Clebber de Azevedo / “Fire”

Talented Brazilian artist and producer Clebber de Azevedo debuted in July 2019 with the incredible release of the six-track EP “Attraction“, a mix of electronic sounds, pop and visceral trap sounds, which was followed by the equally stunning EP “Purple“.

Today Clebber returns to the scene with a new release, bringing us once again a bold and contemporary song. This is “Fire“, a sexy blend painted with an air of mystery, which ranges through tastes and musical styles that create a distinctive and surprising mood, thanks to the clever combination of great melodies and penetrating energy.

In “Fire” we find the most evolved form of that creative fervor that up to now has allowed Clebber de Azevedo to stand out in the underlying buzz in which a large part of contemporary EDM drowns.

Involving and exquisitely diverse, with the release of “Fire” Clebber gives us a dance pop number that you will not want to miss, guided by an engaging rhythm, a captivating vocal performance and a mix that enhances the extremes of the sound spectrum with intelligence and effectiveness, while maintaining the intelligibility of the entire music delivery.

Listen now to “Fire“, the latest release from Clebber de Azevedo, already available on Spotify [ here ] and accompanied by an official music video, available on Youtube [ here ].

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Clebber de Azevedo / “Fire” - single cover
Clebber de Azevedo / “Fire” - single cover

Soundstream // “New Day”

Soundstream is a HandsUp Eurodance band from Kiev, Ukraine, founded by Denis Timish and Alexander Bulanov, currently formed by singer Ann Pazyura, rapper MC Yuriy Muktarov and keyboardist, producer and singer Denis Timish.

Their recording career began in 2008, with the release of their first song entitled “Feels Like Heaven“. Behind them already boast various successes. In 2016 their song “We Got The Sound” was named “Best Dance Song” at the Akademia Music Awards in Los Angeles, California. They signed with the German dance music label DMN Records, home of many 90s dance music stars. Their first music video for the single “Reach A Star” became one of the most popular videos on MVUA.

At the beginning of 2018 they released the album “Way To The Stars“, followed by 4 singles including “Back Once Again“, which reached the first place in the Spanish top-100 of iTunes, and “Time To Fly” with which they won the Akademia Music Awards for the second time. The same year the “Summer Nights” video was broadcast on MTV USA.

Their most recent work “New Day” has just been released on February 7th, accompanied by a collection of 7 remixes, made by Ukrainian and world DJs, including Dolls, T-Zhuk, Remundo and Bmonde. “New Day” is made in an original style, combining a modern 80’s style infused sound, including a rap part sung in the Ukrainian language.

Listen now to “New Day“, the latest single from Soundstream, which is available on Spotify [ here ] and Youtube [ here ].

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Soundstream // “New Day” - cover
Soundstream // “New Day” - cover

Reese Collective // “The Journey”

Alicia “Reese” Reisman is the singer-songwriter behind the Reese Collective (ree-see) project. Raised in the small town of Fernandina Beach, FL, she is currently the coordinator of the band, worship leader and keyboard player at Pneuma Life Church in St. John’s, FL.

Daughter of worship leaders, music has always been woven into every part of her everyday life. Her ability to dream in music flowed into her waking desires to change the world through music, just like it changed her through seasons of struggle. As she expanded her musical talents, she quickly realized a big desire: to write songs that would inspire and speak to the hearts of people.

At the end of 2019 Reese Collective released the debut album titled “The Journey“, a collection of 8 tracks that allowed singer-songwriter Reisman to already make a name for herself in the Christian pop music scene, thanks to her unique approach to songwriting that has been well received by many followers.

Although the writer is the creative force behind the project, each track on this album features a different singer. Inside “The Journey” there is a noteworthy creative richness, which through exciting pop melodies and splendid arrangements, capable of consistently mixing pop with Christian music, maintaining a perfect focus on songwriting, the true beating and uplifting heart of the theme of the entire album.

Many the artists who participated in the making of this beautiful album: Chirs Cauley, Chelsea Zan, Amy Little, Brittany Young-Brutcher, alongside Amber Melichar, Shane Mathis, Maeghan Morin and Jordan Wray. Each track sees a different name, providing an element of exquisite freshness and versatility which at the same time, thanks to an intelligent writing of the arrangements, and to the quality of the balance of the mix and mastering, maintains a formidable coherence of sound throughout the whole album.

Fresh, engaging, captivating and brilliant, “The Journey” gives us a listening experience with a kaleidoscopic atmosphere, characterized by a gentle sense of inclusion and community, perfect underlining of the powerful spiritual message that conveys the theme of this beautiful vision. A splendid choral message to embrace in all the entirety of “The Journey“.

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Reese Collective // “The Journey” - album artwork
Reese Collective // “The Journey” - album artwork

Listen now to “The Journey“, the debut album from Reese Collective, already available on Spotify [ here ].

Abhishek // “Faded”

Abhishek is an emerging hip-hop R&B artist who grew up listening to a variety of musical genres, including soul, hip-hop, funk, indie rock and post-punk. As his main musical inspirations he cites a wide range of artists such as The Weeknd, Michael Jackson, Prince, Kanye West, Rakim and R. Kelly.

His songs are, as Abhishek himself explains to us, “built around a foggy and crepuscular production”, defined by slow rhythms, booming basses and abandoned echoes, incorporating typical elements of R&B, but which is also capable of ranging from punk to rock alternative. His emotional and plaintive texts often express hurt feelings and deal with topics such as love, infatuation, drugs.

Result of the collaboration with the Indian-born rapper SROB, from Columbus, along with the trap producer Vibratonix, from Pune, Abhishek recently released his latest work titled “Faded”.

Mixed by grammy winning engineer Thomas Juth and mastered by Michael cushion Jr, “Faded” was featured on the India Rolling Stone playlist.

Listen now to “Faded“, the latest single released by Abhishek, which is available on:

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CoverGirl 400 // “Like This”

TiAunna Alsup, known by the stage name CoverGirl 400, is an American hip hop rapper, singer, host, actress, and songwriter from Chestertown, Maryland, who is building her path to success.

According to what was reported by the artist and published on [ link ], in September 2019 CoverGirl 400 signed with celebrity talent Yvng Swag (Atlantic Records) from MTV Wild N Out and his Mgmt Company Swag Entertainment, making her the first female rapper signed to the label, which is an extension of Nick Cannon’s Ncredible Entertainment brand.

After the numbers “Need a Freeak“, “Tears Drop” and “Man Eater“, recently CoverGirl 400 dropped her latest single titled “Like This“, that sees the participation of the artist Jae Roche from Atlanta, GA. The song, which has already exceeded 10,000 streams on Spotify and grows every day, is a classic hip hop rap that does not contradict expectations and underlines CoverGirl 400‘s ever-growing creative vision.

Listen now to “Like This“, the latest single from CoverGirl 400, which is available on your preferred digital platform [ via smarturl ].

To find out more about her music, follow CoverGirl 400 on Instagram [ here ].

CoverGirl 400 // “Like This” - artwork
CoverGirl 400 // “Like This” - artwork

Sienná // “Moon Rituals”

Sienná is a singer, songwriter and producer of live-electronic music active since 2005 who has performed around Europe for over 10 years.

A Japanese expat living in Norway, Sienná is an artist whose musical production is characterized by an exquisitely innovative and unique signature, through a “no-rules ” approach to creation. Her productions are centred around a dreamy and avant-garde artistic matrix. Hers is a sinuous blend of EDM, jazz and classical, hybridized with both traditional and contemporary Japanese music, in which the East meets the West at a dreamy crossroads of electronic. Sienná‘s music transcends the principle of commodification of music, emerging as a true artistic medium through which this visionary artist expresses all the sophistication and transversality of her creativity.

It is precisely through her fusion between traditional Japanese culture and European/American musical style that she stands out as one of the few crossover artists in the field of electronic who constantly devote themselves to renewing and ever evolving the language of their music.

Sienná is also known for her collaborations with noteworthy artists, among these  psychedelic Norwegian jazz trumpeter Nils Petter Molvaer and Mick Karn, late bass player for the new wave band Japan; also, she was the opening act for the band The Crazy World of Arthur Brown on several occasions in the United Kingdom.

Sienná // "Moon Rituals" - album cover
Sienná PromoPhoto

Recently this talented artist has announced the release of her eighth original release, titled “Moon Rituals月儀式“, scheduled for the day of Snow Moon Sunday, February 9, 2020, and we had the pleasure of previewing the album for you.

Composed of 9 tracks that create reflective and deeply introspective atmospheres, “Moon Rituals” is a release that differs from Sienná‘s previous studio albums. In fact, this new release essentially consists of songs that set up relaxing and enveloping soundscapes, whose common thread is the different phases of the moon as seen from the Japanese cultural context and point of view.

With this collection of beautifully composed songs, Sienná creates a splendid expressive, intimate and dreamy parable that, like a series of facets and reflections of light off the faces of a diamond, is refracted and deconstructed with engaging charm.

This is undoubtedly the most avant-garde manifesto to best represent that mixture of tradition and contemporaneity, of East and West, that we mentioned earlier. “Moon Rituals” represents the most pragmatically expressive form of Sienná’s visionary creativity made of layers of abstract art. It is in the (now additive, now subtractive) mixing of these elements, in the dynamics of the development of musical arguments, and in the careful and detailed study of sound design, elevated by the impeccable mix and mastering work, that everything assumes its formidable coherence.

Moment after moment, track after track, through the listening experience that Sienná gives us with “Moon Rituals”, we are accompanied on a journey through truly unique auditory worlds, spaces, places, and times that we perceive as the fruit of her imagination, as something that we have never seen or heard before. But thanks to the clarity and consistency with which they are created, they are able to enrapture you and immerse you into something new, something innovative and engaging.

The release of “Moon Rituals” will be accompanied by the official music video of “A Hazy Moon 月朧“, the second track from the album itself. Directed and created by Kutayden (Turkey), the video will be published on the artist’s official Youtube channel. To not miss its release, subscribe now to the Sienná Youtube channel [ here ].

Moon Rituals“, the forthcoming album from Sienná, will be available on all major digital stores from February 9th. To not miss this release, follow Siennà and subscribe to her channels:

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Mark Henes // “Arm Full of Roses”

Mark Henes is back with a new single for 2020. It is “Arm Full of Roses”, an engaging country ballad, guided by Henes’ exciting vocal performance, accompanied by guitars and reverbs that set up an exquisitely romantic moment and time. Something that reminds us of the era of 45 rpm vinyls, radio shows and the time when modern popular music was born.

Through a no-frills emotional approach, Henes’ song sounds sincere and genuine, once again making his songwriting talent something memorable.

But while keeping things essential, in “Arm Full of Roses” Henes creates a world that seems all-encompassing and absolutely wonderful, in which the poetics of Mark’s warm and comforting lyrics shine, highlighted by the profound intensity of the performance of this talented singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. A real exaltation of its purity and its unmistakable timbre, for a production that draws its beauty from its simple and stripped structure, which sees Mark accompanied only by a couple of guitars.

The tender beauty that transpires from “Arm Full of Roses”, like Mark’s delicate guitar work, somehow refer us to those old classic love songs, reviewed in a rich and kaleidoscopic mix filtered by a bluesy touch and that more typical taste of the 50’s ballads.

In his still young career, Mark Henes has imprinted his distinctive mark on everything he is creating, ranging from country to punk, carrying on his personal inspiration.

Listen now to “Arm Full of Roses”, the latest single from Mark Henes, available on:

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Karma // Business On Me

Upcoming hip-hop rap artist Karma is making her fans say “damn karma” once again! Ironically that’s also her actual TikTok and IG name (@DamnKarma).

Karma has recently dropped her latest single “Business on Me“, which is a vibey, late-night banger that is steadily rising up the streaming charts, moving along an original and unique beat, catchy melodies and chorus and relatable lyrics.

Listen now to “Business on Me“, the latest single from Karma, which is available on Spotify [ here ] and follow her on Youtube [ here ] and Instagram [ here ].

Jason Penna // “Fire and Ice”

Jason Penna is a multi-faceted rock musician from Brisbane, Australia, who already boasts dozens of releases, including the recent album “Long Hard Road“, and over thirty thousand monthly listeners only on Spotify.

Now Penna is ready to face 2020, during which he will certainly show off his maximum artistic expression. His is a coherent and solid creative perspective, made of good music and built on a strong musical delivery that lets you feel the passion, dedication and emotional transport that Jason puts in all his productions.

From the richness of the sum of these values comes the exquisitely rock energy with which Jason Penna signs his works. His latest release, the single “Fire and Ice“, certainly does not go unnoticed among his other works. This is a number of vibrant and enveloping intensity where Penna highlights the timbre of his captivating voice. From the structure of the song to the sound paste, everything feels like a sort of manifesto where Jason tells us: here I am, this is me.

With “Fire and IceJason Penna reaches a formidable milestone that is both a goal and a promising starting point. Needless to say, we can’t wait to find out what this talented artist will create in the future.

Listen now to “Fire and Ice“, the latest single from Jason Penna which is available on Spotify [ here ] and Youtube [ here ].

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Jason Penna // "Fire and Ice" - single artwork
Jason Penna // "Fire and Ice" - single artwork

DJ Odyccy // “Impumelelo”

DJ Odyccy is a music producer and DJ born and raised in Hammanskraal, North of Pretoria (South Africa). Born Tshepiso Comfort Hlongwane, on June 24, 1985, DJ Odyccy has already made himself known for his previous hip-hop productions and as a DJ and remixer, who thanks to his versatility is involved in many musical projects ranging from EDM to AfroPop, Gospel and many more genres.

After the release of his previous EP “Music Reigns“, DJ Odyccy recently released his new single “Impumelelo“, which features the highly talented singer-songwriter Nodoli Nelle.

With “Impumelelo“, DJ Odyccy gives us an engaging piece, an irresistible song that exquisitely exhibits the vibrations of the Amapiano style. It is a peculiar and unique mixture of afro, soul, and dance elements, enhanced by a percussive bouncing rhythm on which Nodoli’s vocal performance develops sinuously.

The word Impumelelo means success, and the song talks about never giving up on the search for success, whatever career you’re pursuing. A theme that the song carries on with a dynamic and engaging structure that not only makes you dance, but also moves you set new goals for yourself.

After the single “Impumelelo“, DJ Odyccy is preparing to release his latest project, “Music Reigns 2“,  expected for the first quarter of 2020.

DJ Odyccy // “Impumelelo” - single cover
DJ Odyccy // “Impumelelo” - single cover

Listen now to “Impumelelo“, the latest single from DJ Odyccy which is available on all the major platform [ via fanlink ].

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