Amanda // Mood Swings

Amanda nourishes those moments that you’d like to last forever, releasing the touching 6-track EP ‘Mood Swings’.

Born in a tiny village in the north of England with no more than 50 other residents, Amanda would spend her entire childhood falling in love with nothing but music and lending a hand on her family’s farm. With the nearest small city over an hour drive away, it was a life of nature and little to no distraction.

Now, after years of determination and hard work, which led her to have 100,000 monthly listeners worldwide, she now finds herself living in Los Angeles, signed to a Grammy Award winning production company, and collaborating with artists and producers behind artists such as Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Alicia Keys and Chris Brown.

Released on June 12, Amanda’s latest offering is a collection of sentimental songs, imbued with love. This is ‘Mood Swings’: a deep dive which leads us to explore the sentimental facets experienced in love and in the self, and to slip through the folds of Amanda’s refreshing style.

Here Amanda skillfully proves capable of effortlessly adding sophisticated nuances and style, seraphically wrapped in enchanting atmospheres, while in the background an aftertaste reminiscent of the sound of the late ’80s and ’90s enriches this organic and impeccably produced EP.

In an organic and enveloping mix Amanda amiably blends her alternative-pop and R&B veins, bringing us a selection of touching ballads and moody compositions, embellished by the warm and velvety touch of her voice.

An exciting triumph for our ears, which track after track illuminates Amanda’s path to the pop mainstream.

Listen now to ‘Mood Swings’, the brand-new album from Amanda, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms. Find your preferred one via songwhip.

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Mr. Charles // Dedicate Black Lives Matter

73% of African Americans said they did not have emergency funds to cover three months of expenses. This is the NAACP warning repeated by Mr. Charles in the intro of the video for ‘Dedicate Black Lives Matter’.

The anthemical number with which Mr. Charles moves our consciences, vibrates and debates in a reflexive, mellifluous and crudely calm way. A protest message to wake up the minds, about a social theme in which economy, politics and social redemption are inevitably linked together.

By impressing in our ears the word “dedicated”, included with style and meaning in the song itself, ‘Dedicate Black Lives Matter’ rises, becoming at the same time an incisive edifying hymn, to fortify those who are suffering the difficulties highlighted by the protests that have been invigorated by recent news events that had worldwide resonance.

Equal opportunity, truth, peace, freedom and justice; they are all the precious values that ring inside, outside and around ‘Dedicate Black Lives Matter’.

Watch now the video of Mr. Charles’s ‘Dedicate Black Lives Matter’, available on the MRCHARLESENT Youtube channel.

Something more about Mr. Charles

Mr. Charles Entertainment LLC, formerly Shasta Records Inc. of Wilmington, De.

Mr. Charles decided to launch his new, and exciting company in 1993. Tucon Management Was formed as a sister company to manage artist signed by the record label.

Mr. Charles has a long track record as an entrepreneur, it is well documented, back to 1960.  He co-owned, along with his wife, a record shop in Downtown Wilmington.

He co-produced a weekly show on The Heritage Cable Vision (Channel 22) “ON/TOP”.  The show featured, roll models of all ages, in the Delaware, Philadelphia, and the New Jersey area. The guest were people in government, the religious community, and the private sector, who helped young, and adults achieve a better, more productive way of life.

As chairman of Mr. Charles Entertainment LLC, he brings to you 30 years as a lyricist, and promoter of such acts as The Intruders, The Delfonics, Vibrations, and Mad Lads. He also Managed The Travelers, Speidels, and The Matadors.

As a teenager he helped organize a group called Lonnie and The Crisis, who recorded ‘Bells In The Chapel’ and ‘Santa Town USA’.  Mr. Charles was also instrumental in the development of Skip Bordley, who later performed with Crown Heights Affair, and Arthur Conley, who toured with Otis Redding.

He helped Arthur Conley and Skip Bordley reach their full potential. Mr. Charles also had the opportunity to work with Kenny Gamble, and The Romeos. Kenny Gamble, and Leon Huff went on to create Philadelphia International Records, they produced such groups as The Ojays, Teddy Pendergrass, Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes, and Pattie La Belle, just to name a few.

Tadini // The Arsonist

A rock performer based in LA, singer-songwriter, producer and prolific pianist, Tadini adds a fresh twist to the West Coast rock scene, also thanks to his multicultural background.

Born and raised in Brazil to an Italian family, he grew up going to a Chinese school, studied Mandarin for 11 years aside from being a native Portuguese speaker. Graduated at Berklee College of Music, Tadini moved to the US in 2015, and has been part of the Los Angeles rock scene since moving there in 2018.

Like an inspired reflection of the eclectic openness that shaped him, Tadini’s music presents itself as a rich and organic experimental mix, with which he skillfully moves between traditional American and European styles, as well as influences from his native Brazil, in addition to the sound from ’60s and ’70s old school rock.

Fruit and son of this patrimony of stimuli and artistic accents, which make Tadini’s music diverse and relatable to many, comes ‘The Arsonist’, a biting and ardent rock number off of his upcoming debut album ‘Collective Delusion’, set to be released during the summer.

Recorded in multiple locations around the world (Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Portugal, Toronto), ‘The Arsonist’ was mastered at Abbey Road studios in London, England and mixed by John Netti (Rival Sons, Buddy Guy) in Nashville, TN.

An exciting and immersive prologue that introduces us in a captivating way to the entire album, ‘The Arsonist’ is part of a collection of songs that come from years of ideas and experiences, with which Tadini travels through the folds of Blues, Jazz, modern Pop, and the classic and heavy rock from decades ago.

Given these premises and the remarkable depth of ‘The Arsonist’, we are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to listen to the entire album.

Listen now to ‘The Arsonist’, the first single from Tadini’s upcoming debut album ‘Collective Delusion’, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms. Find your preferred one via

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Adeline Saive // Breathing Again

Adeline Saive is a singer-songwriter from Motreal, Canada, who has been writing songs for a few years and who recently decided to make a leap into music by dedicating herself full time to it. Adeline’s debut comes in the form of the release of a fresh and catchy indie pop number, her single titled ‘Breathing Again’.

Moved by a mix of smooth sounds and engaging melodies, full of a sense of exquisite lightness and liveliness, Saive’s latest work is essentially a celebration of hope,“of new beginnings, about the joy of learning to love again, whether it’s romantically or not, perhaps simply learning to love life again!”

So Adeline introduces us to the theme of her song, then she continues: “I’ve found that to be relevant in my own life and love how others can share this sentiment and relate!”

Wanting to emphasize the idea that, when you have the courage and make the effort to push through, even if it means starting from scratch, you’ll always be rewarded in some way: an attitude that is very on point with our everyday lives and relatable for all of us, busy as we are having to adapt to new routines, if not even redefining our habits.

Distinguished by a special extravagant touch, ‘Breathing Again’ is imbued with a very airy feeling that links significantly to the theme of the song, developed through an intelligent transition that moves from a more pop sound and ends with a more evanescent aesthetic, offering us a captivating journey, from start to finish.

Definitely a feel-good kind of song, ‘Breathing Again’ delivers a symbolic parallelism between the lightness and freshness of learning to love again, and the light and brightness given by the melody and the instruments used, offering a breath of fresh air capable of oxygenating even the most difficult situation.

Listen now to ‘Breathing Again’, the debut single from Adeline Saive, available for streaming on Spotify.

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Aeon Salone // Diction

Ronald ‘Aeon Salone’ Lewis is a first-generation African American born in Brooklyn, a direct descendant of Sir Samuel Lewis, the first mayor of Freetown, Sierra Leone; undoubtedly a prolific and inspired artist, Ronald has been writing, producing, designing and performing since around 2003.

Having graduated from Full Sail University with a degree in recording arts and degrees in Business Music in 2007, among his first works published as Full Sail Idol the one that stand out are the first EP, titled ‘I-Ology The EP’, and the single ‘Afrika’, that was played on MTV2 as part of the Dew Circuit Breakout.

Since then Ronald has published many projects and mixtapes, including ‘Mind of a Rebel’, ‘Cloud Music’ and ‘Men of Honor’, distributed under the moniker Aeon The Ace.

In 2013 he started with Six10 Media Worldwide, while in 2019 he opened his first recording studio. Today, with a new name inspired by his daughters, Aeon Salone has planned three projects for 2020, including ‘the compelling 10-track album  ‘Diction’.

Vibrant and incisive, in ‘Diction’ Aeon Salone’s flow fluctuates, bounces and moves between exciting bars, giving life to a fresh and dense musical delivery, which is never obvious and always full of hooks and details that will keep you glued to the speakers for hours.

Organic, enthralling, energizing and capable of opening his sound to wide horizons, with ‘Diction’ Aeon Salone gives us an unmissable collection of 10 impeccably produced hip-hop numbers, with which he definitively demonstrates all his depth and artistic maturity.

A must, and not only for lovers of the genre.

Listen now to ‘Diction’, the latest album from Aeon Salone, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms.

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Interviewing: Stemin

Interviewing talented artist STEMIN, who is going to release his contemporary RnB album #tellyourheart, awaited later this year.

Hi STEMIN, welcome to Nova Music blog, and thank you for taking the time to do this short interview.

Thank you so much for having me!

You come from a jazz and soul background, as well as having grown up in close contact with R&B, gospel and black music, in a family where music was at the center of everyday life. Can you tell us more about all this?

I grew up as the youngest child of six and throughout my childhood we all were exposed to music in some kind of forms. My parents were listening mostly to classical music and introduced us to professional music education while we all were still very young. Eventually, all my siblings stopped with pursuing music professionally, while I completely fell in love with it and never left. The study of different instruments, such as piano and saxophone, as well as being always surrounded by music in different forms, increased my interest for becoming a polyhedric musician and artist. While growing up, among many things, I often sang and played in church: this environment also became the platform where my interest for gospel, spirituals and black music was shaped.

How did this wealth of inspirations shape and influence you?

The way my parents were listening and appreciating music influenced me the most. They taught me how to actually ‘listen’ to music. I guess the secret to grow artistically and musically is to really enjoy listening, appreciate different types of music and develop a personal music taste and style. I was encouraged to pursue this path and I was exposed to all sorts of styles, especially since I grew up in an environment that would cherish music on such a deep level. Music really nurtured my creativity and my thirst for stepping out of my comfort zone.

Staying on your relationship with music, do you feel there is something that has changed while growing up as an artist? What does your music represent for you today?

Yes, definitely, everything changed thanks to music. I always say that music, for me, can be compared to a good friend: you can have an amazing time with your friend as well as be confronted with hardships; you can be honest with your friend; you can be happy one day and sad the other. Like a real and good friend does, music is never letting you down and mostly, it’s always there, and never leaves you. Growing up with music is what gave me the confidence to just ‘be’ in life; it gave me the strength to overcome my fears; it gave me the courage to move on from difficult times in my life. Lastly, it gave me that extra sensibility to understand diversity and it showed me what it means to appreciate people and life in deep.

Today, the music that I am lucky to write and perform, represents the journey that I have been going through in life. I grew up in a very traditional way, and throughout my childhood I was often hiding from others because I was afraid of showing my true colors; I was afraid of judgement and people’s opinions. These dynamics directed my life for a long time and made me very insecure. On the other hand, music represented a hiding place, the place in which I could take shelter and find answers to my emotional side. What captured my attention in music was the sensibility of it and the way music connected to me personally and intimately. I am a very sensible and emotional individual who has been exposed to some difficult experiences as a kid, therefore music represented for me that world to which I could run to, a hiding place; a world where emotions were associated to different colors; a world where acceptance and understanding was ruling; an imaginary world that helped me overcome these dark moments. I remember listening a lot to Donny Hathaway and finding a connection with him in the way his sensibility was being portrayed through the music. Music gave me the confidence to overcome my fears. In my opinion, music has a universal power, it does not judge you for who you are, it accepts you the way you are, it meets you in the place where you are at, and, like a good friend, takes your hand and tells you that everything is going to be alright.

Yours seems to be a real journey, which has also brought you on tour, from Italy to the Netherlands, from Europe to Asia, developing in parallel in, out and around jazz music. What is behind this?

I published my first album int 2017, after I finished my jazz studies in Italy. The album is called ‘Love Through My Eyes,’ and it reflects my previous relationship, which was kind of disastrous and difficult. The album was influenced by jazz music and represented my first self-promoted work. Thanks to this album I had the chance to tour worldwide and be able to perform in several locations throughout Europe and Asia. The album describes the way I looked at love after my break up and the search for hope in believing that love, somehow, could still heal and overcome disappointments. Releasing this album also represented a ‘trauma elaboration’ and gave me the strength to move on.

Your next album #tellyourheart, which will be released later this year, has a contemporary R&B and soul feel, both in the song-writing and in the production style. Can you give us any other anticipation about it?

#tellyourheart is my upcoming album which was recorded and produced this year (2020). The album was recorded in the Netherlands and is, in part, directed by the renowned Australian, electronic music producer, Nick Thayer and supervised by the Swiss producer Lorenz Schaller. #tellyourheart depicts the dating part in a relationship as one of the most beautiful and challenging season. Different feelings are involved: it is a fresh, wonderful and exciting time for the relationship. Everything looks new. The flourishing love changes each little thing: emotions, dreams and colors. #tellyourheart is a journey into one’s heart: a gracious, joyful and colorful heart; a heart that is young in its ways and behaviors; a heart that has much love to pour out as a generous gift.

The album features a number of pre-release singles. The first single ‘Closer’ as well as its official video, was published on June 16th. ‘Closer’ describes a story of meeting someone new, the butterflies one feels and the uncertainty of whether both people are equally attracted to one another, all wrapped up in a seemingly modern take on jazz-meets-RnB. My hope is that ‘Closer’ becomes one in a series of musical messages to people. It’s easy to become trapped in life, but there is always a way out. I am a living example of this! I wish for my journey to empower others. Life is not about being told you are one thing and not another, or being put in a box. You can be many things and to many people – and I hope my experiences allows others to realise the same, whether now, or in time.

Is there any place on the web where curious and fans alike can find out more about you and your music?

You can follow the journey on my social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tik Tok) as well as listen directly to my music either on Spotify or through my website.

Charli // Lovey Dovey

After the soulful debut single ‘I Love Me’, Charli moves forward with the compelling hip-hop piece infused with ’80s and ’90s pop vibes ‘Lovey Dovey’.

The release of ‘I Love Me’ marked a new beginning for Charli. A new chapter, if not a real adventure, that this talented singer-songwriter has undertaken after having fought with herself, to understand who she was, and to realize that her dreams were somewhere else.

So Charli left France, where she had found space for her prolific and powerful creativity, with collaborations that include 96 records, The Ware, Jule Aston, and Anoï Feard, to now open new roads for her artistic career.

“Music helped me to be the woman I am now. Doing music and writing what I feel, and also writing what I want to be, helped me to overcome all the difficulties”, Charli says about the background of this momentum that sees her proactively focused on continuing to nourish her vocation for creating music.

Charli // Lovey Dovey - single cover
Charli // Lovey Dovey - single cover

Abandoning the previous name of Charly Gee, the new Charli has moved to Los Angeles and has written about thirty songs that will see the light of day in her solo project. The second piece from this series that we bet will include one release more engaging than the other, is the soulful and compelling single ‘Lovey Dovey’.

With the fresh and charming ‘Lovey Dovey’ Charli skillfully moves between soft and soothing lines, and sequences of enthralling rhythmic hooks, enhanced by her flexible vocal performance that is velvety in the outlines and soulful in the fundamentals.

An artist to certainly keep on your radar, to continue discovering her new path. Seeing the premise that is ‘Lovey Dovey’, we look forward to hearing more from Charli.

Listen now to Lovey Dovey, the second single from Charli, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms. Find your preferred one via

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Blazar // Better

Blazar is a collective of top producers and writers, collaborating with artist-producer Jerad Finck. The array of top-notch artists is formed by  Steven Solomon (Wrote Jame’s Arthurs Hit “Say You won’t Let Go”), Denny White (Tiesto, The Fray), Anthony Resta (Duran Duran, Collective Soul), Troy Welstadt (Pink), Jay Condiotti (Next Top Model, ScoreKeepers Composer), Hans Dekline * Grammy Winning Mastering Engineer), Jake Newton (Sleeping Wolf), David Filice (Run DMC), and DAXSEN (Tiesto).

“I’ve been touring and making a living as an Indie Artist for a few years now. My last single as Jerad Finck sold 57,000 copiers and debuted on Billboard. From all of that I signed a label deal with AntiFragile Records under Tom Sarig, and he offered me the chance to do what I wanted.”

Finck shares the backdrop about the genesis of Blazar and their debut album, then he continues: “I wanted to make a record old school, really developing the songs bar by bar, with all of the coolest cats and producers I’ve met over the years in something entirely new, a collaborative effort of rad people with creative freedom. This has been a dream of mine to do, and over the last couple years I have been working on this.”

So Finck created Blazar, gathering around him all his friends and colleagues, who by combining their creative flair have completed a full album, and ‘Better’ is the first single off of it.

Feverishly contagious and compelling, ‘Better’ presents itself as a top-quality production. A perfectly composed number of electro pop that moves dynamically by bringing in funk and rock elements, made even more memorable by the succession of uplifting moments full of freshness.

Here it is evident how Finck and his fellow friends know what they are doing, and they are doing it tremendously well. Call structures are always resolved in an impeccable way with answers that always give the right caesura to each phrasing, sharing basic elements that, however, are always proposed with some new details.

‘Better’ lights up with a synth pop magic, with which Blazar brings a breath of fresh air throughout the indie scene and beyond. And if this is the premise, we can’t wait to listen to the entire album.

Listen now to ‘Better’, the debut single from Blazar, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms.

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Aeria // Let Me Go

Aeria is an inspired, talented, and promising artist that trough her dreamy electro pop music delivers relevant and introspective calls that aim to provide genuine connections with people.

Classically trained violinist and jazz trained singer Aeria is an artist who amiably blends the many influences that inspire her, from Lana Del Rey to BANKS to Olafur Arnalds, just to name a few, giving light and depth in a distinctive way to her love for songwriting, and creating unique and captivating melodies.

Engaged with dedication and profusion as an audio engineer over the past five years, in sharing with us part of her artist background Aeria says: “My few years in production have taught me a lot about what it means to be a woman in a male dominated industry and I always strive to uplift women in music.”

The first of a string of songs that are in the pipeline to be released, ‘Let Me Go’ shows off with evocative aura all the authenticity and the feeling of immersion that Aeria is capable to cast and instill in you when you listen to her music.

Atmospherically infused with mellifluous waves that fluctuate between chill out and chill wave, ‘Let Me Go’ “is a song about trying to find closure at the end of a relationship, with the transition from childhood to adulthood in mind but in a way that, I hope, can be reinterpreted to be about whatever relationship end my listener may currently be experiencing or reflecting on” says Aeria about the genesis of her song.

She then continues: “My goal is for the song to wash over my listener and make them feel introspective. Music has always helped me get through the toughest periods of my life, and now I want to give back to help others get through whatever hardship they may be experiencing.

An artistically-designed introspective opening that moves between the folds of enveloping electro-synth pop nuances, ‘Let Me Go’ rises and sprouts, providing an impeccable entry point, to and for an artist with a definitely promising future ahead of her.

Listen now to ‘Let Me Go’, the debut single from talented and promising Canadian artist Aeria.

The release of the song, available for streaming on all major digital platforms, is accompanied by a lyric video and an official video, you can watch on Aeria Youtube channel.

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Talia Grace // St. Louis

Having started in a church choir as a child, and then progressed to be a full-fledged singer-songwriteraround 2017, Talia Grace is an inspired artist that through her guitar, piano and vocals creates songs that feel like true tellings of deeply human narratives.

A bittersweet story to which many will relate, her brand-new single ‘St. Louis’ is about an unrequited love made bitter by heartbreak and resignation. The song shows a dichotomous juxtaposition between a lovingly, delicate and graceful production and instrumentation, and lyrics that decidedly bring in a dynamic that’s genuinely capable of bringing people together.

“Those who listen to my music feel something, and sometimes, they see themselves in my words. The greatest gift that music can provide is the ability to understand oneself better, and that is the gift that I seek to give in every song that I compose.” So Talia shares the backdrop behind ‘St. Louis’.

Recorded in a home studio in Austin, TX by St. Louis-native Taylor J. Webb, and mastered by Bob Boyd of Ambient Digital, ‘St. Louis’ is an exquisite pop song enhanced by a folk connotation, with which Talia demonstrates once again all her gracious talent as a singer-songwriter.

Listen now to ‘St. Louis’, the latest single from Talia Grace, release on May 8 on all the major digital platforms.

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