Rob Alexander // This Hollywood Road

Rob Alexander is a physician anesthesiologist (M.D.) who has been writing songs for most of his adult life. After recording some of his most recent works, Rob released his debut album ‘Long Road Coming Home’ in 2018.

Following ‘Long Road Coming Home’, in 2019 Rob released his second album titled ‘Being Myself’, a rich and varied collection of 15 songs.

We covered both these releases in two previous articles, along with an interview with Rob. In case you missed them, you can read them at the following links:

Highlighted by captivating voice reminiscent of Elton John’s, the songs that make up ‘Being Myself’ are a stylistic call that refers to the brightness of pop sounds, the one so iconic of the ’80s and ’90s. Here Rob showcases once again all his warm and inviting style, one that he described as “a contemporary classic for adults”.

The comparison to Sir Elton is not merely stylistic nor certainly out of place, given that ‘Being Myself’ also contains ‘Friend of Mine (Elton’s Epic)’, a tribute song penned by Rob, about Elton and his first performance trip to America.

Composed only by original songs, ballads, and more rock numbers, ranging from pop to funk, to R&B, ‘Being Myself’ is a beautifully made album.

A passionate exploration of feelings and sensations that Rob renders in an expressive and emotional way, and that comes to life thanks to his peculiar ability to marry a recognizable classic sound with touches of originality, detailed personality, and contemporary vibrations.

Rob’s songs shine like few others with their own light, finding perspective and openness in precious portraits, amiably painted with abundance of style and character by Rob’s creativity.

Among these, the lead track ‘This Hollywood Road’ certainly stands out as a song that impeccably acts as the opening act to the entire album.

This is a timeless piece with a romantic message about never letting anything or anyone put you down, framed in a finely made soundscape that is at the same time simple and complex, and that certainly does not leave disappointed also in terms of quality of its mix and mastering.

Infused with a nostalgic brilliance of sound, the rhythm and the involving melodies are key elements of a composition expertly constructed, arranged, and performed.

Undoubtedly noteworthy qualities that are brought to an even more excellent level by Matt Bissonette’s bass, by Kim Bullard on keyboards and John Mahon on drums, joined by Robbie Angelucci’s guitar.

It could not be otherwise, since the artists that Rob has chosen for recording the entire album include longtime veterans: Bissonette, Bullard and Mahon are members of Elton John’s band, while Angelucci was a member of Frankie Valli’s touring band for many years.

The fullness and organic quality of their performances denotes all their artistic depth, while creating the perfect edge and bridge to enhance the aesthetics and heighten the delivery of the whole piece.

Exquisitely hung between the nostalgia of a bygone era and an almost textbook radio edit pop, ‘This Hollywood Road’ is a radiant flowering in which to find a new spark with every listening.

Listen now to Rob Alxander single track ‘This Hollywood Road’, off of his album ‘Being Myself’, both available for streaming on Spotify.

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Rob Alexander // This Hollywood Road - single cover

Rob Alexander // This Hollywood Road

A radiant bloom in which to find the spark with every listening, ‘This Hollywood Road’ is the latest single by Rob Alexander, off of his album ‘Being Myself’.

Rob Alexander // "Being Myself" - album cover

Rob Alexander // Being Myself

Released last November, “Being Myself” by Rob Alexander is a collection made up only of original songs: ballads and more Rock numbers, ranging from pop to funk, to R&B.

Yarku // Become a tree

Young and talented, Yarku is a promising musician and producer from Eastern Europe, who since 2013 has played in various bands as a guitarist and singer. Today, focused on moving forward and progressing on his artistic journey, Yarku is fueling his solo career by producing his art and his music.

An eclectic and exploratory experimentation that spans various genres, the music that Yarku creates is an expression of his artistic vision with which he moves with inventiveness between electronic, indie, trip-hop, up to chillwave.

“I’m just making music that I’d like to listen to, but somehow it still doesn’t exist,” says Yarku talking about himself and the two-year period he spent in the studio to create a new sound and to bring it out, with many new features coming this year.

Among these, the most recent is the electronic matrix single titled ‘Become a tree’. A single atmospherically immersed in an imaginative vision, the song plays as a stream of thoughts, about the state you may feel when want to stop being an ever-running man, and you want to become just as a tree.

A futuristic experimental track where vibrations range from alternative pop, to chillwave, from trip-hop to retrowave, here Yarku is giving pulsating body and life to a suggestive song, magnetically fascinating and reflexively enveloping.

A listening experience between the metaphysical and the dreamlike, granularly rendered through musical structures with an interesting argument, Yarku’s version is appreciable thanks to the original drift proposed.

The figures of running, staticity, transition and transience interchange and follow each other in cycles, now with a tight pathos, now with a more relaxed mood.

They are all effective insights brought into the entire musical discourse, that takes color and lymph from a dynamism with a fresh sound and an involving aesthetics.

A stimulating release, ‘Become a tree’ converged all our attention on Yarku, who’s certainly an artist to keep an eye on for his future works.

Listen now to ‘Become a tree’, Yarku’s lates single available for streaming on all the major digital platforms. Find your preferred one via

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Written, arranged, recorded, mixed, mastered by Yarku, the entire production of ‘Become a tree’ bears the artist’s own signature, including the music video that accompanies the single. Created together with Tayga and recorded with an iPhone in Ibiza and Poland, the music video is available on the Yarku’s YouTube channel.

Brando Bogart // What’s the Point

Following the previous ‘Shadow of the Past’, rock band Brando Bogart returns to the spotlight with a new EP titled ‘What’s the Point?’

Originally formed in the ’80s, after they signed with a label life and all its pressures put everything on hold for the band Brando Bogart. Fast forward to nowadays: Gordon Brenson, Jim Boyle, Kelly Kristjanson, Tommy Pa and Darrell West have decided to bring to light the healthy and good roots of pure and vibrant rock, outfitted under the name Brando Bogart.

We had the pleasure of previewing their upcoming four-tracks EP, scheduled for official release on August 1, 2020, and composed of songs genuinely permeated by classic vibrations. At a very first listening unconditionally recalling to our mind the sound of Tom Petty closer to the ’80s, we have found difficult to choose a favorite song among these, since each track brings to the table a meaningful slice of the band’s stylistic unicum.

Above all, the work by Brando Bogart makes itself appreciated for the personal touch with which they modernized in a contemporary key all of their musical heritage and their performance sensibility. The never exaggerated vibrancy, always sincere and at the same time full-bodied, is just one of the elements that make this release a very enjoyable cultural and musical crossover, capable of winning you over at every listening.

Of course, here Brando Bogart are not reinventing the wheel. But, in all honesty, they don’t need to, thanks also to the caliber of their performances, that denote a wide experience gained in the field and over the time.

All this richness and propriety of language, not only verbal but also musical, is something reflected also in the quality and care given to production. Giving space and breath to a songwriting and a rock sound where everything seems simple, Brando Bogart draws from a treasure throve of style, sensitivity, and confidence; something that less and less people can boast today.

A fortune from yesterday that is a plus for tomorrow.

Brando Bogart upcoming EP ‘What’s the Point?’ will be available for streaming on all the major digital platforms on Augusts 1st 2020.

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Brando Bogart // What's the Point - single cover
Brando Bogart // What's the Point - single cover

Elias Salbu // Better in the Summer

From promising Norwegian artist Elias Salbu comes the pleasantly relaxed summer tune ‘Better in the Summer’.

Elias Salbu is a debuting artist from Bergen, Norway. He considers himself a soul, jazz and pop vocalist, but has also done a lot of classical work.

Having already started on new projects after having paused other works to get his latest done by this summer, now Elias is ready to share his summer joy with the world, releasing his brand-new single ‘Better in the Summer’.

A refreshing invite to relax and enjoy the sun while sipping a cold beverage, the warmth, and late nights, the track is an indie pop song preciously adorned with a delicate jazz-inspired aura.

“It feels great to finally release my own work, and to do it in the summer season! Better in the Summer is all about how great the summer is, and how things generally feels better during summer,” Elias says, sharing the backdrop of the song, then he continues: “It all started as a joke, really. I was in my living room with a friend and tried to improvise a cliché summer song on the guitar, but it ended up sounding really cute.”

The pleasantly calming atmosphere, along with the airy and luminous tones, are the key elements of a sparkling number in which we find all the mood of the summer days to which the song refers and from which it draws inspiration.

In ‘Better in the Summer’ there is all that taste of summer, to be savored gradually, shade after shade, perfume after perfume, so pleasantly returned in a song capable of making you immediately feel all the fragrances of a good mood.

Listen now to ‘Better in the Summer’, the brand new-single by Elias Salbu, released on July 10th on all the streaming platforms.

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Peaceful chords and a tasteful muffled harmony, the 21-year-old Elias Salbu gives a dreamy and relaxing song.

Luia GDD // Flotando Como Nube

Latin urban artist Luia GDD has dropped his captivating hip-hop trap number ‘Flotando Como Nube’.

Luis Angel GDD is a young Latin urban artist of Puerto Rican origins, also known by the stage name of Luia GDD, who lives in Houston, Texas.

Passionate about music since his middle school days, when he played the trumpet, Luis has always been inclined to musicality, as he has shown over the years. In 2020 he officially became the owner of GDD Records LLC, his own record label.

A prolific creative, Luia GDD has published many previews of his unreleased music through his Instagram page. Among these his recent release stands out: the hip-hop trap number titled ‘Flotando Como Nube’.

Luis’s latest is an engaging blend of reggaeton vibrations and is characterized by a catchy, fresh, and contemporary sound.

With a self-declarative mood, penetrating lyrics, and compelling bars, Luia GDD brings to the table a work inspired by his life experience and his attitude, floating in the clouds with freedom and style.

Moved by danceable beats and round melodies, ‘Flotando Como Nube’ is immersed in an atmosphere playfully decorated with bright sounds in the high range and enthralling bass in the low.

An eclectic artist with more music to come, Luia GDD emerges for the personal touch that he manages to give to his flow, rendered in a mix of genres, in which many organically aggregated elements find their way in an innovative approach.

The result is something really interesting, which without a doubt makes Luia GDD an artist to keep an eye on.

Listen now to ‘Flotando Como Nube’, the latest single from Luia GDD, available for streaming on Spotify and on his YouTube channel.

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Featuring: Carson Baker

An up-and-coming artist from the south Florida area, Carson Baker is a rapper who represents a group called Camp Camo, that consists of other south FL artists.

Inspired by artists such as MGK, Caskey and Mac Miller, just to name a few, Baker matches his quick flows with fierce lyrics, aiming to achieve greatness for him and for the rest of the Camp Camo artists.

Best known for his single ‘High Stepper’ and for other collaborations with Tetelestai, Rsin, and other Camp Camo artists, Baker is only at the beginning of his artistic journey, but he’s already on the way to make a name for himself, as he says, to steer away from the common “depression” rap.

Carson Baker is a high-energy artist with a love and passion for his own craft and style; one that is hitting, direct and bouncing, full of hooks and punchy bars. In his tracks, tight phrasing and pressing rhythms light up in the wake of a distinctive and characteristic multidimensional personal flow.

His acerbic and raw taste reflects the genuineness of his creative style, like a mirror of his creativity; Carson Baker is continuing to release new music on his profiles, inspired and determined to develop his unique and distinctive vision towards ever higher peaks.

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Svea Lyon // Fun And Games

Baring her rawness and delicacy for all to experience, Svea sings with an airy voice, between delicate whispers and passionate, suspenseful phrasings

The name Svea is of Swedish origin and was her great grandmother’s name. Lyon is Svea’s favorite city, in France, and since she is a Leo, the last name also embodies her confidence on and off the stage.

A young and gifted singer-songwriter with a knack for writing clever rhymes and catchy melodies, Svea recently released her new work titled ‘Fun and Games’, a song about how lying to yourself can backfire, to the point of making you suffer.

“I wrote this song about someone who I used to know.” Svea says about the backdrop of her song. “My friends warned me about him, but I went into the fire anyway. I guess I liked to feel like I was taking a risk with him. In the end, however, things become more complicated when you develop feelings for the person.”  

The vulnerability and the penetration of her vocal performance form a perfect combination with the acoustic aesthetics, while a swinging acoustic guitar is gracefully placed in the background, binding together the lively and poignant sense of the theme of ‘Fun and Games’.

The clean and unfiltered honesty with which Svea bares her musical delivery is a delicate veiling that enhances the poetics evoked by her personal yet relatable lyrics.

An affable lullaby, dreamy and finely rarefied, in which to get lost and find yourself again, at every listening.

Svea Lyon

Watch now the official video for ‘Fun and Games’, the latest single from Svea Lyons, and find out more about Svea and her music, by checking the links below:

Billy Reeves // Countin’ ft. Jordan Lindsay

Billy Reeves – photo shoot

Having already released three studio albums, three Eps, as well as a series of singles under his former persona, the evolution of the 21 year old rapper has come at a new turning point, three years since his 10-track debut album ‘Priority’.

Fresh off the release of his much anticipated third studio album ‘Papa Green’ and the breakout singles ‘Stash’ and ‘Buried’, Billy Reeves – previously known as Whit3 Boy – is back for 2020 with a wealth of new music.

Reeves claims he will be dropping at least 1 song each month for the rest of the year, and we picked up the June release from this prolific New Zealand-born, Melbourne-based rapper.

Produced by Stunnah Beatz, teased via Whit3 Boy’s Instagram back in February, and featuring Jordan Lindsay, ‘Countin” is describes by Reeves as the spiritual successor to the previous single ‘Stash’, as it runs along a similar theme.

With the crisp and energizing ‘Countin” Reeves once again showcases his creative flair and his multifaceted versatility, skillfully mixing biting wordplay, enthralling beats, and catchy melodies.

Heavy-hitting bars, a thick and bouncing low range, along with a fresh and distinctive sound, are the spices of the renewing recipe that Billy is giving us through his new artistic imprinting.

Perfectly at ease in what he is doing, he proves stubbornly capable of feeding his new creative perspective with style and originality. He is doing it tremendously well. He just has to keep doing it.

Out on June 5th, ‘Countin’ (feat. Jordan Lindsay)’ is available on the web either in streaming or for download via 

To know more about Billy Reeves and his music, find and follow him all over the web by checking the links below:

ELLEH // Sad Boy Disco

ELLEH is a Tokyo-based musical duo made by the two masterminds Satoru Teshima and Bob Willey. With their emotional dance music, hinged around the concept of sad boy disco, ELLEH aims to make people dance, over their sadness, over their sounds.

Musically inspired by tunes that often come from the ’80s, recalling Depeche Mode, New Order, Björk’s first albums, or Talk Talk, ELLEH’s songs are about suggestions and memories that have moved, disturbed and surprised them. “For me music is a way to observe these memories and tell stories which people can also relate to,” explains Satoru in a recent interview published on Zap Bang magazine.  

Following the ‘Anthems’ trilogy, a series of EPs focused primarily on the most negative feelings and romantically charged with regret, revenge, and lust, ELLEH’s new work shifts to forgiveness and moving forward with hope.

“Sad Boy Disco it’s about a mental zone,” said Satoru. One where you could find yourself on the club dance floor at 4 in the morning, alone, because all your friends are now back home.

Here the loneliness in which ELLEH swings, hanging in the middle of the duality between sadness and happiness, opens up to an exploratory perspective that will lead us to embrace an equally conciliatory sense of forgiveness.

Dreamily prone and crumpled on our reflections and our perceptions, the tracks of ‘Sad Boy Disco’ guide us through those shaded, compassionate, and fragile mists that create the ideal background to let ourselves go and dance to relieving tunes.

Tired, perhaps a little drunk, and prone to reflect on the mistakes and failed relationships of our recent past, ELLEH offer us something for which, despite everything, it is still worth going forward.

It is a music that grabs you and guides you, created to soothe the wounded of modern society, dancing to it until your tears dry.

Listen now to ‘Sad Boy Disco’, the latest EP by ELLEH, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms.

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ELLEH // Sad Boy Disco - album cover

ELLEH // Sad Boy Disco

Following the ‘Anthems’ trilogy, electronic pop duo ELLEH turn on the ‘Sad Boy Disco’ mood, releasing their brand-new 7-track EP.

ELLEH // Slow Dancing With You

Introducing their upcoming debut album ‘Sad Boy Disco’, Tokyo and Berlin based duo ELLEH reveals new single ‘Slow Dancing With You’.

The Endorphins // Parachute

Following their future pop banger 'Dead Or Alive', the latest from Swedish brother-sister duo The Endorphins is a number that gives goosebumps at every listening.

Soul and hearth of The Endorphins

She’s the singer with a gilded voice, he is the producer with a magical touch. Alva and August Heldt grew up together in the middle of the bursting music scene in Stockholm, Sweden.

The first chapter of the future R&B duo was written in 2017, when they signed their first songs to the popular YouTube channel / label Majestic Casual, known for releasing music by acts such as Mura Masa, KAYTRANADA, and Disclosure, just to name a few.

Based on feel-good vibes, the poetry of everyday life, and simple words, The Endorphins create dreamy, euphoric, soulful and funky music inspired by ’90s R&B and ’60s Motown.

“Our music is all about inducing endorphins. It’s about love, friendship, parties and sex. The vibe of our songs is influenced by the good vibes that were floating around NYC in the 70’s – that escape from reality that the disco was built upon,” The Endorphins say.

After over 12 million streams amassed from all over the web, and following their debut EP ‘Sublime’, released in 2019, in 2020 The Endorphins are ready to write a new chapter of their story, with two new EPs and more coming out later this year.

A slow jam nugget

Following their future pop banger ‘Dead Or Alive’ – we have previously covered it here: The Endorphins // Dead Or Alive – the Swedish brother-and-sister duo has recently released their brand-new single ‘Parachute’.

A ’90s R&B-inspired slow jam nugget, ‘Parachute’ is a track deeply infused by that feel-good atmosphere that characterizes The Endorphins’ style, enhanced by a nostalgic aftertaste that makes the musical delivery relatable.

Talking about their second single, The Endorphins say: “We wrote the music five years before we wrote the lyrics. It’s a song simply about falling head over heels for someone. When you feel like everything is moving very fast and you can’t control it. You just wanna be with that someone and nowhere else. It’s kind of scary and amazing at the same time.”

Moved by sensual syncopated beats and bright dreamy synths, the song envelops us in a mesmerizing sound scape. The organic texture of the entire mix lets us appreciate the intertwining of the melodies in all their fulfilling splendor, which flows gently and effortlessly on the touching drive of  Alva’s exquisite vocal performance.

Goosebumps at every listening

With their latest work, siblings The Endorphins show off once again all their talent. The golden glowing layers, Alva’s impeccable vocal ability, and the valuable and peculiar quality of the production are the right ingredients, that raise The Endorphins’ alternative pop in a contemporary key.

This finely sophisticated song is the perfect entry point to their recent EP ‘Afterglow’, and makes us even more eager to listen to their next work.

‘Parachute’ is written by August Heldt, Erik Rapp and Daniel Sandell. Produced by S.T.Y.A and pure. and Almkvist. Guitars by André Sundh. Mixed by Adam Rendström.

Listen now to ‘Parachute’, the latest single from The Endorphins, off of their EP ‘Afterglow’, both available for streaming on all the major digital platforms.

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The Endorphins // Parachute - single cover

The Endorphins // Parachute

Swedish siblings The Endorphins cast their soulful aura, releasing at ’90s R&B-inspired slow jam: the single ‘Parachute’.

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