Rkham // Welcome to Forever

Rkham’s latest project is a collaborative hip-hop mix-tape created with his brother, fellow artist Connor. Here Rkham continues to give more and more definition to the direction he is going in, bringing a series of compelling and modern pieces to the table.

His latest ‘Welcome To Forever’ is a a slice of his distinctive style, ranging from whispered timbres to winning beats, to a soft flow and layering and weaves of backing vocals, cementing those elements of inspiration that draw from his heritage that include unexpected veils or calls and intrusions from pop music.

‘Welcome To Forever’ presents a musical aesthetic that balances itself between the romantic and the melancholic, focusing on memories of the past and tense expectations for the future. Between nostalgic and inspired, Rkham’s work immerses us in atmospheres that recall our childhood, while we are taken to continue our journey of growth in our lives.

Among smoky tones that enhance that sense of reminiscence, Rkham ignites glowing calls that take the intimate vein of those tiny memories, and broadens them in his narration, giving the entire release the right forward-leaning exploratory vision, but without ever distorting that touch of delicacy that defines and characterizes the whole album.

From the round highlights of ‘Rest of Our Lives (feat. Connor)’, to the more incisive but unobtrusive percussions of ‘All I Know (feat. Xavion)’ to the deeper darkness of ‘BiPoLar’, Rkham does not spare himself in giving life to his creativity.

With ‘WorldWide (feat. Connor)’ the artist seems to outdo himself, thanks to the intelligence with which he chooses and mixes samples and beats, creating a compelling and amazing gem set among other gems.

Around this point it seems Rkham has found an even more advanced and evolved interpretation of the album theme. Here, then, he surprises us once more with the delicate touch and sense of wonder of ‘Cotton Candy (feat. Connor)’, creating the right bridge to introduce us to the ending that is ‘Til’ You Made a Way ‘.

With a sort of sum of all things, the last track is the last ring that closes the chain, in which the whole album finds its synthesis and projection.

Listen now to ‘Welcome To Foverev’, the latest album from Rkham, available for streaming on your preferred digital platform, via Distrokid Hyperfollow link

To find out more about Rkham and his music, check the links below:

Rkham - Welcome to Forever - single cover
Rkham - Welcome to Forever - single cover

Music By Gestalt // Church Music

In preview, Nova Music blog had the pleasure to taste ‘Church Music’, one of the tracks from the next album by Music by Gestalt, a group of talented musicians based in Los Angeles, California.

The new artistic act of Music by Gestalt brings us back to our roots, making us rediscover with new eyes the enthusiasm, love, passion and amazement of something that we have already seen before us, over and over again.

Born from an admirable creative drift of contemporary classical music, the expressive and compositional vastness that Music by Gestalt brings with their ‘Church Music’ seems to have no boundaries or limits. By offering us one of the deepest and most overwhelming calls to our feelings we’ve had in recent times, the track presents itself as an overture whose acts follow each other and merge sinuously, with evolutions and revolutions that flow away like a stream.

Here Music by Gestalt gives to us a work of art with few equals. If we consider its expressive and argumentative cusps, it could be a rhapsody. Yet, the softness and naturalness with which they make us slide with liquid fluency between one act and the next is of disarming spontaneity. And one can’t but be amazed when confronted by the emotional storm aroused by how swinging rhythms and jazz riffs are juxtaposed to the power of hyperbolas in prog-rock key, where what seems like a guitar distorted beyond belief, unexpectedly changes shape, revealing its true nature as a vibrant and romantic cello.

We could continue on writing torrents of words as we continue to analyze the more than 6 minutes of ‘Church Music’, without however being able to do enough justice to the breadth and beauty of such a wide composition. And if this is the premise, we dare not imagine what awaits us from the entire album. For sure we can’t wait to hear the entirety of ‘Debussy’s Fawn’, knowing already, in a well-placed act of trust towards Music by Gestalt, that it will be valuable and quality music, that we would like to see rewarded with the unique flavor of listening to it on vinyl.

To find out more about Music by Gestalt and to not miss the release of their album ‘Debussy’s Faw’, check the links below:

Music By Gestalt // Debussy's Fawn - album cover
Music By Gestalt // Debussy's Fawn - album cover
‘Debussy’s Fawn’ // new album teaser – Music by Gestalt

Sophie Dorsten // Tomorrow

Sophie Dorsten is going to release her new single titled ‘Tomorrow’, announced for May 15, 2020.

We recently had the opportunity to preview the song. Here is a brief anticipation.

Sophie’s new issue is a delicate pop poem, deeply infused in an evocative acoustic atmosphere. The pattern and acoustic arpeggio of the rhythmic guitars accompany us  through the whole song, while the dynamics of the track grows along the way, with the addition of percussion and keys from the second verse, bringing us to an uplifting pinnacle.

Here we find an exquisite homogeneity and balance, both in the performances and in the mix, so much that the track sounds almost like a live recording. The sense of completion, compensation and respect between arrangement and voice is the icing on the cake, while Sophie comes to us with all the emotional load she brings, moving us with her voice.

A truly valuable quality production, which maintains all the nuances of the composition, making bloom that touch of genuineness that’s typical of a live performance and makes every listening a unique one.

Sophie Dorsten’s ‘Tomorrow’ will be available on all major streaming services on May 15th. To not miss its release, stay tuned with Sophie Dorsten by visiting the following links:

Sophie Dorsten - Tomorrow - single cover
Sophie Dorsten // Tomorrow - single cover

DJ Ažurely // The Glow Up

DJ Ažurely radiates her bewitching smoky aura with the new single ‘The Glow Up’, a contemporary pop number with which the New England artist AŽ brings us all the seductive charge of her sound.

Moving between smooth lyrics and fascinating melodies, with her new work this talented DJ brings us a compelling number that resonates with style and permeance through an alternative EDM interpretation.

Layers of voices and reverberating guitars broaden the soundscape by moving the horizon away, while AŽ masters her vocal performance with a scenic presence, well set in a clean mix that, despite the electronic synthetic imprinting, almost feels organic.

Vibrant, sometimes even bold, ‘The Glow Up’ showcases all of DJ Ažurely’s talent and expressiveness, softly set in a quality production that is far from trivial or obvious, and has a consistent structure, embellished by touches of intimacy.

The end result of the sum of these factors is a song that sounds like an overwhelming declaration, allowing AŽ to make the most of the skills she has accumulated, also as a multi-instrumentalist. Science and awareness, technique and soul, all translated into a noteworthy stylistic caliber that is already projecting her towards a successful future that tastes like mainstream.

Listen now to ‘The Glow Up’, the latest single from DJ Ažurely’s and find out more about her music, checking the links below:

DJ Ažurely // The Glow Up - single cover
DJ Ažurely // The Glow Up - single cover

Bethany Ferrie // Stayed

Bethany Ferrie - portrait
Bethany Ferrie - Stayed - single cover

Even though it is only in the last year that Bethany has started to publish music and perform wherever possible, those times when she sent voice notes to her friends in her teenage bedroom now seem far away.

Guided by her voice, present and edifying, the young singer-songwriter from Glasgow gives life and light to her ‘Stay’, a pop song with an acoustic atmosphere, enriched by hints of folk and country exquisitely declined in a contemporary key.

Hovering between the permanence of her truthful words and the fragility of the fragments of her soul, the self-confidence and the sense of liberation that she transmits with ‘Stay’ lead Bethany to stand out above many artists, both her age and beyond.

Listen now to ‘Stay’, the latest single from Bethany Ferrie, and find out more about her music, checking the links below:

NILUM // Nevermind

NILUM, an artist who moved to London from Transylvania at the “tender age of 466”, continues to live up to what he calls a pact with the devil to pursue his passion for music.

An up-and-coming artist on the hip-hop scene, with his music NILUM talks about mental health while inspired by the aesthetics of vampires and horror films.

Razor-sharp rock vocals and rap lyrics, silhouetted against dark, bewitching and heavy 808s pushed by dirty and distorted basses, are the elements with which NILUM experiments in his self-productions and music videos.

As a result of his most recent alternative creative vision, recently NILUM published the official lyrics video of ‘Nevermind’. Fourth release since his debut, “Nevermind is a song about depression and anxiety” explains NILUM, who then continues: “most specifically about the feeling of knowing that even though you feel depressed, and would want to talk about it, other people who has never experienced anything like it simply would not understand.”

Listen now to ‘Nevermind’, the fourth single from NILUM, and find out more about his music, checking the links below:

NILUM - Nevermind - single cover
NILUM - Nevermind - single cover

Austel // Choke (Grass Temple Remix)

If with the original version Austel already amazed thanks to the visionary permeance she exhibited, Grass Temple’s versatile touch transmogrifies the track. Reworking the vibrant melodies of viola, the moody bass lines and Austel’s crystalline voice, the song takes on a hypnotic, fractal, electronic aspect.

After affably enchanting us with her previous EP ‘Cold Love’, from which ‘Choke’ is extracted – we talked about it in a previous article, if you missed it you can find it at the link: Austel // Cold Love – Austel returns to show off all the depth of her creative vein, imbued with a dark and brooding electro-pop, guided by her distinctive and ethereal voice.

With a remix accompanied by an equally fascinating video, Austel continues to evoke intertwining pains and hopes, amiably suspended between classic and modern, futuristic and contemplative, giving with each new release more and more structure and substance to her artistic profile.

An unmissable artist who is already leaving her mark, Austel is out now with the official video for Choke (Glass Temple remix). Watch it now on Austel’s Youtube channel.

To find out more about Austel’s music, check the links below:

Sangin’ Sara // Hello Reality

It’s hard to imagine someone who has never had one of that days, at least once in their life, when everything seems to want to go wrong. When everything seems to be falling apart, and all you want is to bury yourself, or and jump straight to tomorrow, or simply to stay in bed and turn your back to the day.

Sangin' Sara - Hello Reality - single cover

Well, it looks like Sara had one right when she wrote this song. Just jump to the first chorus or to the bridge to notice it! But what Sara brings us here is a formidable driving force to react and to move forward. Her ‘Hello Reality’ is a sort of cure for that sorrow, that force that sucks you and pulls you down, with Sara drawing plentifully from what seems a real life experience of hers, judging by how convincing it sounds, going from real to surreal and then back to real again.

Propulsive, brilliant and enthralling, ‘Hello Reality’ is an exquisite injection of positive musicality, in which this veteran artist with more than a decade of experience gained on the scene blends pop and rock lines with R&B veins.

Life is not always flowers and romance? And do you know what? All in all, it’s okay that way! Go ahead and listen to ‘Hello Reality’, the debut single by Sangin’ Sara, available for streaming from April 15, 2020.

To find out more about Sangin’ Sara and her music, check the links below:

Sangin' Sara
Sangin' Sara - profile

The Bergamot // L.A.

The Bergamot - L.A. - single cover

“So many great songs have been written about heading out west, not so many about leaving.”  So the Brooklyn-based duo, The Bergamot, introduces us to ‘L.A.’, a new single whose release is accompanied by an official video and that introduces their next album, expected for September and produced by Matt Wiggins (Adele, Florence + the Machine, Glass Animals).

Singing the daily story of someone who packs up for a new stage in their life, songwriter spouses Nathaniel Paul and Jillian Speece bring us a slice of life richly imbued with their indie pop style, giving us an immersive moment with an introspective, relaxed, almost dreamy atmosphere.

Moving in a delicate balance between the calls of distant hopes and the weight of harsh reality, ‘L.A.’ slips away almost silently, veiled on a deep, round and reverberating heartbeat. With a luxuriant stratification in a minimal mix, the dynamic of the song pushes a perspective aimed at moving forward, until it finds a final resting point in the harmonies of the final chant.

To find out more about The Bergamot, their music and their upcoming tour dates, check the links below:

The Bergamot - portrait

The Karmanauts // Paper Tiger

The Karmanauts - Paper Tigers - single cover

Formed in 2016 in Humboldt County, California, The Karmanauts are Michael Stephenson, Dominic Romano and Sam Kaplan-Good, who have spent the past year and a half giving body, shape and substance to their style to bringing it to the table in the form of their self-produced debut album ‘Moonstone’.

The Karmanauts - artwork

From this captivating project comes ‘Paper Tiger’, a compelling number of feverishly contagious soul and funk that stands out for the talent exhibited by the various artists that the band has involved in the making of the track.

CaiNo on lead vocal; Jimmy Durchslag and David Penalosa, respectively on trombone and conga; Tyler Martin on the baritone sax and Isaac Williams on the alto sax; and Chad Bell on the trumpet are the secret ingredients that The Karmanauts selected to give their ‘Paper Tiger’ an irresistible funky boost of energy.

The organic mix that balances all the elements of the rich arrangement is also commendable, with a professional mastering signed by Joe LaPorta (Vampire Weekend, Grizzly Bear, Imagine Dragons, David Bowie, Foo Fighters), that enhances the touches of brilliance and the body of the whole song.

Originally written to talk about fear and anxiety, ‘Paper Tiger’ is an irresistible stimulus to get up and dance in front of and also on the desk, to find a moment to be carefree and unburden spirit and soul from their afflictions.

Listen now to ‘Paper Tiger’, the latest single from The Karmanauts, and find  out more about their music, checking the links below:

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  • Youtube
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