Thanks to the way ‘ERASERR’ is a definitely significant showcase of his style, SA!KO presents himself to the masses by bringing a valid business card, certainly indicative of his potential, but even more of his creativity.

Undoubtedly made distinct by this creative vein, the track stands out for its mixture of rivulets, transparent lines and transverse parables that all together contribute simultaneously to organically feed a rarefied, smoky and atmospheric scenography with a dreamy mood.

The matrix that SA!KO identifies for his ‘ERASERR’ is the ambient genre, however there are a succession of subtle puffs, nuances and rivulets that fade into each other, contaminating one another, creating a decidedly original and distinctive compound.

‘ERASERR’ is a piece full of a histrionic touch nebulously rendered in a dreamlike aesthetic. Here LONE SA!KO finds ample space to let all of his creativity and touch breathe. He seems to be perfectly at ease in this drift moved by a decidedly characteristic and characterizing sound, while he unwraps effortlessly his lyrics with their disinterested inflection and yet airily played in harmony with the theme of the song.

The release of the single is also accompanied by the lyric video available on the LONE SA!KO Youtube channel.

Listen now to ‘ERASERR’, the debut single from LONE SA! KO, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms. Find your preferred one via fanlink.to/ERASERR

To know more about LONE SA!KO and his music, find and follow him all over the web by checking the links below:

Hydie Humbles // Hippie Camp

After the debut single ‘Barcelona’, rising singer-songwriter Hydie Humbles comes back with the contemporary alternative mix of soul, pop, and R&B of ‘Hippie Camp’.

Hydie Humbles is a singer, songwriter and musician who started her journey as a solo artist in 2017, after years performing as a drummer in rock bands.

On the wake of the success of her debut single ‘Barcelona’ – we talked about it in a previous post here: – this inspired London-based artist is going to release her second work ‘Hippie Camp’, out on 10 July 2020, as part of a string of song inspired by her travels around the world that she is going to publish during the whole summer.

Mixed by Evil Genius UK, a producer duo and label in Surrey, UK, ‘Hippie Camp’ was co-written and recorded at Hermitage Works Studios, in North London. Developed on a homemade beat and harp loop, the track was built up in the studio, with live musicians dropping in to add their flavor.

About the song’s backdrop Hydie says: “Hippie Camp seems to really divide people because of its raw sound and experimental structure – some love it, some not so much. I was so pumped up with positive energy when I returned from the conscious community in Sweden, I wanted to create something to spread that same feeling of love and peace I had felt. When I got to the studio, these words pretty much just flowed out.”

Imbued with a free-flowing aura, ‘Hippie Camp’ is an original and genre-bending piece of soul, pop, and R&B vibes. Bringing in a genuine message of peace and unity, this song plays as a missive, encouraging its listeners to enjoy the present moment just as it is, with no inner resistance.

To not miss the release of ‘Hippie Camp’, out on 10 July 2020, and to find out more about Hydie Humbles and her music, find and follow Hydie all over the web by checking the links below:

Hydie Humbles // Hippie Camp - single cover
Hydie Humbles // Hippie Camp - single cover

Interviewing: Beats Universal

We had the chance to talk to Beats Universal, a music production team formed in 2013, currently based in the USA, UK and Greece. Keep on reading to find out more!

Hi Beats Universal, welcome to Nova Music blog and thank you for taking the time for this short interview.

Thanks for having us.

Please introduce yourself briefly to our readers. Who are the masterminds behind this project?

Beats Universal was formed around 7 years ago and consists of 3 music producers / beatmakers, currently based in the USA, UK and Greece. We produce beats and instrumentals for sale in many genres, but right now we mainly focus on producing hip hop, rap and reggae beats.

You are currently based in the USA, UK and Greece. It seems that remote working is a common workflow for you. How has global lockdown affected your business?

Since almost everything we do for our music production business takes place on either our music studios or online, we really have everything we need right now and so the global lockdown hasn’t really affected our business that much.

On the contrary, since most artists currently have more free time to work on their music, we’re actually seeing an increase in beat sales and inquiries for our artist services.

Online since 2013, BeatsUniversal.com is the center of your business. How did you manage to make it a top destination for music artists and rappers?

It’s definitely not been easy, but with a lot of work and dedication we slowly managed to grow our business and increase our reach to music artists from all over the world. There’s plenty of competition in this space, so knowledge of marketing and branding is essential if you want to make it.

High quality beats, but not only. What other services does Beats Universal offer?

We also provide various artist services such as music website design, professional lyric videos and mixing / mastering services

How do you distinguish yourself from others who offer beats or services like yours?

Our goal is to be able to provide everything a music artist or rapper might need all in one place, so that they don’t have to waste time on different websites for each type of beat or service they require. And of course we always try to provide the highest quality possible in everything that we offer.

Where can music artists find more about you and your services?

If you’d like to browse our beats and music services feel free to visit our website BeatsUniversal.com

To find out more about Beat Universal and their music, check the link below:

Interviewing: TerryVibes

We had a chance to have a chat with Greek reggae & hip-hop music producer and beatmaker TerryVibes. Keep on reading to know more!

Hi TerryVibes, welcome to Nova Music blog and thank you for taking the time to do this short interview.

Thanks for having me.

You have been on the scene for over 15 years. How do you think the music industry changed in this time?

I think it has changed in many levels as far as what’s mainstream and more popular right now as well as how music is being delivered to and consumed by music fans since mostly everything is delivered digitally nowadays, but on the other hand I don’t really think it has changed at its core that much.

In these years you have worked with hundreds of artists and rappers from all over the world. Can you mention any important collaborations, or one which you felt particularly involved in?

I wouldn’t like to mention any one in particular, but I’ve been lucky enough to have been involved in some great collaborations and projects during these years, with some amazing artists from all around the world.

In 2012 you launched your official music production website, TerryVibes.com. What’s it about?

In 2012 I began offering my hip hop and reggae beats for sale online through my website TerryVibes.com and although it was a bit difficult at first, the website has grown to be one of the top destinations where music artists and rappers can go to download and purchase reggae riddims and hip hop beats online.

You specialize in producing reggae instrumentals, but you also produce hip-hop, rap and R&B beats. How do these represent facets of the same diamond for you?

From a young age until now I’ve been involved with many different music styles and genres, so I like to produce for artists in various different styles and I also like to get inspired by and mix elements from different genres, as long as the result is something that sounds good.

Where on the web can fans and music artists reach you, to find out more about your productions and your beats?

You can check out my beats and instrumentals on my website TerryVibes.com and don’t forget to follow me on social media @TerryVibes as well.

To find out more about TerryVibes and his music, check the link below:

Lord Toph // China Girl ft. SnowFlake Black

Lord Toph is a prolific artist, composer, CEO and executive producer of Monté CrisToph Multimedia as well as creator, founder and author of StarField Stories, a children’s literature publishing house.

With a considerable musical repertoire behind him, the number of songs he has composed to date exceeds 750 songs; he has written and produced music ranging from rock, to pop, to soul to country, as well as score-themed compositions.

The wide variety of genres Lord Toph is capable of reaching and his background, skills, and talent, allowed him to produce for a wide array of artists, including folk acoustic artist Damen Samuel, hip-hop artist SnowFlake Black, adult contemporary artist Ebony Anne Isaac, euro/soul artist Kyle Whitney, and soul artist Cris Vela, just to name a few.

In addition to releasing new material for himself as an artist and writing for other artists, Lord Toph also manages to find time to create books and music for his children’s literature company, StarField Stories.

Influenced by iconic artists who have made music history, such as The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, David Bowie, Al Green, Sting, Prince, Sade, Amy Winehouse and Chris Cornell, Lord Toph exhibits his talent and creativity continuing to release songs that also range from pop, soul, rock and adult contemporary genres, both with original works and covers.

Among his latest, the single ‘China Girl’, ft. SnowFlake Black, stands out as a contemporary version of the song made famous by the unforgettable releases signed by David Bowie and Iggy Pop.

Off of the upcoming album ‘Remakes & Tributes’, Lord Toph’s version is a tasty introduction to the entire album, giving resonance to the distinctive and characteristic sound Toph sought for this release.

Peculiarly immersed into a vintage aesthetic, one that somehow recalls that retro feel of listening to an LP that’s turning under a turntable stylus, you’ll appreciate Lord Toph’s ‘China Girl’ for that veiled touch of “smoky dirtiness”, that manages to give the song an interesting and characteristic flicker.

This stimulating stylistic choice is further emphasized by another song extracted from the same album, the remake of another landmark in world discography: Marvin Gaye’s 1970 classic ‘What’s Going On’. Lord Toph’s recent version of ‘What’s Going On’ comes as a video collage of short clips; a rundown of historical moments about the unrest that the world is unfortunately facing right now, in support of the #blacklivesmatter cause. The video is available on Lord Toph’s Youtube channel.

So Lord Toph shares the backdrop: “What’s Going On was a world “wake-up call” to acknowledge the lives lost in the Vietnam War, police brutality, social injustice and racial inequality. Ironically, this is much of what we are dealing with today in 2020.”

Then he continues: “As any reaction video or repost, this visual collage was created merely to expand the reach (even in the smallest way) of what broadcasts have essentially shared with the world in order to enlighten and inform.”

Two releases to be enjoyed, from an artist to follow closely, while also awaiting the release of the entire ‘Remakes & Tributes’ album.

Listen now to ‘China Girl’, the single cover of Lord Toph, available for streaming on Spotify, and watch the video of ‘What’s Going On’ on Lord Toph’s Youtube channel.

To know more about Lord Toph and his music, find and follow him all over the web, checking the links below.

Buu Baby IV // Love Yourself

Moved by the distinctive sound and the dynamic and versatile flexibility that Buu Baby IV showcases, ‘Love Yourself’ is a polyhedral mix, multifaceted and organic at the same time.

Boldly refreshing and full of charisma and captivating hooks, the track vibrates and lights up, between hip-hop bars and R&B lyricisms, giving to Buu Baby IV’s debut undeniable impetus that makes us truly hopeful for the future.

With ‘Love Yourself’ Buu Baby IV manages to set up a richly-built and layered soundscape, at times even luxuriant, capable of instilling all its sense of jazzy calm, and at the same time radiating all its colors and nuances. All this rendered by Buu Baby IV who, through his natural softly raspy vocals, starts focusing on love to then expand to the reality of losing the right way in life, passing through finding resolution, up to accepting and loving who we really are.

Here Buu Baby IV seems to be perfectly at ease while hovering his phrasings in Pindaric yet mellifluous flights, significantly immersed in a blissful and airy atmosphere of optimism. Subtle pop touches intertwine with soul stylizations, while the musical delivery of the song reaches our ears in all its positive radiance.

Constantly moving forward, to push and support its musical message, ‘Love Yourself’ sounds like an infectious, genuine, and sincere stimulus that spurs you to appreciate every new day of life.

A recipe of style and character that is relatable and distinctive, full of compelling hooks. Definitely a tasty release, with which Buu Baby IV infectiously shares his upbeat, magnetic and compelling vibrations from start to finish.

No doubt: this is a must. And not just for fans of the genre.

Listen now to ‘Love Yourself’, the debut single byBuu Baby IV, available for streaming on Spotify.

To know more about Buu Baby IV and his music, find and follow him all over the web, by checking the links below.

Brioni // In My Garden

London-based dream pop singer and painter Brioni returns to show off her sultry future pop, releasing the brand-new single 'In My Garden', accompanied by an original and inspired art video by Gabriela Grozavu.

With her previous releases Brioni already widely demonstrated how she is an artist in every sense of the term. In her characteristic and distinctive approach to music she utilizes her chromesthesia, letting sound involuntarily evoke the experience of seeing colors. Being an experienced music producer and painter, Brioni successfully intertwines the worlds of music and visual arts in a way that is definitely original.

Brioni’s is an eclectic and visionary touch that we find in all its breadth and freshness even in her latest single ‘In My Garden’, an intriguing metaphorical journey in which she guides us through her own garden, a figurative translation of her life, which here she uses to analyze herself.

Inspired by reading a book about the language of flowers used to write secret messages, with ‘In My Garden’ Brioni takes us through an ethereal walk, between early insecurities and the need to please people. Here, totally wrapped in the synaesthetic embrace of the song, she sets up immersive metamorphic parallels, where plants named “Foxglove” and “Honesty” translate respectively into “lies” and “honesty and realness.”

Far from being a mere exercise in style, as she realizes that being her true self is a lot more liberating and that people will accept her for who she is, she plants her garden of honesty.

Definitely an artist to keep your eye on.

Listen now to Brioni’s single ‘In My Garden’, available for streaming from May 5th, and watch the art video on Brioni’s Youtube channel.

Don’t miss to find out more about Brioniand to explore her creative world, by checking the links below:

Brioni has also teamed up with an organization called Treedom Trees. 50% of her profit will go to them to help plant trees worldwide. “My aim is to spread awareness on climate change and do eco actions”, says Brioni.

The release of the song is accompanied by an art video by Gabriela Grozavu, made with the stop motion animation technique, using approx 1600 photos. Gabriela said she used plants she collected in her daily walks in her garden, choosing the flowers and the plants by their color, focusing on the ones she felt better about, representing the emotions transmitted through lyrics and melody. “It was quite fun to make it, my room was so full of all kinds of plants!” she said; “about the flowers I cut for the animation, I am in the process of drying them and I intend to reuse them for another project. No waste, just flow.”

PIECESZX // Reverbs

Already hailed as an expressive “ethereal, enveloping, rhythmic and very personal” act, Pieceszx unleashes his distinctive mix of EDM sounds, skillfully weaving them with pop, techno and ambient textures, and lining them with lyrics in English, Spanish and Catalan.

After his first full LP ‘Tropico’ and the EP ‘Tropico.extended’, and following his change of style that in 2020 led him towards a darker electronic aesthetic, ‘Reverbs’ includes the enveloping and sensual “Money Queer”, a single that we talked about earlier here: Pieceszx // Money Queer.

With ‘Reverbs’, the second full-length album released by Pieceszx on May 8, the Catalan artist gives us a fresh and articulated digression and miscellany of techno, pop, dance and urban music sounds.

Here bright synths and up-beat tempos follow one another with more experimental sounds, touching trap and dark ambient, while Pieceszx’s lyrics unravel themes of mental health, local political situations, visibility of the queer community and critical statements.

A 13-track non-stop album that is an unmissable opportunity to dive deeply into the suggestive musical creativity of Pieceszx.

Listen now to ‘Reverbs’, the brand-new full-length album by Pieceszx, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms. Find your preferred one via push.fm/fl/pieceszx

To know more about Pieceszx and his music, find and follow him all over the web, by checking the links below:

Aaron Fross // Chase The Rhythm

Embellished with colors that develop between the folds of dance and pop, ‘Chase The Rhythm’ is the new work of the talented Lithuanian artist Aaron Fross. Through this uplifting and liberating track, the inspired singer-songwriter spreads the positivity and the uniqueness of her musical delivery.

Keeping us constantly entertained and grounded to a compelling listening experience that also plays as a truly danceable tune, ‘Chase The Rhythm’ is a characteristic opportunity to freely explore the musical vision that Aaron is able to evoke with uniqueness.

Driven by beautiful vocals that will give you goosebumps, the song is moved forward by vintage vibes and enthralling rhythms, and sounds like something that will steal you away to a different reality.

Speaking about the artwork, Aaron says: “The mask represents the responsibility we have as listeners. The “mask” is nothing without someone wearing it, so it’s only alive with the essence of the person underneath.” Then she continues, talking about the song: “We chase the rhythm and the norms, but we also break and change it, because we are the mask and not the other way around. And that’s what gives the song meaning, it’s about our right to be ourselves and in that way shape the world.”

‘Chase The Rhythm’ was recorded in Aaron home studio and it was produced by electronic music artist Baba Ki. “This is our first collaboration and definitely not the last, we are currently working on a bunch of other tracks that I am very excited to finish and share.” Saying so Aaron does nothing but ignite our interest on her future releases, and we hope to be able to hear her new works soon.

Listen now to ‘Chase The Rhythm’, the brand-new single by Aaron Fross, available for streaming on Bandcamp and Spotify, and accompanied by the official lyric video available on Aaron Fross Youtube channel.

To know more about Aaron Fross and her music, find and follow Aaron all over the web, by checking the links below:

Leyla Diamondi // Make Up Your Mind

Half-Greek and half-Turkish London-based Leyla Diamondi is a 20-years-old artist making alt-pop R&B music through her mental health challenge, as a journey she’s dealing with and still is on.

The first version of the song was written by Leyla when she was around 13. After some consistent requests from her brother and a few OG fans, she went through all her old songwriting books and files, and immediately reconnected with the emotional state and the heartbreak contained in ‘Make Up Your Mind’.

“Make Up Your Mind is about how in a relationship, things are sometimes complicated. I found that being in quarantine you really see all the best things and all the mess in your relationships, and, with the mess, you decide whether you can work through it or not? You ‘Make Up Your Mind’ – so Leyla shares her momentum and the backdrop about her latest release – “Make Up Your Mind was a phrase I used to tell myself a lot when being indecisive and fearful about what decision to make or path to choose. I feel overcoming this fear brought me a lot of power and clarity allowing me to be rational in complicated situations, like relationships. “

Leyla is a promising rising artist to keep an eye on, who already shines thanks to her artistic persona from which exude talent, musicality and magnetism.

Listen now to ‘Make Up Your Mind’, the latest single from Leyla Diamondi, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms. Find you preferred one on

To know more about Leyla Diamondi and her music, find and follow Leyla all over the web, by checking the links below:

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