Le Fil // Boyo

Le Fil is an androgynous male gay pop artist from Yorkshire, UK, who is not only known in London for his performances with Sink The Pink, but who also organizes large camp, colourful nightclub parties full of lipsynch pop performances, and hosts important fashion events. Le Fil is currently travelling the world with what he defines as being his childhood idol, the Spice Girl Melanie C, bringing her to perform in America, Europe and Australia.

‘Boyo’ is the result of the inspiration he got from growing in the small town of Brighouse, in Yorkshire, and his own identity, and with this song Le Fil proves to be a talented artist capable of creating music and songs with an exquisitely magnetic traction.

By exhibiting his music and capturing his personal experiences, in the song Le Fil describes how we can be fluid and rethink the notions of masculinity and gender. An important theme in the climate of today’s society that leads us to reflect on the meaning and use of personal pronouns such as he / she, often linked more to one’s external appearance rather than to the true nature of a person.

The song is accompanied by a music video that sees Le Fil perform as its protagonist accompanied by a group of dancers. Filmed in the kind of small-town setting from which one wouldn’t expect to receive such a socially current and avant-garde message, the video and the song offer a formidable parallel with the contrast highlighted by the theme of the release.

And so while the dancers take on the role of the cliché bad boys from the English suburbs, Le Fil dances on a compelling rhythm, showing off the charisma of his androgyny, through which, rather than emulating a woman, he reinvents, if not even redefines from the roots, what being a man can mean.

Defined by Attitude magazine as a “living, breathing pop sculpture”, Le Fil’s lyrics show, in a way that we find to be intelligent and enriching, his path of growth, built on the mutual enrichment that comes from meeting and integrating with the different people of his hometown.

Drop all this musical richness, conceptual depth and thematic importance inside such a positive and feverishly engaging musical delivery, and you’ll get the dense added value that is hidden just under the surface of what could appear as just a well-produced song with an infallible catchy motif on an unbeatable rhythmic carpet.

Among the most compelling discoveries we have made lately, ‘Boyo’ by Le Fil is an unmissable release.

‘Boyo’ by Le Fil is available in streaming at the following links:

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Catalina Skies // Fear King Kong

With loud, scratchy and penetrating voices immersed in a sound spectrum saturated by formidable guitar riffs and a drum work that’s as overwhelming as a running train, the latest single by Catalina Skies is an impeccable production that vibrates high and loud in the room as we listen at full blast to the expressive charge that they shoot out.

And it is a feverishly rewarding listening experience, especially for the perfection in the excellent quality of the balance between musical message and musical aesthetics.

A quality that is also reflected on the technical level of production, because this song sounds damn good no matter the volume you choose to listen to it, with a touch of textbook reverbs and a bass work that back on the mid-low register and seems to want to bring the world down.

With ‘Fear King Kong’ Catalina Skies hit the mark. Now all they have to do is throw out other equally formidable music. We are ready to get excited again, and again, and again.

Listen now to the incredible latest single from Catalina Skies, ‘Fear King Kong’, available in streaming at the following links:

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Zelah // Static

“It’s like that unspoken magnetism towards a person who completely fascinates you for a while and you can’t understand exactly what it is about them. It remains to wonder if they felt that same thing or maybe it’s all in your head (and sometimes it is), but there is only something extremely magical about it. “

So Zelah introduces that amiable attractive power expressed by their new immersive and suffused work, in which electronic elements blend with their dream-pop style. Closely linked to that tense sense that simmers inside the unshakeable, unexplainable desire that you may feel for someone with whom you share an inexplicable connection, the track sports a passionate musical aesthetic, structured on atmospheric frets, echoing guitars and rarefied electronic rhythms.

Zelah // Static - single artwork

An enveloping listening experience steeped in magic, guided by voices that fascinate and enchant us, dragging us into Zelah’s message: “I want you”.

An exquisite introduction to what we imagine will be the sound of their debut EP, expected for next spring, Zelah’s ‘Static’ is already available with an official video that sees the duo perform as protagonists.

Listen now to ‘Static’, the latest single from Zelah, available on:

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Izzie’s Caravan // Leo’s Guitar

With decades of experience as a musician and a keen creative sense behind him, Izzie’s Caravan sports the permeating strength of his trademark, with a full-bodied and mature sound that shows him already walking in the footsteps of the great ones of blues and rock.

Composed of 4 tracks of great, quality music, Izzie’s EP is a magnet that captures the listener’s attention, absorbs and envelops hin in an engaging and enthralling listening experience, rooted in the most genuine cornerstones of blues and rock music.

While many artists are struggling in search of experimental and alternative drifts, mixing and hybridizing different genres with each other with varying degrees of success and sometimes failing miserably, inside ‘Leo’s Guitar’ Izzie’s Caravan performs an exercise in style that stands out for the genuineness with which it went in search of the roots of two genres that are some of the fundamental building blocks of today’s music.

The result is a formidable, organic and coherent release, made brilliant and compelling by a contemporary touch of cleanliness and balance of sound and mix, and enhanced by that scratchy and rough touch typical of blues and canonical mainstream rock.

To get to know Izzie’s Caravan and his music more closely, we caught up with him for a chat and to ask him some questions. Read on to find out more!

Welcome to Nova Music blog and thank you for your time on this interview. In short, who is Izzie’s Caravan and what’s its origin?

If I had to sum up the origin story of this project in one word, I think it would be ‘chance’. Believe it or not, I had actually given up the guitar and playing music for a good decade or so. After my last band wrapped up around 2007, I became very disillusioned with the general state of music and I didn’t really have the drive to pursue it anymore. Anyway, so a couple of years back, I was lucky enough to get some encouragement from some friends and I figured it would be good to have a creative outlet. Getting back into guitar made me feel like a kid again, yet being older, I had a more sincere appreciation for the instrument. So I started re-learning it, which led to writing… now I write, compose, arrange and play everything myself… and so I ended up releasing ‘Leo’s Guitar EP’ in December and ‘Zephyrs EP’ in February.

The EP ‘Leo’s Guitar’ embodies the most genuine spirit of blue and rock’n’roll, combined in a contemporary approach well set in life today. How is this reflected in the music and videos you create?

One of the great things I learnt from the blues was the ‘honest stories’ they would sing of. Being socially and politically conscious, that really appealed to me and found its way into my writing as well. To me, the most critical part of writing is trying to capture real stories and real experiences in these challenging and complex times. I think ‘Leo’s Guitar’ is a great example of that. ‘Two In The Bush’ is a commentary on economic disparity, while ’Lightnins-a-Howlin’ is of course my tribute to the blues and how it actually gets me through on a day-to-day basis. ‘Dorian’s Lament’ is very meaningful to me because that captures my personal experiences on how to stay grounded to my roots in a world that’s socially and technologically evolving at such a rapid pace.

What are the sources of inspiration that fuel your creativity?

Growing up, I have to credit Aerosmith as being such a major influence on me. I keep going back to their first 5 or 6 records, particularly ‘Rocks’ and I really thrive on that raw and gritty sound that they had. Tom Petty, particularly Mike Campbell, and of course the Stones, CCR, John Frusciante were huge influences as well. But it wasn’t till I discovered the blues that I really realised what I was really missing in my life. Today, I can’t get through a day without listening to records of John Lee Hooker, or having live performances of Clapton or Stevie Ray on loop… but the two guys who have had the most influence on me are Buddy Guy and Lightnin Hopkins. I still remember when I first heard this record called ‘Lightnin and the Blues’ and I honestly stood the entire time that record played from start to finish. It’s one of those profound moments in my life I’ll never forget. To me Lightin Hopkins is the complete artist.

After the EPs ‘Leo’s Guitar’ and ‘Zephyrs’, we know you’re already working on another EP. Can you give us any anticipations about this new project of yours?

Yeah it’s called ‘On The Pull’ and it’s back to the blues but very, very raw and very, very gritty… upbeat, fast-paced, great ‘car tunes’… and lyrically I really want to push the boundaries a bit with this one. I’m honestly very excited about it and can’t wait for the finished versions. Hopefully it should be available on all digital platforms by May.

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Tom Park // Tonight

Korean songwriter and musician Jae Hyung Park, better known under the stage name of Tom Park, makes his debut on the international stage with his double version single titled ‘Tonight’, a fresh and sunny modern pop rock ballad.

Driven by rhythmic guitars that drop into an atmosphere of reverberant acoustic taste, the track Park has created is a perfect exercise in soft and caressing style, with the right amount of rhythm at the base. Through catchy melodies and airy, edifying harmonies, ‘Tonight’ is a great debut for this artist, who is able to deliver a genuine and enthralling vocal performance.

Touched by a radiant luminosity, the sounds that Tom proposes with his ‘Tonight’ somehow refer to the key elements of that world pop music typical of the artists that inspired Park himself, such as U2, Sting and Coldplay.

Composed and produced entirely by Tom Park and made available in two versions, one with lyrics in Korean and one with lyrics in English, the song sees the participation of talented artists such as Jeon Hong Jun, producer for the Korean band Brown Eyed Soul, and the American musician JL, who performs on guitars and vocals.

While the Korean version is a more energizing and rhythmic number, the English version is a tender acoustic caress, with its almost-whispered lead vocal gently resting on the rhythmic carpet of acoustic guitars that intersperses compelling riffs with soothing arpeggios.

Notable from the point of view of the quality of the production, ‘Tonight’ is a song inside whose embrace you’ll find yourself naturally enveloped, and whose musical message arrives in a direct and genuine way, even in its emotional peaks, that nonetheless never upset the delicate and introspective atmosphere of the entire composition.

Passionate and touching, Tom’s music style is the perfect underlining for the sense of yearning around which the song is built, for the prayer and wish to close the distance with the object of one’s love, for the  act of imagining how the confession of love will go.

Tom Park - Tonight // single cover
Tom Park - Tonight // single cover

Overall, ‘Tonight’ is the an organic, coherent and exquisite debut single that, we are sure, will allow Tom Park to get in touch with new fans all over the world.

Listen now to ‘Tonight’, Tom Park’s debut single, available on Youtube [ here ] and Soundcloud [ here ].

To get in touch with Tom Park and to learn more about this promising artist, check and follow his profile on Instagram [ here ].

Moody Bats // Blessing

This is 'Blessing' - 15 heart-filled tracks divinely composed and self-produced, infused with acoustic folk atmospheres and embellished with an alternative and dream pop touch.

Written to bring some light into an increasingly darker world, the original and permeating musical delivery that Moody Bats set up with ‘Blessing’ is a fresh and dreamy breath of clean, radiant and enlightening air, that, while addressing the themes of water and light shining through the dark, gives back all that sense of perpetual wonder that we can grasp when we pause to focus on the deeper sense and essence of what surrounds us, of our relationships, the world and nature.

Ranging from rock to pop sounds, now moving through movie sets and now through introspective acoustic parentheses, the 15 tracks that make up the album are connected by a double, alternative and dream thread that naturally and organically follows the musical argument of the entire release, in which a myriad of hints of psychedelic blooms sprout, hinting at ’90s rock and ’70s folk.

It is so that, from the sound of waves and guitars of the introductory track ‘Water’ to the sparkling acoustic rock atmosphere of ‘Don’t Break My Heart’, Moody Bats accompany us with naturalness in a long, articulated and immersive listening experience. Each track calls the next, like being on a relaxed Sunday morning outdoor stroll in the middle of the countryside, when your feet leisurely and on naturally lead you to enjoy the warmth of the sun, the caress of the wind and the rustling of the leaves.

Moody Bats // Blessing - album cover
Moody Bats // Blessing - album cover

Divided into three parts interspersed by the two interludes ‘Passage 1’ and ‘Passage 2’, the central one takes on a cleaner musical connotation, less acoustic and closer to electronics, with some acoustic guitars giving way to electric guitars in combination with synths and organs, as in ‘Frames’.

‘Blessed Me’ is the link that skillfully closes the whole cycle of the album and at the same time somehow sums up its essence. Reintroducing the sound of the waves from which it all began, the acoustic guitars of the first part join the crystalline synths of the second part, setting up a song with an exquisitely candid and relaxing musical aesthetic.

Suggestive and qualitatively valuable, ‘Blessing’ by Moody Bats is a formidable listening experience that brings to mind those moments spent outdoors and in the company of our loved ones. Something that we are sure we are all missing at this moment.

A poster to take as an example that shows, if necessary, the communicative and evocative power of music.

Moody Bats - logo

Listen now to ‘Blessing’, the debut album of Moody Bats, available in streaming on all major digital platforms.

To find out more about Moody Bats and their music, check out the following links:

Moody Bats - logo

Saints // Principle Fighter

Released about a month ago, ‘Principle Fighter’ is the fourth single by the London band Saints. This atmospheric and energetic whiplash of surrealist indie punk takes the form of a tour of the city of London to descrive its social inequality.

As Saint themselves explain, it’s a journey that takes us from the wealth of over-privileged students to submarines dwelling in the mud of the Thames, from the oligarchs of the West-End to the bedraggled foxes of the South.

Dynamic and engaging, ‘Principle Fighter’ is a track that, through a panoramic view pulled by drums and guitar, takes us into a feverishly epic paranoid surge. 6 minutes of song that fly away in a puff, for one of the most compelling listening experiences we have had the pleasure of having in recent months.

Listen now to ‘Principle Fighter’ by Saints and follow this talented band by visiting their links:

Saints // Principle Fighter - single artwork
Saints // Principle Fighter - single artwork

Cormac O Caoimh // I’m In Need

In view of the launch of his new fifth album, expected for May 2020, on February 21 the singer-songwriter Cormac O Caoimh released the single ‘I’m in need’, a modern and compelling folk pop number that, thanks to the personal touch of this talented artist, manages to sound melancholy and reflective, and at the same time catchy and contagious.

Set in a warm and suffused atmosphere, the song has a touch of verve and brilliance, moved by a rhythm that invites you to keep the time with your foot, making everything in the track sound direct, clear and frank.

This is a remarkable exercise in style, impeccably produced, that one can only praise and listen to for its positive groove, that develops from a beginning imbued with a sense of mystery and vulnerability, to progress in a natural and almost unexpected way into sunny, edifying and enlightening scenarios.

We could go on for hours listing the highlights of such richly decorated and rewarding work, but this is one of those few times when it would be a useless exercise. What is really worth doing is listening to ‘I’m in need’, a single extracted from Cormac O Caoimh‘s upcoming album.

‘I’m in need’ is available in streaming on Bandcamp [ here ]. To learn more about Cormac O Caoimh and his music, visit the following links:

Cormac O Caoimh // I'm in need - single cover
Cormac O Caoimh // I'm in need - single cover

Gianni Cocco // The Cult

Gianni Cocco // The Cult - single artwork

After a long period searching for himself in various bands, it seems that the time has finally come for Gianni Cocco to emerge as a solo artist.

Gianni Cocco - portrait
Gianni Cocco - portrait

Recently the French musician, producer and beatmaker unveiled the single ‘The Cult’. A passionately personal and visceral work, the track sounds expressively full of, and sonically saturated with, the sum of Cocco’s knowledge, skills, and experience, which he fishes out of his professional background to bring us a song of impeccable quality.

With ‘The Cult’ the artist sets up an evolved and dynamic cinematic sound atmosphere, which exquisitely conveys the theme that inspired him. Cocco’s artistic act moulds the sound waves, defining a universe that struggles between the rejection of the idea of simply following fashion, and the (very in vogue) desire to instil an ecological consciousness into the world. Developing from more relaxed and introspective spheres to more biting and aggressive liberating fits, in its 5 minutes of length the track flows away like water, accompanying us through tense developments, strong emotions, and hypersensitivity, which come to flow out into an overwhelming tidal wave of sounds and emotions.

Taking us up and down along a long narrative parable, with ‘The Cult’ Cocco makes us continuously soar and plunge between the valleys and the peaks of the tumultuous waves of a stormy sea. The pressing and feverish rhythm that mounts in the middle of the track is what spurs us to swim frantically, to try to stay afloat and keep our head out of the water, on pain if drowning.

An effort on the edge of the superhuman, which in the outro will take us to see the small island of salvation that’s featured in the artwork, illuminated by a pale moon. Climbing up its small hill, we can finally glimpse a new horizon, a new tomorrow.

While ‘The Cult’ was entirely composed and produced by Cocco, its creation has seen the work of many collaborators of the French artist, including Gianni’s partner, the illustrator Marion Thuillier.

Listen now to ‘The Cult’, the new single by Gianni Cocco, available in streaming on:

To get in touch with Gianni Cocco and learn more about his music, check and follow Gianni on his socials:

Sammy Jelani // Alien

Up-and-coming artist from Cincinnati, Ohio, Sammy Jelani arrives with his debut album titled ‘Alien’.

Sammy’s project consists of 8 tracks through which the artist displays his creative flair and is the result of recording work done at 4 different studios: the Nexus Sound Studio in Youngstown, OH, ID Labs and MCM Studios in Pittsburgh, PA, and the Timeless Recording Studio in Cincinnati, OH.

Among the songs, the ones that stand out as the most significant and explicative of Jelani’s style are ‘Go Stupid’ and ‘Run it Up’, two tracks cemented in the roots of contemporary hip-hop, on which the young rap artist makes his creativity flow with natural ease.

These two tracks well represent the opposite polarities between which Sammy makes his music range: from the rhythmic and atonal world of ‘Go Stupid’, to the melodic and bouncy realms of ‘Run it Up’, his musical range is always characterized by that scenic atmosphere, at times pungent and dreamy, that we find throughout the whole development of the album.

Built over compelling and engrossing beats, the now-flourishing, now-inspiring rhymes that Jelani rattles off with conviction are the perfect means to allow him to bring forward at full force all the biting message of his musical delivery.

Listen now to ‘Alien’, Sammy Jelani’s debut album, available on all major digital platforms [ here ].

To find out more about Sammy Jelani and his music, check out the following links:

Sammy Jelani // Alien - album artwork
Sammy Jelani // Alien - album artwork
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