Mandalan // ¿Cómo Sabré?

Mandalan is the music project of Los Angeles-based musician, songwriter, and producer James Brennan. He produces a tropical house blend of dance/pop music with a dramatic sound, including heavy drums and electronic elements.

His musical influences range from a large number of artists. Including names ranging from Becky G, Bomba Estereo, Tito “El Bombino,” DJ-Chart, Ozomatli, Enrique Iglesias and Santana, to Buena Vista Social Club, Ricardo Lemvo, Jennifer Lopez, Kygo, Alan Walker, and David Tort, Mandalan is an artist who certainly has a wide-ranging musical heritage

Following his debut single, the critically acclaimed song ‘How We Live’ featuring vocals by EDM singer Cadence XYZ and released in December 2019, recently Mandalan is back to the scene with a new compelling work.

Released in August 2020, his latest is the single title ‘¿Cómo Sabré?’ (which translate to “How will I know”). A colorful electro-pop jam lit by bright touches and tropical vibrations, the track features Spanish language vocals performed by talented Miami-based EDM singer Emarie.

With ‘¿Cómo Sabré?’ Mandalan immerses us in an engaging atmosphere full of Latin passion. Here, while a percussive beat gives the legs to this exquisitely danceable piece, a warm and dreamy soundscape stands out in the background, evoking exotic scenographies that refer us to distant places kissed by the sun.

A musical delivery with a sensual aesthetic set in a dreamy and reflective dimension, passionately complemented by the vocal touch of Emarie, ‘¿Cómo Sabré?’ is a sure addition to any personal playlist to accompany yourself towards the end of the summer.

A love song questioning “how will I know?” and answering “escuchando el corazon” (“listening to the heart”), the release of the ‘¿Cómo Sabré?’ will be followed up by an upcoming music video which will undoubtedly provide further emphasis to the story of the song itself: a passionate tale of a woman who struggles, finding herself at a crossroads, divided between emotion and reason.

Caught in a love triangle with two lovers, in the end, she will follow her own intuition, giving peace to his doubts, in a sort of happy ending that will be crowned thanks to that “listening to the heart.”

“Yes, We are excited to partner with So Foreign Productions to create a music video experience for the new dance single ¿CÓMO SABRÉ?” – said Mandalan about the release of the video –“We have launched a campaign inviting Patrons to be part of an upcoming official music video for the song. Supporters will receive a digital download of the song along with credits in the music video. They will also get personalized THANK YOU’s on social media, participate in a live stream event during production, and receive free merchandise!”

A few more about So Foreign Productions

Based in Los Angeles, So Foreign Productions is a full-service production company tailored to commercials, new media, social media, short films, and series pilots.
Founded by Brazilian actress Mariana Brassaroto and Ukrainian-born actress Albina Katsman, So Foreign has produced an original web series and a short film amongst other projects.
Katsman recently starred in the feature film “Alone” which premiered in 2019.

The project will help fund a production crew and dance team to film the video under strict COVID-safe production guidelines. Find out all the details and join Mandalan campaign on Patreon by visiting the link:

“The music video will combine social media elements, such as TikTok-inspired choreo and a narrative story,” said Brassaroto about the project.

Katsman added, “We want to appeal to as many people as possible and, at the same time, stay true to the message of the song!” 

Listen now to ¿Cómo Sabré?’, the latest single from LA-based musician, songwriter, and producer Mandalan. The song is available on all the major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via:

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Introducing // Eneko Artola

From music theory to 800K monthly listeners, let’s discover young French producer Eneko Artola growing and garnering success by releasing new music.

Passionate about music from an early age, and originally from the Basque Country in southwestern France, Eneko Artola is a producer who started producing his original music in September 2019.

The 20-year-old Eneko is studying Management in England, and is certainly one who is undoubtedly addicted to music, playing it since the age of 5.

Learning guitar, drums, and piano, and studying music theory for 12 years, the love for music accompanied him even when he lived in China for three years and in Canada for one year, as he tells us.

Ever since he started producing, and releasing his first works less than a year ago, Eneko has continued to amass streams and listeners.

Thanks also to the help of We Are Diamond, Soave, Inside Records, and Loudkult, he has already amassed over 10 million streams in less than six months.

With more than 800,000 monthly listeners following him on Spotify, Artola is quickly making himself as one of the new music industry’s known faces.

Four of his songs have been plugged into the Spotify Electro Chill playlist, one of the biggest playlists on the digital platform, with half a million followers.

As if that weren’t enough, he is also signed exclusively with Roseville Publishing, an independent publishing, production & management company, founded by Radboud Miedema, Amsterdam based multi-platinum songwriter/producer, which with Lost Frequencies has produce ‘Reality’, a hit number that amassed more than 350 million streams.

A new producer of Electro chill music, which stands out for his “à la française” touch, Eneko Artola is undoubtedly one of the most interesting news that has recently appeared in the music industry.

Certainly, one to follow on his journey, as he grows and gains success by releasing new music, he could be the next artist to pop up on your favorite playlist or the radio.

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The Stone MG’s // Good Times

ONE IS THE THRONE, TWO ARE THE KINGS – That of The Stone MG’s, is a locomotion aroused by the dualism developed around masterminds S.J. Warman and Rodney James.

As in a titanic clash, they are on the opposite sides of the fence: one thunders ancestral and ferocious respect for history, while the other pleads respect and care for the performance.

How is it possible that two poor devils, both so viscerally skilled in bringing out all their artistic stubbornness, sleep in the same bed?

The answer is all in the blazing fire and in the virtuosity that vibrates in their 3-track EP titled ‘Good Times’.
Three pieces that are dense, captivating, as woeful as exalting, The Stone MG’s duality is something that comes and comes again like a refrain, in every trickle of this incredible EP.

From the escapism and addiction probed in ‘I Need You’, to the betrayal and desperation in which ‘Detroit’ plunges, this two and two mirroring is shapeshifted with ‘Shotgun Mick’.

Here, even if the focus moves to a punk archetype, a dangerous, reckless, self-destructive narcissist, The Stone MG’s prompt us to love and hate that poor straggler.

Sharks, monstrous masks, stars that turn into bugs, deep passion, and much more, The Stone MG’s official video for ‘I Need You’ is an unmissable visual, which exalts in a masterly way the creative flair of this duo capable of giving chills.

All three tracks of ‘Good Times’ are accompanied by a series of videos. Check them all on The Stone MG’s YouTube channel.

Unmissable track, with a thrilling sax solo, ‘I Need You’ is the single taken from The Stone MG’s EP, ‘Good Times’.

There are “only” three songs, but when you get to the end of ‘Good Times’, you feel like you have listened to a full-length album, overwhelming you with a powerful and raw tide of suggestions.

And this is how the two poles Warman and James transform their sum into a multiplication that grows, swells, and become exponentiation.

Now, if we go back to that hell’s kitchen we started from, we can see how they cooked a grand plateau worthy of the best chefs. They skinned, shredded, stirred, and stuffed into a gargantuan shaker, roots of hard and classic rock.

Synthesized from a strain that has defined a part of music’s history, the final result is a fist full of grains, primeval essence, which still has so much to offer.

‘Good Times’ is a game of subtle balance, between damnation and salvation, perdition and virtue, which goes so far as to make you ponder what really is good or bad.

It is an intense, heart-pounding race, tense as an overstretched rubber band hanging over a sharp razor’s edge.

But after all, how boring would be life without music like that of The Stone MG’s?

Becoming addicted to music like this it’s worth the risk. History teaches it. The Stone MG’s sing it. And we just have to listen.

Also, you can discover ‘I Need You’ in our playlist NOVA ERA, weekly rotation featuring the artists covered by Nova MUSIC blog.

Listen now to ‘Good Times’, the thrilling 3-track EP from The Stone MG’s, available for streaming on all major digital platforms.

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dakotakami // so good // so long

From Long Island, NY, emo/pop duo dakotakami debuts with first work: the double single ‘so good // so long’.

Synthesis and household for the two singers/songwriters/producers Chelsea Takami and Danny Dakota, dakotakami is a new act born in 2019.

The first project from these artists, who records, produces, and signs all of his music, is the double single titled ‘so good // so long’, released on September 1, 2020.

The debut work from dakotakami hovers ethereal, consumed somewhere between ineffable folds of Pop, R&B, and Emo elements, such as reverberated live guitars, pungent programmed drum patterns, and dreamy vocal harmonies.

In some ways, this can also be read as a stylistic contrast, which indeed defines the style showcased by this duo, and at the same time, is reflected in the aesthetic that Takami and Dakota instill in this release.

From the love song ‘so good’, more energetic and positive, we slip into the hypnotic embrace of ‘so long’, to get lost in sedating rivulets.

Here, everything seems to want to thin out every border: trenches of reverbs, rarefied effusions, and dreamy vocals swallow up, while a pungent Hip-hop beat anchors us at the keel of a ship, which sinks more and more into the creative drift of dakotakami.

Dakotakami’s double single ‘so good // so long’ is out on September 1, 2020, available on all streaming platforms.

To know more about Chelsea Takami and Danny Dakota and their music, find and follow dakotakami all over the web by checking the links below:

dakotakami // 'so good, so long' - single artwork by Chelsea Takami
dakotakami // 'so good, so long' - single artwork by Chelsea Takami

Lisofv // A Mercy Bill

From South Korean electronic music producer Lisofv comes ‘A Mercy Bill’, an exotic suggestive nectar to escape to distant worlds.

Lisofv is an electronic music producer from South Korea, creating electronic instrumental music inspired by cinematic atmospheres, old school rhythms, and ’00s electronica vibes.

One of the latest from Lisofv is the Electronic Trip-hop Downtempo track titled ‘A Mercy Bill’. Taken from his recent EP ‘Piru’, this work is an exotic land that, through a charming beat and ancestral strings, intrigues and fascinates.

Here Lisofv captures Trip-Hop lines and organically embeds them in a more ethereal atmosphere, moving melodically between jazz nuances and cinematic landscapes.

Full of a sense of mystery that magnetizes the listening, Lisofv traces subtle tenses cloaked in secrecy, dubbing airy imaginative calls that refer the mind towards distant horizons.

Organic and constant in its cyclical texture, the old-school beat’s technicality is blended with deconstructed ad-libitum intrusions. These come with electronic elements that give body, density, and perspective to a listening experience capable of instilling pleasant and enveloping vibrations.

Sophisticated and refined, ‘A Mercy Bill’ denotes a peculiar work of rhythmic research, even before melodic, which Lisofv conducts with an inspired vision.

An interlude of 4 minutes of instrumental electronica, to relax at every listening, and grab a suggestive nectar to escape to distant worlds.

Liste now to ‘A Mercy Bill’ from Lisofv, and find out more about Lisofv and his music by checking the links below:

The Safety Word // Remixed, Volume 1

The Safety Word is an electronic duo from Melbourne, Australia. A creative team comprised of songwriters John Rousvanis (vocals and electric guitar) and Simon Quinn (laptop and keys), who, in addition to playing as a compact unit, expand their music and bring to life unique performances, including an assortment of guest musicians.

They have played in countless venues around the Melbourne live scene, including performing at Toff in Town, The Gasometer, Whole Lotta Love, The Bergy Setlzer, Ya-Yah’s, and The Northcote Social Club, as well as festival appearances at White Night, Chill Out and The Renaissance Festival.

Their music has been played on JJJ Unearthed, RRR, PBS, and countless other radio stations, both physical and digital.

Released in July 2020, The Safety Word’s ‘Remixed Volume 1’ is the first of three remix albums the band has curated, including remixes signed by Men Imitating Machines, Robodop Snei, Eckul, Increment and Numatica, as well as collaborations with PurpleZain and Spectoral.

Initially started as an EP, when multiple producers heard about it and asked to be involved, the project gradually grew, first into a full-length album, and then extended into a triptych split across three albums.

With atmospheres that instill electronic euphoria, The Safety Word showcases a captivating, dynamic and immersive project that engages and accompanies us through different styles and subgenres.

Ranging from glitch, progressive house, future-pop, and alternative R&B, to synth-pop, dub, and hip-hop, this first volume packaged by The Safety Word is a collection of warm tones, sinuous lines, and enveloping sounds; a richness of elements, all tied together by the distinctive vocals of John Rousvanis and the evocative synths of producer Simon Quinn.

An organic cruise that leads us softly along the curves of dream pop, chillwave, and trip-hop, ‘Volume 1’ glides between reflective downtempo valleys, rounded R&B crests, and enthralling and sparkling touches of trip-hop and future.

The pinnacle of the entire album is the vibrant lead track ‘Dreams’, a collaboration with the future-pop, alternative R&B artist from Melbourne, Spectoral.

The release of the lead single ‘Dreams’ is accompanied by a lyric video. Check it out on The Safety Word’s YouTube channel.

Locked down in the middle of the night
Locked down in the middle of the night
Lets dream of a get away
Lets dream of a get away

The anthemic chorus of 'Dreams'

Mirror of that zeitgeist we are experiencing in 2020, ‘Dreams’ underlines that restless desire to go out and celebrate freedom. Here Spectoral dreams of our next escape, while current circumstances keep us locked down. The song transports us to inspired moments of summer freedom, to leave the present moment behind and fly away, towards that next trip, that next vacation.

Among abstract guitars, deep basses, ambient landscapes, and dreamy voices, the wealth of elements that The Safety Word has managed to enclose in this unmissable collection is impressive, capable like few others, of giving new surprises with every listening.

To be discovered and rediscovered at every single listening, with ‘Remixed, Volume 1’ The Safety Word represents one of the most interesting discoveries we have made in recent times, among the remix collections and beyond.

Listen now to ‘Remixed Volume 1’, and find out more about The Safety Word and their music by checking the links below:

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Amberlake // I Can Be Cool

Amberlake is the exciting new project by guitarist and producer Nick Tsang, a moniker inspired by the Chinese take-away that Nick’s grandfather started when he first arrived in England.

After touring and working around the world with artists such as Busted, Ed Sheeran, The Ting Tings, and Charli XCX, amassing production and songwriting credits with artists such as Jess Glynne and Nina Nesbitt, now Tsang is focused on developing and carrying out his solo project Amberlake.

Now Amberlake is focused on creating an interesting and varied musical pamphlet that includes releasing new music every three weeks throughout 2020.

The latest work with which Tsang enriches his multicolored discography is the single ‘I Can Be Cool’ featuring talented singer KELLA. Co-written with Nina Nesbitt, previously on hold for release by pop artist Zara Larsson, this song is a bittersweet tender duet about how a person is willing to change who they are, to have a chance with someone.

The song, which has already attracted the attention of many listeners, was featured for eight weeks in the Spotify New Pop Revolution playlist.

A cotton embrace made of pop melodies painted over a serene electronic canvas, ‘I Can Be Cool’, is a fresh and pungent tune, like the early morning dew, moved by beat that transports us step by step, drop by drop, into an engaging juxtaposition.

The lovely duet of Amberlake and Kella is a tender game played as a significant reflection of a gentle contrast: the airy summer freshness offered by the song’s musicality over a romantic insecurity. One that may come when you realize that living a relationship can also mean taking risks and expose yourself.

These perspectives’ dualities and facets gain depth and breadth thanks to the wide and diversified range, blossom of that seed of heterogeneity and dynamism given by Kella and Amberlake voices.

The release of ‘I Can Be Cool’ is accompanied by the official video that you can find on Amberlake’s YouTube channel.

Featuring: … the most cutest dinosaur in the world … Unmissable!

WE SAY – a great song sounds good no matter how you play it
‘I Can Be Cool’ also shines in acoustic version!

Remotely filmed from London and LA, KELLA and Amberlake recorded an acoustic version of ‘I Can Be Cool’.

‘I Can Be Cool’ is an impeccable Pop number, here packaged in an impeccable livery.

Thanks to an easily readable narrative, pleasantly satisfying vocals, and handsomely harmonious melodies, this is a perfect daily soundtrack with which to accompany us today as tomorrow.

To know more about Amberlake and his, find and follow Amberlake all over the web by checking the links below:

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Kilo House // Imperial Trap

After a near-death experience and three surgeries, Kilo House is back to life. One you might call a true warrior, he is back to life and music, fueled by Trap vibes and inspired by various artists ranging from Blink 182 to $uicideBoy$.

Today an independent producer in a wheelchair, Kilo is a focused and motivated artist that brings to the table a load full of ideas, melodies, and auditory possibilities that he thematizes with an honest, direct message: “People take life way too seriously. I write the Trap music that I do to hopefully show my fans the fun nature that life truly is. Turn up, and then stay up. F**k it and just have fun!”

Exploring and probing his visionary creative perspective, one of the latest projects dropped by Kilo House is the eclectic and anthemic tune ‘Imperial Trap’.

Capturing the incisiveness of the imperial march made memorable by the renowned Star Wars saga, Kilo reinterprets one of the most famous themes baked and borrowed from cinema.

Exploring and probing his visionary creative perspective, one of the latest projects dropped by Kilo House is the eclectic and anthemic tune ‘Imperial Trap’.

Capturing the incisiveness of the imperial march made memorable by the renowned Star Wars saga, Kilo reinterprets one of the most famous themes baked and borrowed from cinema.

Through an exciting and captivating production work, ‘Imperial Trap’ carries us it into the Kilo’s world of Trap.

As unpredictable as it is alternative, the result is an orgiastic plethora of concatenations: stop & go that intersperse biting drops, orchestral chops that give way to vehement synths; everything is designed and thought out in a meticulous manner, to convey all the details bundled in the track, and to increase and explode an aesthetically disturbing electronic intensity.

A volcanic eruption, which strikes with a whirlwind of energy, although on the surface it may appear a mere exercise in style, ‘Imperial Trap’ convinces and engages precisely for the crescendo it foments: a cacophonic organized chaos, which captures the martiality of a distinctive theme, and it elevates to the nth degree in its most grave, severe, and solemn dimension.

The whole track is quickly addictive. Swinging like a hypnotic pendulum, it keeps the ear constantly glued to the speakers, always searching for those elements of commonality taken from the famous march. Meanwhile, as the song progresses, Kilo continues to weave the weft’s warp, with clever vision and witty touches.

Kilo House is an artist who has always been praised for being one fitted and suited to creating songs capable of both impressing and thrilling at the same time. After the positive feedback received from the listeners with numbers such as ‘R.U.N.’ and ‘The Night He Came Home’, it is easy to imagine how ‘Imperial Trap’ is destined to become one of the symbolic track for the Kilo House discography.

Concise and at the same time intricate, yet dark bearer of an upward aesthetic message, as recognizable as engaging, ‘Imperial Trap’ is an excellent starting point for entering the world of Kilo House.

This is definitely something interesting to savor, not only for Star Wars fans, but also for trap and electronics enthusiasts. Certainly a song to be appreciated for the ingenious idea structured in the production level.

Listen now to Kilo House track ‘Imperial Trap’ available for streaming on Spotify.

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Darcie // Silence

Zigi Porter is the eccentric singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Manchester, UK, which creates dreamy lo-fi pop songs under the moniker Darcie.

With an undoubtedly distinctive sound and an exquisitely personal lyricism, Darcie’s is a stylistic signature that certainly does not go unnoticed, richly immersed in bold, colorful productions, which give the right perspective to her experimental vision.

Musically drawing on the do-it-yourself ability of artists like Rex Orange County and SOPHIE, Darcie hybridizes incorporating pop and soul elements.

And while she refers to artists like Jorja Smith, SZA, Billie Eilish, Zack Villere, and Glass Animals, Darcie brings to life a distinctive sound, personal blend of warmth, character, and visionary creativity.

After self-producing seven singles, co-written with drummer and producer Tom Donaldson, a two-track mini EP titled ‘Darling’, and a music video for her hit single ‘Litter’, recently Darcie has released her latest single ‘Silence ‘.

Wrapped in an atmosphere of misty tones, Darcie’s new work subtly hovers over warm harmonies, which float in ascension and then juxtapose with asynchronous structures made of percussive textured industrial sounds.

As vehement as shy, as biting as vulnerable, as statically stable as it is distressed, with ‘Silence’, Darcie is taking the level of her production forward, beyond an invisible boundary.

Giving us a surprising electronic number, this is something which seems to be just a crossing point of a long journey that is still to be written.

Among the most intriguing discoveries we have made in recent months, it will be interesting to see which shores she will land on with her next works.

To know more about Darcie and her music, find and follow Darcie all over the web by checking the links below:

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John O’Brien // That Girl Is Trouble

First collection since the release of his acclaimed album in 2019, “The Love You Need”, John O’Brien’s ‘That Girl Is Trouble’ is a string of 4 compelling songs, with which O’Brien lets us savor the thickness and the variety of his stylistic caliber.

A critically respected artist with an impressive career behind him, his songs have amassed more than 350,000 views on YouTube, reaching on Spotify more than 40K monthly listeners and over a million streams.

Confirming that he has charisma and talent to spare, his latest project is a wide and varied parenthesis on the musical richness that he effectively incorporates into the stage name of The John O’Brien Experience ‘J.O.B.E.’

Moving skillfully and effortlessly in and out of the roots of a more classic rock, O’Brien gives us 4 vibrant tracks, waxing a compelling mix made of captivating styles, emotions, and sounds.

An impeccable bouquet showcasing the remarkable talent of an affable master of musicianship, O’Brien’s brand-new exciting EP ranges from the high-energy country-folk of the title track to the pop/jazz fusion of ‘Sibooney’, a romantic frame inspired by the historic beach of Aiboney, on the southern shore of Cuba.

O’Brien does not leave disappointed even when he brings out the harder side of his stylistic coinage, giving us a danceable rock number that comes through the story of emotional depths of ‘Take It Home’.

And it is equally commendable his ability with which in ‘Mother Ocean’ he returns the choral nature of an environmentalist message, begging us to “save the earth for all,” putting an end to the waste that weighs on the mother of all of us: that circle of life that is the ocean.

Prolific and proactive artist, O’Brien also has a new full-length album in production, which will be released by the end of 2020.

Being recorded at Eclipse Recording Studios in Saint Augustine Beach, in the hometown of O’Brien in Florida, USA, the album will be mastered in Exeter, UK, by legend Steve Kitch.

Featuring highly talented accompanying recording artists and hit-worthy compositions, this is an album that promises to be a noteworthy release and a next-level studio production.

The same is the expectation for The John O’Brien Experience “J.O.B.E.” UK tour. Initially scheduled for May 2020, with concerts in London, Oxford, Birmingham, and Bournemouth, the tour dates have been postponed to June 2021.

You can find all the dates of The John O’Brien Experience “J.O.B.E.” UK tour on John O’Brien’s Instagram profile.

In the meantime, while this is certainly not a stopgap, let’s enjoy John O’brien’s latest EP ‘That Girl Is Trouble’, available to stream on all major platforms.

To know more about John O’brien and his music, find and follow him all over the web by checking the links below:

Also, you can discover ‘That Girl Is Trouble’ on NOVA ERA, our playlist featuring on a weekly rotation all the artists covered by Nova MUSIC blog.

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