John O’Brien // That Girl Is Trouble

First collection since the release of his acclaimed album in 2019, “The Love You Need”, John O’Brien’s ‘That Girl Is Trouble’ is a string of 4 compelling songs, with which O’Brien lets us savor the thickness and the variety of his stylistic caliber.

A critically respected artist with an impressive career behind him, his songs have amassed more than 350,000 views on YouTube, reaching on Spotify more than 40K monthly listeners and over a million streams.

Confirming that he has charisma and talent to spare, his latest project is a wide and varied parenthesis on the musical richness that he effectively incorporates into the stage name of The John O’Brien Experience ‘J.O.B.E.’

Moving skillfully and effortlessly in and out of the roots of a more classic rock, O’Brien gives us 4 vibrant tracks, waxing a compelling mix made of captivating styles, emotions, and sounds.

An impeccable bouquet showcasing the remarkable talent of an affable master of musicianship, O’Brien’s brand-new exciting EP ranges from the high-energy country-folk of the title track to the pop/jazz fusion of ‘Sibooney’, a romantic frame inspired by the historic beach of Aiboney, on the southern shore of Cuba.

O’Brien does not leave disappointed even when he brings out the harder side of his stylistic coinage, giving us a danceable rock number that comes through the story of emotional depths of ‘Take It Home’.

And it is equally commendable his ability with which in ‘Mother Ocean’ he returns the choral nature of an environmentalist message, begging us to “save the earth for all,” putting an end to the waste that weighs on the mother of all of us: that circle of life that is the ocean.

Prolific and proactive artist, O’Brien also has a new full-length album in production, which will be released by the end of 2020.

Being recorded at Eclipse Recording Studios in Saint Augustine Beach, in the hometown of O’Brien in Florida, USA, the album will be mastered in Exeter, UK, by legend Steve Kitch.

Featuring highly talented accompanying recording artists and hit-worthy compositions, this is an album that promises to be a noteworthy release and a next-level studio production.

The same is the expectation for The John O’Brien Experience “J.O.B.E.” UK tour. Initially scheduled for May 2020, with concerts in London, Oxford, Birmingham, and Bournemouth, the tour dates have been postponed to June 2021.

You can find all the dates of The John O’Brien Experience “J.O.B.E.” UK tour on John O’Brien’s Instagram profile.

In the meantime, while this is certainly not a stopgap, let’s enjoy John O’brien’s latest EP ‘That Girl Is Trouble’, available to stream on all major platforms.

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EVOLETAH // Run With The Hunted

Evoletah - Run With The Hunted - album artwork

Distilling decades of production and fruition in a collection of textures rich in pictorial details and emotional nuances, the Adelaide singer, songwriter and producer Matt Cahill brings us a distillate of high refinement, richly embellished with ’80s avant-pop blooms, set amidst jazz vibrations.

The collection that Evoletah brings us is a delicious act of the most genuine musical art that only certain musicians and artists are capable of creating. Cahill not only plays drums, percussion, guitars, and e-bow on the album, but his is also one of the communicative and touching voices, alongside those of the Californian electro-soul diva Heather Christie and of Australian jazz princess Shanna Ransley. Talents matched only by the keys of the pianist Ben Johns and by the electric and vertical bass of Michael Shanahan.

The unity of Evoletah thus becomes a concentrate of virtuosity and technical intelligence, applied to bright colors, flawlessly spread on a cinematically arranged canvas.

Through the passion and stylistic grace of ‘Run with the Hunted’, combined with the excellent level of vocal and instrumental performance of the incredibly talented artists involved, Evoletah brings us a collection of songs in which to get lost and find yourself magically.

The excellently composed musical prose is only the umpteenth value of a production of such an incredibly high quality we have rarely heard in recent times.

Through this work full of reflective vulnerability and imbued with enormous compassion, Evoletah whispers us the idea that we may challenge those who want to tell us how to live and what to die for.

Chiseled into the creative groove traced by the entire album, the lead track of ‘Run With The Hunted’ is both a gem among gems and a magnificent synthesis of the whole release.

A journey within a journey, to enter a world of subtle and refined artistic expression, the single is accompanied by the official video, which you can watch on the Evoletah YouTube channel.

Evoletah accompanies the commemorative edition of the album ‘Run with the Hunted’ with a limited edition wine: South Australian McLaren Vale Shiraz – Vintage Shiraz grape. If you are interested, you can find more information at this link.

All photography by: Tommo Luke

Listen now to ‘Run with the Hunted’, Evoletah’s album available in streaming and limited edition vinyl:

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Lindsay Mulder // Fractured

Focused on taking American country and bluegrass to the next level, Lindsay Mulder is putting a twist on her music, creating a cross-genre hybrid of mottled alternative rock.

So, rather than sticking to her Alabama roots and continuing the tradition of country music, Lindsay drew inspiration from the parallel universe of musical inspiration in which she grew up.

“It was this weird mix of summer porch bluegrass and gospel, heavy metal, and alternative rock (laughs). I was always a wallflower. I just didn’t quite fit in anywhere. That’s kind of the approach I take with my music. I like to experiment,” she says, adding that she is also considering producing a “hick-hop” track, although this is a genre that not many women are willing to try their hand at.

Growing up, she experienced severe depression that manifested itself in musical expression, a feeling that really never left. As she explains: “The outlet is still here.” Then, speaking of her 16-year military career, she continues: “I just closed the drawer and did what needed to be done.”

This is an outcome we find also in her latest single she released on all the major digital stores. Musically atypical schism, built on non-linear bundles of guitars and drums, her ‘Fractured’ is an interesting expression of what it feels like to be confused, dissociated.

Now firmly back to songwriting, after ‘Fractured’, she is already working on her next project to be released in early October. As centered on helping and supporting new artists, she’s building a foundation for her label Rock Prairie Records.

Definitely a prolific and a proactive artist, will be really interesting to see what comes next.

Listen now to ‘Fractured’, the latest single from Lindsay Mulder, and find out more about her music, by checking the links below:

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Moving the needle

There are more than 800 featuring that since September last year, we have embroidered, sewn, and chiseled through our words to capture, frame, and highlight the brilliance, value, and preciousness of an eclectic musical selection of which we are more and more proud of.

Hundreds of artists, some of them also recurring, that we have had the pleasure and honor of helping in telling the stories, passions, and feelings enclosed in and conveyed by their music, their songs, their lyrics.

Day after day, we have worked hard both on the front line and behind the scenes, to develop and improve our platform as much as possible, aiming to guarantee the best and most comprehensive coverage to the largest number of artists.

We dedicated ourselves to grasp the deepest folds of every song we talked about with honesty and consistency. What we have penned is precisely what we have found in.

Inevitably, this also meant getting involved and exposed. Two points that artists know very well. This is why we have always striven to treat with respect and regard the work of all the artists we came into contact with, even with those for whom we couldn’t give coverage.

Despite the recognition and support returned to us, this turned out to be an exhausting and challenging work.

But it is something that, through the commitment that we intend to consolidate and increase, has led our blog to be ranked 12th on the Feedspot’s Top30 Indie Music Blogs.

Being selected from over 100K influential bloggers, this is an undeniable rewarding gratification, that combined with the steady daily growth of followers on Instagram, prompts us to tirelessly proceed on this journey.

For us, the ideas and projects we wish to furtherly develop, and the desire to extend and spread what we started, sounds clear and loud like an arena anthem. 

And as our style craves, while not bounding to any genre or gender, it makes us sing at the top of our lungs: 

We Will Rock You!

Something more about ...

Feedspot Top 30 Indie Music Blogs & Websites For Indie Music Fans in 2020

Feedspot Top 30 Indie Music Blogs is also a valuable tool for those artists looking for blogs and websites to submit their music to and get some exposure.

More than a mere chart, Feedspot reports for each website the number of followers and the frequency of posts on social networks, Domain Authority, and Alexa Rank. All essential indicators to have a truthful confirmation of the reach of the site that one eventually intends to contact.

You can find out more about Feedspot’s free and paid services at the following link:

Queen // We Will Rock You

A British rock band formed in 1970 from a previously disbanded Smile, Queen is a starred supergroup, honored with seven Ivor Novello awards and inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001.

With a total of 18 number-one albums, 18 number-one singles, 10 number-one DVDs, and with over 300 million albums sold worldwide, this is one of the world’s best-selling music artists.

Considered by many to be the par excellence arena anthem, ‘We Will Rock You’ was originally featured as B-side on ‘We Are The Champions’.

A beat marked by foot stomps and four spoken words, ‘We Will Rock You’, is the perfect sing-along tune, impossible to be ignored neither to be forgotten.

It’s no coincidence that the advertising business has also borrowed this song for biting commercials.

Listen now to Queen’s anthemic number ‘We Will Rock You’ and find out more about their great music, by checking the links below:

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The Shelter // Roads of México

A throbbing shivering torch bedecked by Javier Orduña's distorted bass and Elías Gameros' intense vocals

the latest from The Shelter is a number that certainly leaves more than a scar

Bringing in influences that can go from bands such as Led Zeppelin, Ramones, T-Rex, Nine Inch Nails, Queens Of The Stone Age, or Iron Maiden, they deliver a captivating sharp sound, distinguished by a cutting edge stylistic cue.

And, with plans to continue releasing a single every month throughout 2020 and to start touring after the lockdown will definitively over, this duo promises to be one of the most prominent rock bands of Latin American and beyond.

It could not be otherwise for two artists who look like they know where they’re going, backed by a legacy that has seen them work with well-known names of the scene, such as Arturo Vega (artistic director of the Ramones), and have performed in many venues, from Ciudad de México (Imperial, Caradura, Foro Galera and Bar Oriente), to New York City (Bowery Electric, Hecho en DUMBO, and Bar 9).

Extolling that rock burst that defines their roots, the latest from The Shelter is a song about agoraphobia and anxiety. A pressing piece, which grows on the thrust of an organic and flowing acceleration, ‘Roads of México’ goes to exalt in a compelling way that anguished dense of imprisonment proper of the lockdown.

Here, unleashing a trembling and growing sense of rebellion, we can find a warm and charming call for a return to freedom, meaningful juxtaposition to the raw and shadowy agony of the song’s theme, significantly conveyed by the lyrics.

Out on August 7th, ‘Roads of México’ is available in streaming on Spotify, and it’s accompanied by the official video. Shoot in black and white, on a lake close to Mexico City, this a very pulpy visual.

Find and watch it on
The Shelter’s YouTube channel

You will not regret it.

A great number with which The Shelter effortlessly displays the granularity, broadness, and flexibility of a thick and dense sound, coupled with a remarkable stylistic caliber.

Certainly, an act that makes us say: rock is not dead yet. And with The Shelter, it’s ready to come back to life, with a new, vibrant, and hitting livery.

Listen now to ‘Roads of México’, and find out more about The Shelter and their music, by check the link below:

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The Foolks // The Most Beautiful Queen

An opportunity

to Try Something Again After Failing, the brand-new piece from The Foolks discusses the idea of second chances

The sound is tremendously familiar, but they make it vibrate, hit, and pike like few others; they are The Foolks.

Based on a combination of the words “folks” and “fool,” their name is a concoction about the people and contemporary times’ craziness.

A project forged in the flames of the pandemic, a reflection of the world’s current situation, The Foolks would not have existed without Covid-19.

Formed by French producer and songwriter Emmanuel Dron, this is an elite group of musicians, consisting of lead vocalist Jamie Wiltshire (Cambridge, UK), guitarist Emmanuel Dron (Singapore), drummer Andrew Picha (Nashville, US), and bassist Charles Berthoud (Massachusetts, US).

Out on August 10th, the first song coming from The Foolks’ upcoming self-titled album is the biting number ‘The Most Beautiful Queen’.

With a load full of tones and melodies akin to those supergroups that have risen some of the most fundamental pillars for present music – someone said The Rolling Stones? – The Foolks’ Queen rides straightforward, along a highway paved with powerful guitar riffs, while a melodic bass and a jazzy drum give legs to the beat, utterly pairing soulful and punchy vocals.

“Everybody can achieve their dreams, even if you are down in life. You need to pick yourself up, brush yourself down, and strive towards the path of a better life,” they say, loud and clear, showcasing the abundance of music experience between them, and overcoming even the barriers imposed by Covid-19.

Working from all over the world to create a lockdown project that promises to be like no other will be very interesting to join and follow them on their new thrilling journey.

Needless to say, we can’t wait to hear more from The Foolks.

To know more about The Foolks and their music, find and follow The Foolks all over the web by checking the links below:

Also, you cand discover ‘The Most Beautiful Queen’ on NOVA ERA, our playlist featuring on a weekly rotation all the artists covered by Nova MUSIC blog.

The release of ‘The Most Beautiful Queen’ is accompanied by a video featuring Wiltshire, Dron, and Picha Berthoud performing from the four corners of the world.
You can watch it on the The Foolks YouTube channel.

TuskHead // I Guess

A renowned artist already appealed as one capable of reinventing musicianship, as well as a proven musician for showcasing versatility and preciosity, TuskHead continues to take his musical legacy one step forward song after song.

Previously known by the stage name of Sandwick, TuskHead remains faithful to that honest approach that led him to cruise through the international southern rock music charts, up to raising an ever-growing audience.

“I wrote this song on the car ride back from work. It’s an hour drive until I get home, and the lyrics just popped in my head. The second I got home, I immediately wrote them down and picked up my Taylor to write the basic melody/song structure.”

So TuskHead recounts how he gave birth to what is a love song … with a little twist. Then he continues, “”I Guess” it’s about having someone close you have feelings for, someone who just makes you feel good in every way, but the relationship just cannot grow.”

TuskHead // I Guess - single cover
TuskHead // I Guess - single cover

With the delicacy of a guitar, the penetrance of TuskHead’s voice, and suggestive probing lyrics, “I Guess” is a lovely prose with which this inspired artist takes us in a creative world crowned by a touching songwriting, capable of arousing vivid feelings like few others.

And the artwork, made by talented photographer Ellen Thomassen, is a perfect reflection of all the meanings conveyed by “I Guess.”

Here we find all the passion of one of the most genuine feelings: love. A bright red color highlights an umbrella, depicting a refined dualism: a shelter with which to protect the beloved one, and at the same time a sail with which to take off and fly with her to new places never seen before.

In the background, flocks of leaden clouds embroider the words of TuskHead, which satisfies us with the bitterness of lyrics such as:

There is just too much at stake
A fear of all it may break
A risk I'm just not able to take

So I guess, I'll lose you
You don't even know
It's something that I won't ever show
Something that just cannot, ever grow

Capable to mint an immersive songwriting, with his “I Guess” TuskHead is one of the most interesting discoveries we have made in recent months. Certainly an artist to follow closely. No doubt.

To know more about TuskHead and his music, find and follow TuskHead all over the web by checking the links below:

Out on September 4th, you can pre-save or pre-order “I Guess,” by visiting this link:

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Martin Brothers // Looking For You

A producer and DJ duo, the latest that the Martin Brothers bring to the table, is a compelling and enthralling number.

This is ‘Looking For You’, a retro-futuristic song, richly packaged in a livery that combines the charm of the electronic music aesthetics of the ’80s with an organic and airy selection of contemporary elements.

Following the sparkling 15-track album ‘California’ and a lively string of singles, the Martin Brothers amazes us once more time, thanks to their definitely captivating sound and visual.

Here, glittering synth sounds, a rhythmic funk guitar, and an energetic voice decorated with vocoder are light strikes, perfect ledges and springboards to magnify the visual of ‘Looking For You’, featuring the two brothers busy working behind the mixer, involved on a recording session with a very nice android singer.

Of course, as soon as you see them and listen to ‘Looking For You’, your mind goes immediately to Daft Punk – with influences which also come from The Killers – reminiscent of great songs; one above all: ‘One More Time’.

Yet, that of the Martin Brothers is anything but a mere exercise in style, capable as they are of giving a distinctive character to a signature of exquisite musicianship, magnetically attractive.

And, judging by the attention they have garnered, with thousands of followers on socials and monthly listeners on Spotify, as many views amassed on their YouTube channel, it seems that we were among the few who still didn’t know their music yet!

Never mind, we will look to recover, following the journey of the Martin Brothers in this growth that seems unstoppable, cohesive and inspired as they are in having created and continuing to feed the niche they have been able to develop over time.

Indeed, it will be exciting to see what these guys will present next, as, from such a colorful synth-pop duo, surprise is around every corner. You can bet.

Listen now to ‘Looking For You’, the latest single from the Martin Brothers, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms, along with the unmissable official video, available on the Martin Brothers’ YouTube channel.

To know more about Niki and Oliver Martin and their music, find and follow the Martin Brothers all over the web by checking the links below:

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So I say, Thank you for the music, for giving it to me

Words: Gabriele Filippi

A year is passed by, since I launched Nova Music blog, and quite a few things have happened.

Started in one of the saddest and darkest moments for the global music industry, and beyond, the blog saved gave me a (new) perspective on life, allowing me to remain close to that creative world that I love so much: that of music.

Behind me I leave a 3-year recording project, with 12 releases ready to be released only in the first year, dead on the vine. The result of collaboration with a young singer-songwriter, with the arrival of Covid-19 she disappeared … taking with her the result of months of analysis, study, composition, and recordings.

Getting stood up, having dedicated so much for months and months to that project, I found myself stunned … I had certainly been able to develop a plan B, having been engulfed for over 6 months composing, writing, making rehearsals in my home studio, rewriting, refining, and then more rehearsals, up to the sessions in the studio … hours, days, weeks in which I dedicated putting my heart and soul to bring to a higher level the immature ideas that had been brought to my table.

However, after a first and obvious moment of despair, I said to myself: why not broaden this vision? That desire, hidden and innate, to enter the most intimate and internal folds of a song, to grasp all its essence, even the most concealed. I have lost count how many times I have found myself exalted, elevated, by a song, without however being able to be fully aware of why that song was something that moved and touched me so much.

A worm that I atavistically wanted to pull out of the hole, by continuing to study the many aspects that contribute to the making of what is laconically labeled a “hit song”. From the arrangement to the use of VSTi, from promoting a new release to the use of social networks to boost themselves as artists, from writing effective lyrics to building a career in the world of music, over the last decade of my life everything has been aimed at developing the highest possible level of awareness on this topic.

And I’m telling you straight out: there is absolutely no miracle that could have kissed me.

Because what I have undertaken is an endless epic, where there literally does not exist, and never will, an ultimate end or a maximum peak to be reached.

It is not just or only a matter of production quality. It is not just or only a question of the intrinsic meaning found in the lyrics. The notes are seven, octaves permitting, and following the cliché by which nowadays there’s nothing more to invent in the creative arts, everything could be relegated to a sterile exercise in chemistry, in which you can take a little of this and a some of that, and if you are good and precise in the doses, here you find the most perfect elixir of eternal youth, invincibility tonic, or love potion.

Yet, after 30 years of listening to music in an increasingly conscious way, I continue to discover new artists whose existence I might have totally ignored, and who bring me back to one of the greatest loves of my life: music.

So, this is penned for all of you who today as tomorrow will want to accompany me on this endless journey, bringing your music to the readers and followers of Nova Music blog.

Not wanting to accomplish anything revolutionary. Maybe, simply, to enjoy and love in all its precious value that inestimable art that is music.

So I say,
Thank you for the music,
for giving it to me…

ABBA // Thank You For The Music
ABBA // Thank You For The Music

Swedish pop supergroup, active from 1972 until 1982, ABBA became one of the most commercially successful acts in the history of popular music, topping the charts worldwide from 1974 to 1983.

Originally featured on the group’s fifth studio album ‘The Album’ (1977), their ‘Thank You for the Music’ was released as a single in 1983.

To know more about their music, find and follow ABBA all over the web by checking the links below:

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Alan Dreezer // Any Way I Can

The recent nomination for Best Solo Artist in the 2020 Essex Panic Awards, has proven one more time how Alan’s alternative twist of synth-pop and RnB is something truly special.

Song after song, his releases are accompanying us amiably towards ‘HEALED’. After debuting in 2018 with the album ‘London E12’, featuring the singles ‘We Have Come A Long Way’ and ‘If This Is The End’, Dreezer moved to Malaga, in Andalucia, from where he continued to carry on his prolific collaboration with UK producer and co-writer Elliot Richardson, drummer from the mod-influenced band Missing Andy.

Giving us a string of enthralling numbers, each more captivating than the other, over the past 12 months 3 more singles have come out – ‘What You Didn’t Say’, ‘But It Does’, and ‘The Twelfth Of Never’ – songs we had the pleasure covering. In case you missed them, find the previous articles below:

Alan Dreezer // “But It Does” - single cover

Alan Dreezer // But It Does

Singer and songwriter Alan Dreezer is back under the spotlight with the new and awaited outstanding single titled But It Does.

Alan Dreezer // “But It Does” - single cover

Alan Dreezer // But It Does

Singer and songwriter Alan Dreezer is back under the spotlight with the new and awaited outstanding single titled But It Does.

Now, the impeccable triptych made of Dreezer’s most recent singles is near to be further embellished by another flawless number, soon to be released as its due date is set for 9 September.

We are talking about ‘Any Way I Can’, a song whose idea came to Alan from an Instagram post by one of those accounts on positive thinking.

“At that time lots of things were conspiring to get me to walk away from music. After all, I had finally made a solo album after more than 20 years in music so hadn’t I achieved what I set out to do? I had had support financially for “London E12” but my sponsor had made it clear he couldn’t help me this time around. Studio costs would also be more expensive this time as I had pulled in a lot of favors for my debut and I just couldn’t ask for anymore. My very supportive wife had also been questioning the sense in carrying on. I was wavering … “

Resume golf? More time for the gym? No budget, and maybe a little too long in the tooth, to have enough time to dedicate to such a demanding project as the making of a new album. It’s easy to imagine the questions and thoughts that may have haunted Alan at the time.

And then … Then he had a spark, once again.

“That post made up my mind for me. I said to myself: “I AM going to make this album. You can throw whatever at me, as a reason NOT to make this album, but I AM going to find a way.” I’ve read a lot of books in recent years like “The Secret” and I got them out again. They had really helped and influenced me in other aspects of my life so why not with this. So, I planned hard. I saved hard. I sacrificed hard. And slowly, much more slowly than with “London E12” it started to happen. This song was the first song written following that period so I decided right away that it would be this album’s opening track.”

Thanks to the positivity with which the lyrics of ‘Any Way I Can’ are imbued, Alan’s new song is certainly an essential piece of that edifying message that he is conveying and delivering with his music.

Its utmost synthesis is contained in what we imagine as a very concise telegram, one that is as laconic as it is exemplary, with written on it just: “I’m Healed.” Unspoken words, figuratively inked by Alan, that wrap with exemplary allure the life path of a man, even before that of an artist, who is capable of opening up to the world like few others have the ability and courage to do.

And a precious part of this inestimable value is also in ‘Any Way I Can’.

Set to be released on September 9 on all the major digital platforms, you can pre save ‘Any Way I Can’ on Spotify.

To know more about Alan Dreezeer and his music, find and follow Alan all over the web, by checking the links below:

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