Michael Ihde // Running Back To You

Swiss beat producer and audio engineer specialized in mastering EDM music, Michael Ihde, has released the compelling single ‘Running Back To You’

From Basel, Switzerland, Michael Ihde is a beat producer and audio engineer specialized in mastering EDM music, who also release his own music.

The latest from the Swiss artist is the compelling synth-pop-wave song titled ‘Running Back To You’, styled in the key elements of dance and house music.

“My Passion is not only EDM and Trance Music,” said Michael. “This is only what you get on my channels. My Passion is the whole Music Universe. I love it to listen to creations from around the world and also to create something for others.”

Moved by an engaging rhythm, the song tells Idhe’s “story of the way to happiness”, as explained by himself.

‘Running Back To You’ is available for streaming on all the major digital platforms. Find your favorite at this link.

To find out more about Michael Ihde and his music, check the links below:

Michael Ihde // Running Back To You - single cover
Michael Ihde // Running Back To You - single cover

Yung Poop // Porn Addict

Comedy rapper Yung Poop stings with the goofy and weird music of his album ‘Porn Addict (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Cock)’

Beat repeated until they make one’s ears bleed, out of tune rhymes full of curse words, and platitudes are the elements that Yung Poop brings to what he himself defines funny lyrics.

Only for the more adventurous listeners, who love to gamble dipping their toes into the more extreme drifts that only today’s music seems to be able to give birth to.

To find out more about Yung Poop, check the links below:

Yung Poop // Porn Addict - album cover

Fever Down River // Duo

Two piece band from Seattle Fever Down River is out with their garage soul and rock & roll album ‘Duo’

Fever Down River is the “musical crockpot lovechild made of the long-time friends and collaborators Michael Parent and Cameron Peck”, as they say. The mission of this bass and drum duo is to express their eclectic songwriting, declined in various tastes of styles and blending a wide range of musical genres, without boundaries to their creative horizons.

Their latest release in the debut EP titled ‘Duo’, a collection of 6 groovy and rocking tracks, which the band refer to as garage rock, but that sounds like something of a next level.

For some “unknow” reason, to the old ears of who’s writing this short post, this EP seems to scream “Led Zeppelin” with every note, especially on the 4th track ‘That Ain’t Me’. There’s no need to go into any investigative reports, because the sound of ‘Duo’ is compelling, of a remarkable quality and has the right groove.

Just enough to make Fever Down River stand spans above the background noise of a lot of disposable music. That’s reason enough to give ‘Duo’ a try.

To fin out more about Fever Down River and its music, check the links below:

Fever Down River // Duo - album cover
Fever Down River // Duo - album cover

David Vaters // Freed from Jail

After the two albums ‘A Voice in the Wilderness’, volume 1 and 2, the four singles ‘Christmas Eve Forever’, ‘Love You More’, ‘Flying’, and ‘That Was Then This Is Now’, and surpassing over 30 millions of streams on various music platforms, the Canadian record artist David Vaters returns with a magnificent new single: ‘Freed From Jail’.

Armed with the power of a richly detailed and permeating songwriting and his soulful vocals, David Vaters is a talented artist who can already boast tags such as that of “true musical treasure”. This recognition is not just a coat of arms hanging on a lapel, because it was rightly credited by the hundreds of thousands of fans that Vaters earned with his debut album ‘A Voice in the Wilderness vol. 1’, in 2017.

Today, ahead of the release of Volume 3, announced for September 20, 2020, Vaters returns to the spotlight with a new number of compelling country rock. David’s new single is part of a series of singles that the artist will release on the 20th of each month.

David Vaters // Freed from Jail - single cover

This is how this prolific, if not volcanic, artist brings us a mix of new music that stands at the engaging crossroads between a newer country and more classic rock. But what Vaters offers with ‘Freed From Jail’ is more than a perfectly successful exercise in style.

With ‘Freed From Jail’ Vaters gives the listeners a message of hope during these difficult times we are all facing now all over the world. “Even though things look dim now, and we are all trying to figure out how to be safe yet still live our lives as we once did, there is light at the end of the tunnel. We will be freed from this virus!” said Vaters.

The song brings in an inspirational and redeeming message for all of us, taken from a story of true life that David wrote about. Vaters recalls that, “someone very close to me recently fought back and won over a period in his life where he lost literally everything. After years of drug and alcohol abuse and then going to jail he hit rock bottom.

Most people would have given up after losing your wife, kids, home, car. But he didn’t. He’s clean now, set free of his addictions, reunited with his kids, has a job and a new business on the side. I thought it was so inspiring I wrote this song about his life in the hope it may help others! “

Pairing his organic and transparent songwriting with a classic sound and his breathy, raspy voice, Vaters gives us a guidance to solidify and strengthen our faith and love in our beacons of life, whatever you may call it: God, country or your fellow man .

Vaters is a veteran performer and songwriter, and with this song he fully demonstrates his artistic caliber once again. And it does without calling in any of those clickbait words that are becoming a sort of catchphrase of the moment. If this isn’t a masterpiece of musicianship, what could be?

Listen now to ‘Freedom from Jail’, the latest single of David Vaters, and find out more about his music, checking the links below:

Stefano Tucci // Here, Nowhere

‘Here, Nowhere’ is the new 10-track album with which the Italian guitarist and composer Stefano Tucci ranges between electronic, chill house and dream pop

Compared to previous productions signed by Tucci, more closely related to instrumental compositions, ‘Here, Nowhere’ is the first of his albums that is a collection of songs almost entirely sung.

Created in Paris by an Italian, with the collaboration and voice of the American singer Kristiana, the lyrics of ‘Here, Nowhere’ revolve around the doubts and disappointing situations we encounter in life, often due to people and toxic relationships.

In addition to original songs, in ‘Here, Nowhere’ we also find a remix of the ambient track ‘I Feel Disconnected From the World’, which represents one of Tucci’s most viral hits on YouTube.

With ‘Here, Nowhere’ the Italian guitarist and composer brings us a glimpse of his creativity, deeply infused with a mix of electronics and real instruments, in which Tucci’s personal touch with his guitar emerges not only in his solos, but also in the background riffs.

Here, the rhythm guitar patterns intelligently disguise themselves in different guises, sometimes played by atmospheric synths, which give the right taste to the general aesthetics of the release.

Listen now to ‘Here, Nowhere’, the album by Stefano Tucci, 

Stefano Tucci // Here, Nowhere - album cover
Stefano Tucci // Here, Nowhere - album cover

Danny Frati Celli // Sesiones 2004 – 2019

Danny Frati Celli is a long-time and experienced musician, as well as an actor who has appeared in several films and soap opera.

Debuting in 2009 with his first solo production entitled ‘Frati …… En Libertad’, Danny was also a member of various bands, such as Eclipse and Hang Over, and recorded with the bands Materia Prima and Niño Planeta.

Driven by his creative streak, Frati Celli has also been able to continue his solo career, giving life to a number of original songs that he collected in ‘Sesiones’, a selection of 13 Spanish rock songs, created between 2000 and the end of 2019.

Frati Celli’s album is the right starting point for the artist to definitively sanction his launch on the global music scene. Here Danny shows off and unleashes his multifaceted creativity. Moving from raw and scratchy numbers that loudly recall hard rock, up to Latin ballads, the leitmotif that binds and gives color to the whole album is the choice to sing in Spanish.

Listen now to ‘Sesiones 2004 – 2019’, the album from Danny Frati Celli, and find out more about his music, checking the links below:

Danny Frati Celli // Sesiones 2004 - 2019 - album cover
Danny Frati Celli // Sesiones 2004 - 2019 - album cover

Cole Pierce // 808

Cole Pierce is out with a new work in which he talks about a particular moment in his life that influenced, or maybe even changed drastically, the way he lives love.

This is ‘808’, a number with which Cole Pierce brings genuine hip-hop R&B vibes to the table, telling with an effective grasp his story, in which he imagines his dream girl, who is a way out of his league, in the middle of the Covid isolation.

After the success of his previous single ‘Lost Boy’, with ‘808’ Cole seems to be ready to surprise listeners once again. Here, setting up a song with a dreamy aesthetic, Pierce drops soothing R&B vocals, imbued in a 808’s soundscape.

Through captivating lyricism and witty and caption-worthy 1-liners, Cole moves from a visceral pain because his dream lover rebuffed him, back to a comfort zone, going on a drug-binge that numbs the pain.

‘808’, the latest single from Cole Pierce, is available for streaming on all the major digital platforms.

To find out more about Cole Pierce and his music, check the links below:

Cole Pierce // 808 - single cover
Cole Pierce // 808 - single cover

Todd Warner Moore // Overnight Flight

Originally from Kansas City, Kansas, U.S.A., Todd Warner Moore has penned a diverse and wide catalogue of music over time, delivering dashes of folk, ’60s psychedelia, Americana, ’70s singer/songwriting, gipsy, and Latin music. We first had a chance to meet with his talent thanks to the release of his album ‘Starry Sounds’ – you can read about it in our previous article – thanks to which Todd garnered all of our attention.

And today, Moore is back, with a new collection of 9 songs, gifting us a magical slice of ambient folk, enlightened by his singer-songwriter vision. As with his previous releases, ‘Overnight Flight’ is far from being a rushed creation: richly detailed, it further expands with heightened wisdom the musical delivery and the lyrical vision that makes Moore’s music something unique.

Over time, Todd has performed in several bands, including Acoustic Juice and Budapest-based Tea Thieves, and this is something that clearly reflects in this new album.

Covering a kaleidoscopic range of deep nuances and human emotions, Warner expresses all his poetic and elegant touch, reflected in seven sung tracks and two instrumental ones. Moving from the crests of the most uplifting joy, to the deepest valley of meditative thought, the entire album is an organic and natural flight, by which the artist depicts an overall observation of our current Zeitgeist and the challenges of the world we’re living in.

Seeking for the gold nugget among the tracks of ‘Overnight Flight’, we would speak of the delicacy and pictorial prose of ‘Suns’. A master piece of musicianship, gracefully blended between rhythmic guitars, touching vocals and melodic harmonies. Something that breath and shine as a gem between the gems.

Along the whole album there is a sort of magic powder that Todd is capable to masterfully sprinkle throughout his songs. And the grains that make the magic, alongside Todd’s fine art and talent, are the artists who worked with him on the album.

From the violin and viola of William Stewart, to the cello of Daniel González, the double bass of Issar Schulman, the guitars of Horacio Valdivieso and Roberto Diana, not to mention Leah Hart, Nicole Stella and Michael Kentish on the backing vocals, we want to name them all, because together they created a naturally flawless and deeply unique work.

For those still unfamiliar with Todd’s music, ‘Overnight Flight’ is an excellent entry point. For everyone else, it is once again a formidable opportunity to get lost and find yourself again in the folds of the poems made into music by this amazing artist.

Listen now to ‘Overnight Flight’, the latest album from Todd Warner Moore, available on your preferred digital platform, and check the links below to find out more about his music: 

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Todd Warner Moore // Starry Sounds

In 2019, singer and songwriter Todd Warner Moore, released Starry Sounds, a beautiful album in its simplicity, which channels all the talent of this artist. Having moved

Less Love // Snow White Trash (Trump’s Americans)

‘Snow White Trash (Trump’s Americans)’ is the new single from the Oklahoma-based band Less Love, anticipating their upcoming LP ‘Everybody’s Somebody’s Satan’, which was announced for the end of 2020.

Less Love released their debut single ‘Magical Purple Hair’ in 2008, breaking the College Music Journal’s top 200 and making the band indie darlings, if for only a day. And after working with Grammy award winning producer Michael Trepagnier (Goldplay) and engineer Kevin Lively (Rage Agaist the Machine), they recorded the single ‘Horse Race’ in 2016, getting much attention. But that attention helped confirm what the band was slowly beginning to realize at the time: people don’t buy music anymore.

So, on the heels of the single’s success and failure, and after ten years of trying, the members of Less Love decided to go their separate ways. What was once a five piece, was narrowed down to just one.

Having been primarily designated to rhythm guitar, to move forward the whole stuff, Sky McCullough had no choice but to pick up the slack, stepping into the role of lead vocalist. “I’m not the best person for the job. Everybody else left leaving me as he only person to do the job”, said Sky about the transition. “Our producer Michael Trepagnier introduced me to another producer named Mike Rodriquez. Trepagnier knew Rodriguez and I shared similar taste in music. I wanted to take Less Love in a completely different direction. Rodriguez has been a major influence in helping me achieve that evolution.”

The first most tangible result of this evolution, characterized by a heavier sound on everything, is the new single ‘Snow White Trash (Trump’s Americans)’. A protest song against discrimination, for which the artist was inspired in part by, and calling back to, Randy Newman’s song ‘Rednecks’.

Speaking of Less Love, Sky goes straight to the point: “Less Love is from the very red state of Oklahoma. After the U.S. elected its first black president, the ignorant majority chose to elect a racist to the White House. This is about that.” And ‘Snow White Trash (Trump’s Americans)’, too, goes straight to the point with lyrics like “He says he hates fags, wetbacks and niggers too. He says it makes him mad. That Jesus was a Jew. He hates those fucking Jews.”

With the release of ‘Snow White Trash (Trump’s Americans)’, Less Love has announced an anthology of all the band’s old music, titled ‘Everybody’s Somebody’s Satan’, that will be released around December of this year. The album will also feature 3 new songs, including ‘Snow White Trash (Trump’s Americans)’.

To find out more about Less Love and its music, check the links below:

Less Love // Snow White Trash (Trump’s Americans) - single cover
Less Love // Snow White Trash (Trump’s Americans) - single cover

Zandra Vibes // Don’t Wanna Leave

From the talented true entertainer Zandra Vibes comes the alternative R&B number ‘Don’t Wanna Leave’.

Zandra Vibes is a talented artist and songwriter, as well as true entertainer, with a focus on creating inspired numbers with an alternative R&B and pop style.

Developing a deeply personal sound, inspired by artists such as Jhene Aiko, Erykah Badu, and many others, Zandra brings to the table a fresh and innovative mix, in which she manages with great ability to channel a great variety of styles, influences and genres.

Exciting lyrics and compelling melodies are just some of the peculiar ingredients with which Zandra amazes and magnetizes the listener’s attention, offering with each play all of her creative touch, undoubtedly fresh and modern.

Even with her latest work Zandra does not disappoint. Her single ‘Don’t Wanna Leave’ is yet another unique, original and distinctive number. The balanced mix, the compelling vocal performance and the quality of the production push the track like few others.

Perfectly intelligible vocals, a full-bodied, thick and present bass line, and a crisp rhythmic pattern on the high, are key elements for a production of impeccably quality.

With ‘Don’t Wanna Leave’ Zandra is on the mark once again, making her undeniable artistic skills shine and showing off a unique talent and affable communication, not only musical, but also visual.

It’s really worth taking a look not only at the ‘Don’t Wanna Leave’ lyric video, but also at her previous releases, all available on the official Zandra Vibes channel.

An R&B artist who knows how to innovate, with taste, style and character, but without overdoing anything. Zandra Vibes is one to keep on your radar, to not to miss anything of her upcoming releases.

Watch now the official lyric video of ‘Don’t Wanna Leave’, available on Zandra Vibes’ Youtube channel, and don’t miss to check the following link, to find out more about her music:

To find out more about Zandra Vibes and her music, check the links below:

Zandra Vibes // Don't Wanna Leave - single cover
Zandra Vibes // Don't Wanna Leave - single cover
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