LUURK & Edwina Maben // Lilac Clouds

Just as small droplets can unite to form splendid lilac clouds, so even tears can turn into something beautiful. This is the central meaning of Lilac Clouds, a beautiful, emotional composition with a soft feeling, which explores one of our frailties.

In fact, Lilac Clouds talks about leaving someone with whom you have a relationship, and the emotional confusion that one feels when they become aware that they’re better off without that person. The feeling of letting go of certain things and moving forward.

Born out of the collaboration between producer-and-musician LUURK and singer Edwina Maben, Lilac Clouds is a fresh and dynamic song, produced with care and attention to detail and consciously engineered.

The arrangement is effective and engaging, tailored to create an atmosphere perfectly fitting to the theme of the song. Richly colored, it embraces and envelops the stellar vocal performance that Edwina gives us in this piece.

Together, these two artists managed to create a masterpiece. The captivating and distinctive sound, combined with the catchy melody and the relatable theme of the song, make Lilac Clouds a precious gem.

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LUURK is the stage name of Alexander Conway, a producer and musician based in Arizona. He has been publishing music since 2017, and, counting Lilac Clouds, has released 10 singles, that to date have totaled more than 1 million streaming only on Spotify. Among his hit songs we’d like to mention One Minute, Quit You and Ain’t Coming Back.

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Edwina Maben is a singer and songwriter from Denver. She wrote her first song at age 13. In 2017 Edwina entered Guitar Center’s Singer Songwriter 6 Contest. Grammy-winning producer RedOne selected Edwina as a top-five finalist of over 9,000 entered songwriters. Edwina was invited to Los Angeles by the Troubadour. In 2018 she released her first 4-track EP, Contagious.

Listen to Contagious and stay updated on the upcoming releases from Edwina Maben by visiting her website [ here ]

Vilma Red // BDS (Big Daddy Snake)

Vilma Red stand out with her debut single "BDS", a blend in which we find the founding elements that make Vilma Red's artistic signature. Read more on Nova Music blog.
BDS (Big Daddy Snake) by Vilma Red

Recently hip-hop singer, songwriter, and producer Vilma Red released her debut single BDS (Big Daddy Snake).

Based in Dalston, London (UK), Vilma Red starts her solo artist recording career with a song worthy of all of our attention, thanks to the artistic skills she is already able to show off with this first release.

Known in her entourage also as Greek Goddess, talented artist Vilma Red gives us a song with a sensual and seductive sound, accompanied by a music video that conveys in images a sinuous and provocative feeling.

Harmonic and at times almost hypnotic, BDS is a particularly successful blend, in which we find the founding elements that make Vilma Red‘s artistic signature stand out from the mass.

Influenced also by her ethnic heritage, and guided by her passion for music and performing arts, the Greek Goddess has succeeded in shaping a distinguishable sound, bold in its intentions and effective in its result, a combination of old-school RnB and hip-hop with elements from experimental environmental electronics, future beat, and contemporary pop.

That of Vilma Red is a creativity aimed at experimentation and guided by inspiration, which in BDS is further enriched thanks to a narrative that develops reminiscences of a past life, and does so with abandon.

The song is dotted with backing vocals, synth, and rarefied and distant samples, details of mellow memories that drift through our minds. One by one, they emerge, come into focus, and then dissolve.

The voice of Vilma Red is sinuously satisfying, colored by a velvety and round touch, which is emphasized by the emotional transport that the singer puts into the performance, and by the richness of the elements placed in the arrangement.

With BDS, Vilma Red carefully transports us in the intimate exploration of her creativity.

She fascinates us, bewitching us with its magnetic attraction. Not to be missed.

Listen now to BDS (Big Daddy Snake) by Vilma Red
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Mythodical Kirra releasing brand new album: The Blair Criss Project

An emotional whirlwind that spans from hip-hop to punk rock, crosses through hardcore and reaches horrorcore. This is Mythodical Kirra, an American rapper from McMinnville, Oregon (USA), who stands out for the innovative and multifaceted way he creates all his music.

The career of this young rapper begins after the split of punk band The Lukimiacs, of which he was the lead singer and songwriter. After the band broke up, Mythodical Kirra started making hip hop music as a solo artist.

Signed with the record label FVMZ since its foundation, he has published two mixtapes, the first, Devil on My Shoulder, released in 2015 and the second, The short stories of a sociopath, in 2017.

Kirra is currently working on his new EP titled Indigo Child, and has already scheduled the release of a new album, The Blair Criss Project. The release of this new and awaited album, which will feature a mix of hip hop and punk rock, is scheduled for October.

Photo by @oh_bokeh_bokeh
Clothing by @06district
Place at @tiltwoclub
Mythodical Kirra performing at @tiltwoclub
Photo by @oh_bokeh_bokeh
 the Blair Criss Project by  Mythodical Kirra - artwork preview.
the Blair Criss Project by Mythodical Kirra
– artwork preview –

Kirra is currently working on his new EP titled Indigo Child, and has already scheduled the release of a new album, The Blair Criss Project. The release of this new and awaited album, which will feature a mix of hip hop and punk rock, is scheduled for October.

Kirra has already created an independent identity, which is reflected first of all in the music he creates. A richly heterogeneous music that finds its founding elements where you least expect them.

While we wait for a chance to listen to the new tracks, let’s try to go into the depths of the creative world of the multi-faceted Mythodical Kirra, in the not easy attempt to catch its most salient elements.

From an artistic point of view, Kirra is perhaps more of a multitude of creative identities, which exist and flow within the same artistic figure, and which take turns to come to the foreground.

Some of his songs, such as FvckUp or BornTwoChoose, are characterized by a particularly energetic approach, sometimes even aggressive in form, which is reflected in a captivating sound, effectively raw and edgy. A frankness and a roughness which one probably would not expect to find alongside the ability that Kirra has to develop emotionally profound metaphors and similes. It is through their use that Kirra effectively expresses his reflections and awareness.

And with this additional artistic vein, Mythodical Kirra conveys more positive and inspiring messages, and then turns towards darker visuals. In fact, Kirra is not afraid of speaking in his songs of darker, uncomfortable and difficult to handle topics, such as paranormal activities and psychosomatic events. To contextualize and explain in songs such a wide range of subjects is already in itself an indicator of the artistic depth of Mythodical.

Among the songs that we believe to be worthy of a special mention, in addition to the already mentioned FvckUp or BornTwoChoose, we’d like to point out City Light Lullaby, Panic Disorder, Eyes Like a Fox and YourAnIdiot.

In their peculiar heterogeneity, the sum of the songs by Mythodical Kirra is the signature of this histrionic and visionary artist, who still has so much to tell.

So much so that maybe an entire life won’t be enough.

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Datastar // Don’t Panic

An immersive night spent dancing to the innovative and transversal music of Datastar. Here’s what’s coming from this eclectic songwriting and music production collective.

Based in New York City, Datastar exhibits a picturesque EDM, colored by the various drifts of club and house music, blurred with pop, rock and hip-hop influences.

This creative multitude comes to life in the form of music with the Don’t Panic EP, a 4-track release well-worth discovering.

The production collective Datastar comes to life in the form of music with the Don't Panic EP, a 4-track release well-worth discovering.

The EP starts out with the title track, a perfect introduction to the creative and compelling eclecticism of this release. An irresistible invitation to dance, the song’s uplifting flow is something that gets under your skin. At the rate of “Slide, bounce, don’t panic!”, it creeps up from your fingers like a slight electric charge, rising up to take control of every cell in your body, making it follow a never predictable beat.

Just Like That portrays a more psychedelic vein of Datastar. Future house vibrations are emphasized by a bouncing bass and kick combo, which makes the piece walk, and a whispering voice that gives the track an almost ethereal touch. It’s a production built in a remarkable way, with key elements conceived with purpose and well placed within the mix.

With Nardo Datastar go even further. Here we understand that although intriguing and interesting, the first two tracks were only a prelude to something more. The song opens up a window beyond which we find all the vastness and depth of a radiant soundscape, in which Datastar invite us to live in first person.

Distinguished by a dark sound texture, the final track, Blackheart, is a hypnotic twist that differs decidedly from the rest of the EP. It’s an introspective instrumental dissertation, with a visceral and meditative crescendo development, sealed by a suspenseful finale, which sounds like a “to be continued” sign.

With these 4 tracks Datastar therefore show that they have the potential to move in all types of creative directions in the future.

We look forward to seeing which they will choose.

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The Scope Project // Soundwaves

Poetry, turned into music and chanted in 12 deep and vibrant songs.

This is Soundwaves, the third album of The Scope Project duo, to be released on October 25th.

The Scope Project is a duo from Bedford, England, composed by talented artists Matt Jarman and Rob Collins. And it is in their formation that we find the first peculiarity, which emerges in all its importance right from the start of this album.

Nova Music blog had the honor and the pleasure of listening as a preview to this album, the result of two years of work by The Scope Project, which caught our attention right from the cover art, and which, with no small amount of expectation, we reviewed here for you.

In fact, Matt and Rob duet practically in all the tracks on the album. And they do it with masterful care and attention to detail. In their singing there is mastery of the technique. There is an impeccable sensitivity in balancing the relationship between the lead and the background vocal, a role that the they constantly switch around. There is a shared awareness between the two regarding what result they want to accomplish, to the point that it seems to be the product of a single mind.
There is a magical chemistry between Matt and Rob, which makes their duet sound like a single voice, splendidly rich in nuances that continually change, not only according to the song, but also to the phrasing. A vocal marriage consciously shaped, made unique and distinguishable. The artistic signature of The Scope Project.

We have already said a lot about the artistic caliber of these artists. Enough to make anyone curious to the point of interrupting the reading of this review and going to listen to the album. But truth is, barely took a peek from the door’s spyhole.

Stepping inside Soundwaves and delivering between the tracks, the first song that we find is Something Off Centre, a veritable curtain that opens on a stage, that of life, where the tracks of the album play out an opera composed of vivid acts.

Penetrating in the meanings transmitted by their lyrics, but respectful of the topics covered, piece after piece they change clothes. Covering each time different roles, The Scope Project convey feelings and situations that mirror what each of us can easily find in our own lives.

From secret intimacy with a lover, to complicity between brothers, from the protective affection of a parent, to the conciliatory love of a life partner, The Scope Project always effectively transmit their musical message.

The emotional spheres through which we are transported are not only the positive ones. As experience teaches us, life is made of affection and love, but also of loneliness and failures. Yet Matt and Rob manage to probe all these meanders in a touching and delicate way. With a disarming consistency, full of ineluctable penetrating truths, their lyrics are capable of filling the empty spaces, left by words that we have always wanted to hear, but never received.

The Scope Project are architects of their music. They shape and sculpt it, constructing songs with arrangements of remarkable instrumental performances, with a commendable mix balance, shrewd and masterfully sealed in the mastering process.

Everything blends organically, like in a colorful cloud, in which the artistic identity, the technique, the sentimental transport, the lived background, are continuously measured with care and wisdom, which change mutually with a disarming harmony.

Soundwaves is a whirlwind of sensations, feelings, and memories, which at times will move you, probably to the point of crying, and then make you smile, and then laugh and cry at the same time.

The Scope Project will make you feel like kids once more, and then you’ll become more adult than you already are. They will soothe that dormant pain that for years has been hidden underneath your life, they will hit that sore spot like nothing ever could.

With Soundwaves The Scope Project turn out to be faithful companions for a journey that we only just now realized has barely started.

A journey that we can’t wait to continue, armed now with a greater awareness of ourselves.

From today onwards, also with by the music of The Scope Project accompanying us.

Don’t miss out
Soundwaves by The Scope Project
on October 25th on Spotify [ here ]

  • Soundwaves by The Score Project - album artwork
  • Soundwaves by The Score Project - album
  • Soundwaves by The Score Project - vinyl

In anticipation of the publishing of their album Soundwaves The Scope Project has just released the music video for Something Off Center on YouTube. You can find it on their official channel [ here ]. Directed by Rob Collins for Loop Motion and produced by Matt Jarman for Stereobyte Studio, the music video for Something Off Centre is a first class, vibrant and penetrating production. Something you won’t want to miss.

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Van King // Hit the Floor

Hit the Floor by Van King – artwork

After the debut single Tell Me, talented and promising artist Van King returns to the spotlight with the release of Hit The Floor.

If with the already notable Tell Me, Van King had drawn a clear line from which to expand his musical career, with Hit The Floor he has already surpassed it, giving us a song that perfectly shows off all his abilities.

While showing its clear R&B origins, Hit the Floor introduces various well thought out elements, linked together in an organic way, but each with a precise role and function.

To achieve this kind of production, love, passion and creative intuition are not enough. It is necessary to master a whole series of micro and macro elements, which must be blended together with awareness. And with Hit the Floor Van does this very well.

Take for example the intro. The way the background vocal samples meld and transmogrify into synths in the first verse is a master touch. Another example is the way Van King‘s vocal performance stands out. It is clear and evident, but without excesses, gracefully respecting the perfectly balanced equilibrium of the whole mix. And we could go on and on, highlighting more of this kind of small gems throughout the rest of the song.

But Hit the Floor is not just cold science and sterile technique. In all its entirety this piece creates a visionary sound scenario, sometimes smoky, sometimes heavenly, to then veer, in a delicate and almost imperceptible way, towards a viscerally intimate feeling. Until it leaves you suspended in the outro, in a throbbing trance, which slips away like a fading dream.

Modern in its conception, contemporary in its sound, multi-faceted in its entirety. This is Hit the Floor.

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Godhand Black // “Thought You Had My Back” ft. Lil’ Mindy

Directly from Louisville, Kentucky (USA), the artist Godhand Black brings us his Thought You Had My Back featuring Lil’ Mindy, an excerpt from his latest mixtape appearance  on Def Street Mixtape.

From the very first moment, Thought You Had My Back draws all the attention. The song starts immediately with an enthralling intro, thanks to an engaging beat, driven by a punchy kick. Godhand’s vocal performance emerges immediately, direct and without filters, perfectly set in a rich, balanced, and well-structured mix.

It would seem like we have already said everything about this notable production. And instead we’re only 20 seconds in! The groove making our heads move is damn rousing, and it doesn’t give way when Godhand passes the microphone to Lil’ Mindy.

This is where the singer satisfies us with a melodic rap phrasing, smooth but perfectly in tune with the feel of the song, which is further emphasized by the backing vocals.

Although different in timbre and phrasing, the vocal performances of Godhand and Lil’ Mindy create a beautiful dualism, further underlined by the meaning of the lyrics. But it is a fascinating nuance, one which is not clear cut but organic, changing color and tone as the two artists alternate throughout the song.

The catchy lyrics and melody are the last elements that, together with a well thought-out engineering process, give Thought You Had My Back the radio-edit stamp, along with the dancefloor-ready label.

Modern and captivating, Thought You Had My Back is a song that manages to approach the classic mixture of hip-hop and rap in a fresh way, one that’s concrete and contemporary.

Listen now to Thought You Had My Back
and discover all the music of Godhand Black,
available in streaming on
Reverbnation [ here ] and Soundclick [ here ].

A couple of things about

Godhand Black

Godhand Black has been releasing music since 1993, with 24 releases, including singles, EPs, albums and compilations of various types, some of which hit the top spots in various world charts. Stay up to date on his upcoming releases and follow him on Facebook [+], Instagram [+], Twitter [+] and Soundcloud [+].

Lil’ Mindy

Lil ‘Mindy has been currently spotted around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA), where she is working on putting together a mixtape. Keep an eye on this talented artist and visit her profile on Soundcloud [+] to find out more about her music.

Sharmila // DNA Damage, and self-titled album

Dutch artist Sharmila has released her latest single, DNA Damage, along with the self-titled album, made up of nine tracks ranging from R&B to rap and pop. These releases are added to the previous singles, Respect Your Body and a club mix of Burning For You.

With DNA Damage this young artist demonstrates further professional growth. The lyrics and the vocal performance create a convincing atmosphere, which gives the song the right feeling, between pop and R&B. The melody features catchy phrasing, especially in the chorus, which is enhanced by an arrangement that brings pop, funky and even electronic sound elements into the mix.

As she had already done with Respect Your Body, Sharmila continues to explore different paths, and once again manages to create an engaging number, with various noteworthy elements.

This is the creative spirit with which the promisig Sharmila released her self-titled album. Inside we find the already mentioned Respect Your Body and Burning For You club mix, along with seven other tracks.


Undoubtedly for Sharmila the release of this album represents an important moment of her career. Projected towards the future, this young artist is seriously determined to make a name for herself  and her artistic skills.

A future in which this singer and songwriter sees herself committed to performing further concerts, spreading her music, spreading her voice and embarking on a tour.

Something about Sharmila:

At an early age Sharmila was interested in the performing arts and soon began taking dancing lessons. As a natural progression from this, she found herself involved in writing her own music – this led her to follow vocal lessons to further establish herself in the music industry.

Discover now the music of Sharmila, listen to DNA Damage and her self-titled album, available on the main digital distribution platforms, and follow her on Soundcloud [+].

Fitzsimon & Brogan // This Girl – The Girl Who Shouted Love at the Heart of the World

Today on the stage of Nova Music blog we have the duo Fitzsimon & Brogan, from London, UK. It is formed by songwriter Neil Fitzsimon and singer Bee Brogan, who has been members of the Pretty Blue Gun band, which signed with an independent label, licensed to Sony.

The band released two critically acclaimed albums, produced by Pat Collier (Katrina and the Waves, Walking on Sunshine) and featuring members of The Art of Noise, Dave Bronze (bassist for Eric Clapton), Tobias Boshell (Moody Blues) and guitarist Pip Williams, just to name a few.

After the band broke up, Neil and Bee joined together to create their “pure pop for now people”. To date they have released 8 singles and 4 albums. Their songs have been included in films and TV productions. They wrote the Jack Dagger musical, presented at the Greenwich Theater in London, for the Musical Futures Award, and at the Bridewell and the Royal College of Music in London. One of their tracks reached number 3 in a French national download chart, while their single Girl In a Gilded Cage hit #1 in Belgium’s iTunes charts.

With such a rich curriculum, this might already be the end of the article and the only thing left to add would be to listen to the music of Fitzsimon & Brogan. But, as you may already know, here on Nova Music blog we like to dig deeper inside the music we review. So let’s continue. It’s really worth it!

To better focus on the successes achieved by these two brilliant artists, we have chosen to review their latest releases: the album The Girl Who Shouted Love at the Heart of the World and one of its singles, This Girl.

The album is a fluid ride through 15 tracks, for just under an hour of music, offering a brilliant, pure and fresh pop sound. It shows a mix of melodies and styles, which embraces the feelings of the 80s and 90s, enriched by a contemporary and creative touch. It is as if Fitzsimon & Brogan were able to put a secret ingredient in grandma’s apple pie. More or less everyone knows how to bake it, but Neil and Bee can bake a “better” one. They play a genuine and perfectly performed pop music that has no frills and yet something more, a sort of magic powder they’re able to spread here and there, as in a magic trick.

That’s how you’ll fall in love with the entire album just by listening to the first track, This Is Love. Song after song, you’ll find yourself singing along with all of them. And you will continue even after the end of the last one, you can bet on it.

This Is Love is a beautiful song. The perfect introduction to a journey through the music of Fitzsimon & Brogan, full of engaging rhythms, colorful tones, along with melodies and voices so brilliant they shine their own light.

This Girl video lyrics, by Fitzsimon & Brogan on Youtube

We thus arrive around the middle of the album, where we discover another gem in the 8th track: This Girl. This song, which is a testimony of what true love is, delights us with a feeling of carefree innocence. This is the example of how to produce a melodic pop song for the modern music industry. Take easy-to-relate lyrics and a well-structured arrangement with musical hooks and excellent vocals. Mix them together and you’re done.

Continuing listening, Fitzsimon & Brogan live up to our expectations. They continue to please us, with a genuine mix of catchy melodies and an exuberant pop sound, to then flow gently into the deeply intimate aura of the last track, Early Frost.

All this is the secret recipe for Fitzsimon & Brogan‘s apple pie.
One of the oldest recipes in the world.
Everyone knows how to bake it.
But nobody has the secret ingredients of Fitzsimon & Brogan.

We want more. Don’t you?

Listen now to This Girl and
The Girl Who Shouted Love at the Heart of the World.
Discover all the Fitzsimon & Brogan‘s music,
and keep updated on their upcoming releases
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Interview with: Alan Dreezer // What You Didn’t Say – music video

Alan Dreezer - What You Didnt Say - cover
Alan Dreezer // What You Didnt Say cover

Alan Dreezer returns to the spotlight. A few days ago, we published the review of What You Didn’t Say, the latest single released by this talented singer and songwriter.

If you missed the review, you can find it [ here ].

The release of the song represents an important step for Dreezer, who’s totally committed to launching a solo career that aims to be undeniably promising. The journey undertaken by this artist today leads us to talk about him again, thanks to the release of the music video for What You Didn’t Say.

The video, presented last Thursday at the premiere on YouTube, is a first-rate production, in which direction, photography, study of lights, and narrative are perfectly designed.

The emotional message of the song is very well transmitted by the video, enriched by the performance of Dreezer who acts in it as the sole protagonist. Totally involved in the role, he is the perfect actor to tell, express and represent the meaning inherent in the song.

Each visual element works admirably, creating a perfect undertone to the song. The shrewd study of the scenes always keeps the viewer’s attention focused. The choice of the chromatism of the photography shows, verse after verse, the meaning of the texts, while the editing emphasizes the feel of the song very well. The locations chosen are perfect scenarios to translate the song’s soundscape into visual form. Each element of the video works like a cog in a clock, in a fluid, organic way that never feels artificial.

This music video further enriches the artistic depth of the song, bringing What You Didn’t Say to an even higher level than it already was.

Defining this production as a music video may be reductive. The result is more of a short film, engaging and capable of satisfying the viewer’s eyes and ears, with each listening, at every viewing.

The video for What You Didn’t Say is a noteworthy production, modern and intelligent in its creation, which not only respects the identity of the song, but also emphasizes and enriches every aspect of it.

Sophisticated but without excess, the video is sincere, profound and emotional.

Watch now the video for
What You Didn’t Say by Alan Dreezer
on YouTube [ here ]
and subscribe to his channel
to discover all of his music.

To be sure you won’t miss any upcoming release
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We had the opportunity to interview Alan, to talk about his music and his future career. Here is the interview.

Hi Alan. Thank you for giving us your time for this interview.
We know that it’s been a busy few days with the release of What You Didn’t Say and then the related music video. There is a lot of talk on the net. How are the public responding?

Yes it’s been a busy few days with the build up to the single release and then the premiere of the video which was something I had’t tried before. You never know if people are going to respond to something different but we had over 200 plays in the first 20 minutes of it dropping so with only a small bit of promotion I’m pretty happy. 

The song and video seem to merge both technically and artistically. How do you approach the creative process through which you create music and then visuals?

This is the first proper storyboarded video I have ever attempted so it was new territory. I got some inspiration from a video by Leon Bridges called “Bad Bad News” it just had a great night time vibe and that got my creative juices flowing and then the story flowed from there. I met with Elliot Richardson the director showed him the video and my story outline and then we broke it down shot by shot from that making the shoot a lot easier.

The care and attention involved in making your music is also reflected in the quality of the music production of What You Didn’t Say. The video was directed and photographed by Elliot Richardson for Highfield Studio. What is it like working with Elliot?

Elliot and I have been working together on both songs and videos for around 8 years so we sort of have a telepathy now. We always start every project with the words “How can we make this better than the last one?” He is so inspiring to work with that it doesn’t actually feel like work when we are together.

By listening to your music, we understand that you put a lot of your experience into it. The songs you’ve released to date draw a sort of parable that seems to be part of your life. What was the path that led you to write in this way?

My writing process has always started with the lyrics. And yes you’re right I am drawing on my life experience constantly. Lyrics and melody are my strengths as songwriter. I then take those ideas and collaborate. I find writing lyrics cathartic. Many of them have helped me make sense of painful situations. However with “HEALED” there is much more joy in the stories which you see as the releases unfold.

In the last scene of the video of What You Didn’t Say, you see a little card with the phrase “You’re out of time … I’m healed”. Is it an anticipation for something to come?

One of my fans asked the same question the other day how strange! That wasn’t the original idea no. My character in the video has already made up his mind that his relationship is over and you see him placing the note in his pocket at the beginning of the film. He just wants to confront her but actually leaves the note behind because realises he doesn’t actually need to in the end he has already moved on.

With the release of Healed, 2020 seems to be an important year for you. Can you give us some anticipation on the album?

Well I’ve recorded 4 songs so far for it that are complete. 2 more are partly finished, S Bnjmn is working on the production for those at the moment. I’m back in the UK in 2 weeks to record a further 2 songs and then again in December to hopefully complete the album. I think we are looking at a spring release. I have written over 70 songs for this project so it is difficult leaving things out but I think it will be 11 or 12 songs. It is my most considered works to date so I’m really excited by what’s to come.

Your creativity seems to be totally projected towards the future. How do you imagine the future of Alan Dreezer?

I love the process of writing and recording and I’ve just set up a home studio for the first time so  that’s how I see the future just continuing to develop my art. I’m not chasing success but every day there is a something that inspires me to keep doing what I’m doing so I’m happy and more impotently I’m healed…

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