Follow No One // Fear No Evil

Follow No One // Fear No Evil - artwork
Follow No One // Fear No Evil – artwork

The rock band Follow No One is the brainchild of two highly accomplished musicians – singer-songwriter and pianist Rich Hall from Nashville, Tennessee, and guitar virtuoso Pedro Murino Almeida, originally from Lisbon, Portugal, but with roots in Brazil.

Their focus is to incorporate the greatest elements of Rock and Roll’s past and present into a unique and exciting new brand of rock.

Their music is influenced by such rock giants as Dream Theater, Alter Bridge, Foo Fighters, Avenged Sevenfold, Imagine Dragons, and Three Days Grace.

Recently the duo released a new single titled “Fear No Evil”, a rushing and hard-hitting track about trust and counting on people. A perfect hard rock song, with a catchy melody and a rich arrangement.

Meticulously crafted, this is a four minutes number, with passionate lyrics and intricate melodies, supported by galloping drums and a heavy, bass-driven beat.

Musically, the song excels thanks to a jaw-dropping guitar work that runs the gamut from gentle chiming, to blazing riffs, to bombastic wails.

Fear No Evil” is the perfect synthesis of their trademarks. In this release they have managed to condense their heterogeneous creativity, already appreciated with their debut album “5“, and have raised the vastness of their musical vision, previously tasted with their single “Your Time of Dying. “

They managed to capture the most impressive elements of the great musical genres and incorporate them into an eclectic, unique and distinctive original style. This duo is a figure that thrills and conquers.

Their name might be Follow No One, but you might want to actually follow these rockers.

Keep in touch with Follow No One and discover all the music from this talented duo, checking their official web site [ here ].

Discover now the astonishing sound of Follow No One and listen to “Fear No Evil”, available on Spotify [ here ].

Kristen Karma // Dear John

Rising singer-songwriter Kristen Karma release her brand new single titled “Dear John.”

Dedicated to the memory of her father, with “Dear JohnKristen Karma gives us a thematic song that warms the heart and pulls at the strings of our deepest feelings.

The result of her collaboration with emerging artist Marian Hanna and rap artist Mr. ATP, “Dear John” is a song with warm and colloquial lyrics.

The theme of the track brings a moving message that melts hearts, to which anyone who has ever lost a loved one can relate with transport.

Kristen Karma // Dear John - artwork
Kristen Karma // Dear John – artwork

The release of “Dear John” is accompanied by a music video, available on Vimeo [ here ].

Kristen Karma
Kristen Karma

Brilliantly crafted, “Dear John” is a polished and refined work. The arrangement and vocal performances of the artists work in a unison to convey the meaning and the strong and deep feeling of this song in a very effective way. On everything else towers Karma’s vocal performance, which is clear, vivid and powerful. The sentimental transport with which she guides the song is overwhelming, to the point of giving you goose bumps.

In “Dear John” there is all the genuineness and resplendent beauty of the affection and love that can be felt for a father. This is accompanied by a melancholy vein, that feeling of loss that always comes with the memory of a loved one who’s no longer alive. This dualism brings “Dear John” to an even higher level.

Listen now to “Dear John” and discover all the music of Kristen Karma, available on Spotify [ here ], Soundcloud [ here ] and all the other main digital platforms.

To not miss all the music of Kristen Karma check her website [ here ].

Matt Westin // “Hey Bro”

Matt Westin is back with another first-rate single.
This is the spitfire single “Hey Bro.”

Country singer-songwriter Matt Westin recently released his new single “Hey Bro”. This song is a catchy piece that vibrates clearly and loudly, thickened by Westin’s baritone voice.

With this new single Westin offers us a joyful and reassuring hymn to friendship and to the way people grow together.

A piece of great energy, perfectly rooted in his artistic sign and his country heritage.

Matt Westin // "Hey Bro" - artwork
Matt Westin // “Hey Bro” – artwork

The arrangement is rich and complete, with an exquisite amount of detail. The melodic riffs push the majestic grace that is breathed throughout the piece. Everything further underlines the theme of the song.

Hey Bro” is a vibrant, lived and real piece, with a rousing groove. As the whole work rises with a tremendous amount of energy, everything lights up with great colors, spontaneously prompting you to tap your foot to the music while singing its catchy melody.

In a perfect balance of style, Matt Westin incorporates the roots of classic rock, enriches them with a blues vein, and expands it all with the typical country atmosphere, building up a gorgeous stream of sound.

Hey Bro” is a first-class production, in which every single bit of sound is totally dedicated to conveying the meaning of the song.

The definitive addition to your favorite playlists.
To be shared with friends at any bonfire or tailgate party.
To listen to over and over again, always in one go.

Get carried away by the engaging sound of Matt Westin. Listen now to “Hey Bro“, which is available on Spotify [ + ] and on all other major streaming platforms.

Discover all the overwhelming music of Matt Westin and keep in touch with him, visiting his website [ here ].

Gary Burk III // “You Got Me”

“You Got Me” true love and compassion, Gary Burk III .
The song from his forthcoming EP, tentatively titled “Show Em What You Got.”

After the previous single “Friday Night“, which received over 50,000 Spotify streams and exceeded 18,000 YouTube views, Gary Burk III returns to the spotlight with a brand-new track, “You Got Me.”

Written by Mason Douglas and recorded at Meatlocker Recording Studios, this song is a first-class production, with a wide spreading arrangement with a country-rock feeling, along with a bright and clear vocal performance from the talented Gary Burk III.

Gary Burk III // “You Got Me”
Gary Burk III // “You Got Me

In “You Got Me“, Burk’s voice is a true radiant sun, which expresses the meaning of the song with transport and without any filter.Heart to heart, the lyrics further increase the tenderness of the piece. A carefully designed combination of elements which contributes to giving us a truly impeccable narration.

The arrangement is constructed and developed in a masterful way. Of surgical precision from a technical point of view, it presents a dynamic and peculiar sound spectrum. The elements that compose it are expertly dosed according to the development of the phrasing.

A perfect love nest that embraces the whole feeling of the song.

Slow but constant, the song grows and develops into something that becomes an engaging journey, with an important message behind it.

You Got Me” is an extraordinarily positive, fresh and dynamic piece of pop, with which Gary Burk III once again shows his ability to create something truly wonderful.

An unmissable song. It will accompany us throughout 2020, if not beyond.

Listen now to “You Got Me” by Gary Burk III available on Spotify [ here ] and all the other main digital platforms.

Find out more about Gary Burk III
checking his official website [ here ].

J. Andrew and Cult Muzic celebrate the release of the album “Heart Attacked”

The talented and energetic singer-songwriter and live performer J. Andrew recently released his new album “Hearth Attacked”, an innovative blend of hip-hop, rap and alternative rock.

J. Andrew - Heart Attacked - artwork
J. Andrew // Heart Attacked – artwork

Characterized by a raw and vivid creative lyricism, J. Andrew is a clear and direct kind of artist, not only for his content but also for his creative process.

Capable of capturing the genuineness of the first creative inspiration, his “Heart Attacked” is a perfect blend of lyricism, honesty and attitude.

J. Andrew is not afraid to step outside the box, and gets straight to the heart with an explicit highlight, emphasized by his vocal performance, which is penetrating, scratchy and rich in substance.

Through the sixteen tracks of “Heart Attacked“, J. Andrew shows all the breadth, variety and depth of his creative vision.

With “Heart Attacked” the artist shows us in a tangible way the effort made to capture all the raw emotions of a period of his life, giving us more than a mere recording of a song idea.

With this album, J. Andrew opens a window, showing us a glimpse of his life. And what he shows us is something that hits us and pulls us inside.

To best capture the details of the rich artistic vision of this talented artist, we interviewed J. to ask him some questions.

Hi J., thank you for finding some time for us and our questions.

“Heart Attacked” feels like the kind of album in the realization of which you put all of yourself. Through the sixteen songs forming it, you range from penetrating vocals, like in “Until It Vanishes”, to wide and inspired scenarios, like in “Borderline Supernatural”. Where do you find all this inspiration, and where does such a wide and open creative vision come from?

This album came straight from everything going on in my life for the past year. Just an emotional roller-coaster.   I started writing more honest lyrics, and took a different approach with the music altogether.  I’ve always been influenced by multiple genres, so naturally my music will always reflect that.  The opening track “Until it Vanishes” features the very talented Diastro, and is just a fucking banger with some attitude.  “Black Heart” features amazing verses from Black Hesher and Big MIC, with a haunting beat produced by The ROC and a hook that just wont quit.  For this album I actually reached out to one of my influences, (a shot in the dark actually) to sing on a song.  Pall Jenkins (3 mile pilot, the black heart procession) lends his beautiful voice to the eerie song “Less Traveled Road.” 

“Heart Attacked” is the story of a year of your life. You genuinely expose this personal and profound moment without filters, nor reservations. How hard was it to dig inside your own self, and then expose yourself, and open up in such an authentic way?

I wanted to start writing songs that really meant something to me.   Songs that came from somewhere so real, the listener is transported to where I was emotionally at that moment, (good or bad).  I want you to feel the pain in songs like “balance off-setter”, or the warmth in “away from here/best part.”  I also want my songs to be timeless, ya know?  Love, heartbreak, anger,  and aggression will always be a common bond between all of us.

The flow of your singing seems tailor-made for a live performance on stage. The sound scenarios of your songs sound like real live sessions. Take for example “Best Part” or, again, “Borderline Supernatural”. The way they come out of the speakers reminds us a lot of the experience of a  live show. When you’re on stage, how do you drive your musical message? What is it that triggers the spark that turns your stage persona on when it’s time to perform live?

I’m not sure quite how it happens, but when I perform,  I become an alternate version of myself.   I’ll give everything I have into that 30 mins.  No different than wanting you feel the recorded version.   Just in person, I’m gonna be in your face demanding you’re there with me.   And I just love to sing, and it feels amazing to just belt those songs out to an unsuspecting room.

Cult Muzic already has under its belt over 70 releases by dozens of different artists. It seems almost reductive to call it an independent label. What is Cult Muzic’s vision and perspective on the industry?

Honestly, staying productive and remaining focused on making dope music.   Everyone with Cult Muzic (Media) is insanely talented, and we all add different flavors to the kool-aid.   The energy in our camp at the moment is absolutely amazing and we know people sense that shit.  We are a tight knit operation that works together as a team/collective/crew to lift each other up.   The “industry” will really only help you if you’ve made it to a certain point.   Once you’re profitable, that’s when they really take notice.  There’s a huge misconception of being on major record label.  Basically leeches.

Featuring: Rob Alexander’s music

“Long Road Coming Home” offers a simple and elegant listening experience, by which Rob Alexander asserts himself as a warm and inviting singer with a captivating voice.
This album is a declaration of love for the sound of the 80s, the perfect way for Rob Alexander to present himself to the indie pop audience.

Producing an album of this type in today’s music industry scenario can be a very difficult challenge. A requirement sought in any new production, almost at any cost, is the novelty factor. But Alexander isn’t necessarily trying to reinvent the wheel. It is certainly not his goal. With “Long Road Coming Home” Rob gives us a production that is well rooted in the music of the 80s, but that carries the originality and authenticity of a consistent and reliable front man.

Rob  Alexander // Long Road Coming Home - artwork
Rob Alexander // Long Road Coming Home – artwork

This is how this singer and songwriter, armed with a well-defined creative vision, gives us 12 tracks full of hooks.

Among these we will talk about those that caught our imagination the most.

Let’s start with the second track, which is the title track. “Long Road Coming Home” is a song that seems to perfectly embody Alexander’s singer-songwriter dualism.

The lyrics and vocal performance contribute to projecting a very clear sound image, layered over several narrative and structural levels.

The result is a blend of inspiration and expressiveness, which unfolds in its heterogeneity in front of our ears. Alexander enchants by dynamically modulating his performance, like an ebb and flow through which he leads us to the sentimental epicenter of the song.

Another track worth examining is number three, “Better Than That.” This is a properly produced song, with a simple but effective arrangement that stands out for its brilliant sound.

The main star is once again Alexander’s voice. The approach is intimate and gentle, allowing you to perceive his singing as an intimate performance, a show put on exclusively with just one, very special listener in mind: you.

Deep and smoky, Alexander’s voice adds the right nuance to the piece, making it distinctive.

Continuing our journey through the variegated creativity that Alexander shows off in this album, we cannot fail to mention “Back to the Radio“, the track that opens the entire album.

Back to the Radio” is the piece that any songwriter would like to write. Recognizable, distinguishable and fresh, it has a catchy melody, an engaging rhythm, the lyrics are easy to relate, and the sound is familiar in its fundamentals, but original in its nuances and accents.

Alexander’s performance further enhances the energy of the song. Indeed, to be honest, there is a resounding kind of determination that this artist injects with grace and balance in every single note and pause.

This is among the best songs of the whole album.

Rob Alexander

We conclude our roundup by arriving at track number six, “When I’m Gone“. A song that deserves to be placed in a separate category. Alexander dedicated this song to George Michael, and “When I’m Gone” is a sad piece underlined by a vein of blues, enhanced by passionate melodies and a sincere delivery. Written the same day as Michael’s death in 2016, Alexander reflects on a universally relatable question: “What happens when we die? How will other people react to our passing?”

The gradual escalation of this song is one of its main strengths. Alexander’s songwriting demonstrates a thorough understanding of how dynamics can make a song truly memorable. Its evolution is a small cinematographic pop jewel. It opens with piano and voice, that effectively introduce a feeling of intimacy.

It then puts into play very energetic drums, aimed at increasing the potency of the song. Guitars and synthesizers seal the overall intention with crucial roles. Everything contributes to making the piece come to life on its own, as the musical discourse develops.

Even the electric guitar solo present in the second half of the song is tremendously functional, rather than just ornamental, placing an interesting accent on the arrangement.

Discover Rob Alexander‘s music and listen now to
Long Road Coming Home“, available in streaming on Spotify and on all the other main digital platforms [ here ].

In his vocal performance Alexander brings out a really profound emotionality. Layered just above the elements of the arrangement, it is placed exactly where it should be. Never undertone or overloaded, Alexander’s singing is vibrant in the exact amount needed to bring out the emotions required by the challenging lyrics.

The words of “When I’m Gone” speak of someone meditating on what will happen after their death. Even a superficial listening makes it clear that George Michael’s death struck Alexander on a deep level. This creates a blend of emotions and introspection, which combines technical permeance with a personally felt sentimental transport, further raising the weight and value of Alexander’s performance and of the whole piece.

With “When I’m Gone” Alexander surpasses himself and touches the summit, leading us to go full circle in our attempt at exploring his artistic, technical, visionary, and expressive abilities.

What we have outlined is the profile of an artist whose voice is itself the main element that defines his identity.

To learn more about Rob Alexander and his music, follow him on his social networks:
Facebook [ here ] – Twitter [ here ]

Featuring: the creativity of Strike Boogie

A music that fascinates, intrigues and captivates.
Let’s discover the magic of Strike Boogie.

In view of the upcoming “NEUROTIC“, his second EP after the classical jazz, solo piano release that is “The Missing Key“, we explore the vastness of Strike Boogie‘s music.

Strike Boogie has a creative vision with truly wide spatiality, in which we find sentimental transport in performance, care in production, originality in writing and composition, and care in organizing the musical structure.

In “The Missing Key” all this translates into a sophisticated and not-static sound aesthetics, whose expressiveness moves harmoniously within each single piece with scenographic dynamics.

The resonant breadth and vastness of the soundscape expands and shrinks depending on the context and the musical phrasing. At the same time, the focus of the performance moves together with the development of each single phrasing, shifting closer or farther away to modulate the level of intimacy and introspection.

This is where the real magic of “The Missing Key” lies. Five solo piano tracks that sound like progressive arguments of a single, broader argument. An explanatory naturalness thanks to which Strike Boogie proves to be inside his natural element.

This expressive ability, which is certainly evident in “The Missing Key“, is also found in his most recent “Yesterday”, a single in which the high quality and the care put into production, too, stand out.

Fluid and floating, “Yesterday” displays a balanced and cohesive mix, with a deep low range, with rhythmic but soft pulsations. The velvety feeling produced by the sum of the various stratified vocal layers is lightened by percussion intrusions that come and go. Overall, it’s a truly avant-garde production, capable of transmitting a beautiful sensation, which transcends different genres and definitions. From hip-hop and R&B influences to electronics, industrial and even classical, Strike puts all his legacy inside “Yesterday“.

If we were to look for similarities with other well-known artists, the only one we’d name would be Prince. This is because the vastness and heterogeneity of Strike Boogie‘s music is such that to mention other artists would mean focusing only on a small fragment of his creativity.

Strike Boogie is a great all-round musician. He has a unique ability to combine forceful vocals with unique instrumentals, highlighting his versatility like few others.

Embracing creativity and sound experimentation, this artist creates innovative music, with a vibrant sound and an inventive touch that will leave you wanting more of them.

Wanting to sum all we said so far into a metaphor, we could say all this is a theatrical actor who loves to tread the boards.

A genuine love for sound, which Strike Boogie channels through his different creations, into something that transcends genre classification; something unique, one act after the other.

Keep in touch with Strike Boogie.
Check his official website [ here ]
and follow him on his socials
Facebook [ here ] – Instagram [ here ] – Twitter [ here ]

Discover now the music of Strike Boogie.
Listen to “The Missing Key” and “Yesterday
available on Spotify [ here ].

Kathy Ingraham // Cherish

Sensual and melodious, with a retro vein and a contemporary flavor.
Kathy Ingraham’s voice enraptures and astounds like few others.

Kathy Ingraham // Cherish - artwork
Kathy Ingraham // Cherish – artwork

After “That’s What Crazy Lovers Do“, talented singer and songwriter Kathy Ingraham returns with a new single titled “Cherish“, a sublime synergy between singing and music.

Characterized by an intimate and engaging atmosphere, this composition slips away like a sweet caress on the cheek, towards a pulsating groove and a smooth swing. Every single element of the song is perfectly defined and masterfully placed within the mix. The coherence that links them makes the message clear and intelligible.

Kathy’s vocal performance comes as a breath of fresh air, splendidly rich in nuance and dynamics, capable of transmitting a range of sensations that seems to be boundless. Next to that of Ingraham, stand out the performances by guitarist Elliott Randall and jazz icon Pete Levin, along with the drums of Joel Rosenblatt of SpyroGyra.

Cherish” is a glimpse into the vastness of the creative universe that Ingraham is capable of.

Perfectly able to gravitate between Jazz and Blues, Ingraham can steer with peculiar minimalism towards Pop, Folk, Rock, giving us the feeling she might move into whatever genre she wants.

With this new release, Kathy Ingraham shows off again her experience as a singer and songwriter. She has sung in television and radio commercials for organizations such as McDonald’s, Chrysler, ABC Network, Coke, Pepsi and many others. In 2014 she took her first step as an independent artist and since then has published numerous pieces, working with an impressive list of artists and composers.

This single shows a range of tenderness and passion, guided by an emotional, relaxing and passionate voice.

Find out more about Kathy Ingraham, and don’t miss this brand new single, “Cherish
available on Soundcloud [ here ], Spotify [ here ] and all other main digital platforms.

Don’t forget to keep updated on Kathy Ingraham‘s upcoming releases and events checking her official website [ here ].

Derek Lai // Empty Handed

“Empty-Handed”: emotional, uplifting and extremely contagious.
Derek Lai: vibrant to the point he makes your heart flutter.

Empty-Handed” is the new single from Derek Lai, a song with thoughtful lyrics, which lead us, through doubt and discouragement, towards a place of healing and empowerment.

Derek Lai // Empty Handed - artwork
Derek Lai // Empty Handed – artwork

Mixed by George Seara, who has worked with artists like Shawn Mendes, Lai’s new single is a clear example of the level of care that this artist puts in the production of his songs.

The piece has a groove whose main fuel is a passionate and engaging rhythmic guitar, which feeds the whole song, and emphasizes it thanks to the solos that give an additional accent to the piece.

With “Empty-Handed” Derek brings out all the passion he has in making music, further illuminating the piece. His vocal performance is perfectly set in the soundscape of the song. It vibrates and shines thanks to sentimental transport, and at the same time it sounds accessible thanks to a sound paste that feels fundamentally familiar.

It is thanks to the balanced combination of all these factors that Derek gives us a piece that opens the way through intimate and personal ideas, and makes them accessible and easy to relate to.

Once again Derek Lai chooses to take the less obvious way to live his dreams.

Once again, betting on himself has rewarded him well.

Listen now to “Empty Handed
available on SoundCloud [ + ] and Spotify [ + ]

Keep in touch with Derek Lai, follow him on
Instagram[ + ] Twitter [ + ] Tiktok [ + ] Youtube [ + ]

Derek Lai
Derek Lai

Maxime//The Honest Me Pt.1

An album with a vibrant emotional fullness. This is “The Honest Me Pt.1”
Who is Maxime, the Parisian artist who is charting new and exciting paths through pop?

Maxime Boublil was born in Paris, France, into a family of theater artists. His father, Alain, wrote the musical adaptation of Les Miserables and Miss Saigon, while his mother was the first Cosette at Les Miserables in France.

A cellist since childhood, after his major in Music in Visual Media at the Academy of Arts University of San Francisco, he continued his career as an engineer at Furstock Studios, with three-time ARIA Award-winning engineer Doug Brady. Having written over 50 songs, he began producing and recording his music.

The Honest Me Pt.1” is the manifesto of Maxime‘s creative talent, in which his sensitivity, his background and his heritage blend in unison to compose a vivid and brilliant production. The dedication that Maxime pours into the songs on this album seems to spring up, genuine and permeating, directly from the artist’s heart.

Through an emotionally expressive lyricism, Maxime creates  a true spectacle, telling us an inspired story. The skill he shows at mastering his voice is surprising, giving us a performance that is now resonant, now delicate, perfectly set in captivating arrangements which are genuine orchestrations.

The Honest Me Pt.1” is a full immersion listening experience. In its entirety, a unique work in the current music scene.

Energetic and uplifting.
Solid and sincere.
Among the most beautiful discoveries of 2019.

Keep in touch with Maxime following him on
Instagram [ here ] and Youtube [ here ].

Listen now to “The Honest Me Pt.1” which is available on
Spotify [ here ] and Soundcloud [ here ].

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