich acoustic, with a worldwide digital and physical distribution, also on vinyl.

On the last tour – N. American ‘Animals’ Tour part 2! [ link ] – which took place in the US from June to May, they performed on 13 different dates, from Seattle to Chicago, with stops in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

And now, as you can read down here – from their Facebook page – it looks like they’re working on something new:

TTNG‘s sound has a distinctive and remarkable line, a familiar watermark, that can guide you through an interesting, adventurous journey. Their music can challenge your expectations, album after album.

If you still don’t know This Town Needs Guns or have never listened to the TTNG‘s original sound, check the album now, visit their Facebook page [ here ] and their official website [ here ].

Antillectual // Start From Scratch!

In 2010 Antillectual emerged from the colorful European punk rock scene with their album Start From Scratch!, probably one of the most original acts hailing from the old continent.

As this post from their Facebook page shows, a lot of people still consider this album to be their best!

This trio from Nijmegen, Netherlands plays a socially conscious, melodic blend of music, ranging from ‘90’s skate punk to ‘00’s emo and ‘10’s orgcore. Creating their own unique blend of stolen riffs and borrowed song titles, while carrying the torch of European punkrock.

With 12 albums released between 2006 and 2019, and dozens of live each year, the Antillectual are still churning out new material at great pace .

Check their discography on BandCamp [ here ] and listen to Start From Scratch!

Free Floating Air Balloon // Let’s Feel Fine

Free Floating Air Balloon comes out with Let’s Feel Fine, a song with a well balanced mix, a fresh and contemporary sound, and a direct and pleasant tone.

People who like artists like Neil Young or Elliott Smith will think this song sounds somewhat familiar.

Its melody and lyrics intensely and sincerely convey the musical message of the song, which is easy to engage with.

Let’s Feel Fine is accompanied by a video, which has a fresh and humorous touch, bringing a different dimension to the song, but without distorting its meaning, which certainly is not comedic.

Check out the Free Floating Air Balloon‘s music and listen to Let’s Feel Fine on Youtube.

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