Freddie Bourne // The Troubled Boy at the Bonfire Disco

Freddie Bourne releases the aura of universal appeal of his brand-new 4-track EP ‘The Troubled Boy at the Bonfire Disco’.

Colorful because of several inspiring moments, Freddie Bourne’s new EP moves between deep, expressive and engaging parentheses, with which the native New Jersey artist moves amiably between influences of indietronica, with touches of soft rock and alternative pop.

By setting up layered constructions with exciting developments and immersive atmospheres, with ‘The Troubled Boy at the Bonfire Disco’ Bourne gives us an enthralling and engaging release, thanks to fresh danceable rhythms, a touching songwriting, and the contribution of Stephen Horning and Dirty Dogg Productions.

Here Bourne proves to be an artist of undeniable talent, showing off 4 tracks of broad perspectives, organically joined together, but that at the same time present a full-bodied and unique music delivery, so much so that each song could be a single capable of being a matching for many of the disposable albums that flood today’s indie music scene.

‘I Hope You Don’t Forgive Me’ is a prime example of this expressive width, both in style and musical argumentation. From the first notes the track sinks into an intimate atmosphere, interspersed with an uplifting rhythmic riff that with each resumption nourishes an uplifting sense of growth, colored by a melancholic aftertaste.

One might think that with ‘I Hope You Don’t Forgive Me’ Bourne has already said it all, but as soon as the notes of ‘Jeni’ start, a satisfying shiver runs down one’s back and everything becomes even more intriguing. The masterfully orchestrated marriage of melody and arrangements leads us to an alcove finely enriched by a more subdued aura, adorned with fine touches of light.

‘Pale Blue Sky’ opens with a vibrant pinnacle that returns only in the open and suspensive outro, with an aesthetically veiled exquisite argument at the center, embellished with reverberated vocals and atmospheric spoken words. Surprise after surprise, Bourne cleverly has fun taking us by surprise by working on structural juxtapositions.

‘Spacedust’, the final act of this distinctive collection of gems, leaves us spellbound once again by that heady feeling that has accompanied us throughout the EP. Here the gentle touch and the round emotion expand, and at the same time summarize, the sense of depth and width of the entire release, giving us a sum of everything, leaving us wanting for more.

With ‘The Troubled Boy at the Bonfire Disco’ Bourne brings us a release that appears magically infused in an aura of universal charm, that with boldness and distinctive style leads us to get lost and find ourselves at every listening.

Listen now to Freddie Bourne’s EP ‘The Troubled Boy at the Bonfire Disco’ and find out more about his music, checking the links below:

Freddie Bourne // The Troubled Boy at the Bonfire Disco - EP cover
Freddie Bourne // The Troubled Boy at the Bonfire Disco - EP cover

Invaders // Carnival of Sounds

Nicolas Courret and David Euverte mix within Invaders the deviant pop culture with their strong classical background, creating the crepuscular album ‘Carnival of Sounds’.

The creative duo Invaders emerge with a soundtrack that doubles as a reinterpretation of Herk Harvey’s movie Carnival of Souls. Reinventing the music of this atypical horror film released in 1962, this 13-track album has engaged Courret and Euverte for over a year, to create a tense musical journey full of unique plots, overwhelming rhythmic patterns, and melodic hooks.

‘Carnival of Sounds’ is a world apart, crepuscular and bright at the same time, an immersive and visionary futuristic work capable of making its retro aesthetic feel avant-garde.

Epically evocative, moving between solemn crests and involuted introspections, through the 13 instrumental tracks of ‘Carnival of Sounds’ Invaders guide us into analogical noir atmospheres imbued with charm and mystery.

In addition to being a tribute to the movie Carnival of Souls, the album also pays homage to actress Candace Hilligoss, a very talented artist that did not have the career she deserved, by dedicating the artwork to her: a photo focused on Candance’s hypnotically fascinating gaze.

Listen now to ‘Carnival of Sounds’ from Invaders, and find out more about them and their music, checking the links below:

Invaders // Carnival of Sounds - album cover, photo of Candace Hilligoss
Invaders // Carnival of Sounds - album cover, photo of Candace Hilligoss

The Arthurs // Void

The Arthurs are back with ‘Void’, third single off their upcoming second album, expected for September 2020.

Formed around the Dutch singer-songwriter Robin den Drijver, The Arthurs is an alternative / indie rock band from Amsterdam / Rotterdam. Already standing out thanks to their previous releases with their unique style and sound, this Dutch band returns with the recent single ‘Void’, bringing us once again its dreamlike stylistic touch marked by dynamic and raw melodies.

Third single released in April 2020, ‘Void’ follows the previous ‘Leave this Town’, released as a single and video, and ‘Red Letter Days’ – we talked about it previously here – all extracts from their next second album, expected for September 2020 .

With ‘Void’, suggestively cloaked in reverberating sound scenarios, The Arthurs bring us a new release that turns out to be even more immersed in that characteristic sound fruit of their artistic vision. Needless to say, they further fueled our interest in their next album.

‘Void’ is available for streaming on all the major digital platforms, and it’s accompanied by a music video, available for streaming on The Arthurs’ Youtube channel.

Check the links below, and find out more about The Arthurs and their music:

The Arthurs // Void - single cover
The Arthurs // Void - single cover

Heavyman // Baby Jean

Heavyman explore the line between lust and despair with debut single ‘Baby Jean’, the story of a man tortured by a much younger lover.

With ‘Baby Jean’, the first of six songs to be published from the band’s debut recording project, which they will be releasing monthly as they write and record more material, Heavyman step onto the scene delivering their symphony of guitar riffs, groove, staggering vocals and harmony.

Though ‘Baby Jean’ is a song of relatively few words that brings a modern flavour to classic rock, it is driven by a strong narrative, with anguished and desperate vocals, pitted in an ever-evolving conversation against intricate and interweaving guitar lines.

Listen now to ‘Baby Jean’, the debut single by Heavyman, and find out more about their music, checking the links below:

Heavyman // Baby Jean - single cover
Heavyman // Baby Jean - single cover

Abakas // Marauder

Inspired by bands like Beatles, Black Sabbath, and Blue Öyster Cult, Abakas is a trio band born in 2018 from the union of Thomas Heien (bass and vocals), René Gunnerud Vandli (guitar and vocals) and Christopher Haugan (drums and vocals).

Singing about legends that become everyday life stories, and modern-day heroes who walk incognito among us, Abakas’ music is cloaked in an aura that inspires us to look within ourselves, connecting with all times and dimensions.

Honest, full-bodied and sensual, Abakas’ 6-track EP ‘Marauders’ is just the latest creative sail inflated by their creative wind, with which they give us a release with a recognizable, organic and exciting sound.

A truly expanding sonic universe, ‘Marauders’ is a rich blend rooted in rock, extracted from the early heritage of Thomas, René and Christopher, who, with a noteworthy stylistic touch, include elements, fusions and mixes of different genres, emerging with character in music scene full of rock bands who increasingly conform to certain stylistic clichés.

Listen now to Abakas’ EP ‘Marauders’, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms, and find out more about their music, checking the links below:

Abakas // Marauder - EP cover

Beth Macari // You Made My Baby Cry

With a résumé that contains a tour across Europe and the UK, including performing for 26,000 people at The South Tyneside Summer Festival and playing alongside the likes of Melanie C, The Kaiser Chiefs, Noel Gallagher and Jessie Ware, Beth Macari is an artist with growing success; one who is making a name for herself, above all thanks to her undeniable talent and unique vocal touch.

In January 2018, Beth released a single with Radio 1 legend Kissy Sell Out, which landed number 10 in the Beatport Dance charts. Her debut single ‘Clone’ received one million radio plays in the USA alone. Her following self-release ‘Boy’ received an exclusive premiere on BBC Radio 2, while her powerful pop single ‘Stronger’ got over 100,000 streams on Spotify, as well as being featured as BBC London’s “Track of the Week”.

In the wake of this wave of unstoppable success, Beth focused on new music, creating an EP deeply faithful to her expressive tones. Each of its 5 soulful and honest singles is essentially a chapter of a bigger story, accompanied by a retro-inspired music video, and together they’ll form a short film.

Beth Macari // You Made My Baby Cry - single cover

Her most recent release, the single and video ‘You Made My Baby Cry’, is a formidable first-class production, in which Beth fuses pop and funk with peculiar talent, immersing them in a compelling contemporary soul aesthetic.

Guided by the charm, charisma and character of Beth’s vocal performance, ‘You Made My Baby Cry’ shines for the impeccable balance of technique and style that she sets up. Steeped in a warm and sensual nostalgia, her virtuosity vibrates in a touching way, without however being ever excessively exhibitionistic or unbalanced.


The cleanliness and intelligibility of the production embellish the nuances of the slightly scratchy touch of Beth’s voice, which always remains well focused in the center of the soundscape, illuminated by a formidable arrangement and precious touches of backing vocals.

Capable of radiating her own light, with ‘You Made My Baby Cry’ Beth Macari is one of those very few artists about whom we can say that their voice and music speak for themselves.

Listen now to ‘You Made My Baby Cry’, the latest single from Beth Macari, and find out more about her music, checking the links below:

Hydie Humbles // Barcelona

From singer, songwriter and musician Hydie Humbles comes the contemporary soul pop debut single ‘Barcelona’.

Characterized by an alternative touch that unites atmospheric mixes of contemporary soul and pop, ‘Barcelona’ is one of the singles that are part of a string of songs that the London-based singer-songwriter and musician will release during the summer.

Like most of Hydie’s songs, her debut single ‘Barcelona’, too, is a song inspired by her travels around the world.

Written, recorded and produced with Evil Genius, ‘Barcelona’ immerses us in the sophisticated musical aesthetic of Hydie. Nostalgically dreamy, moved by lo-fi beats and vintage guitars, the track evokes wide and boundless ocean soundscapes that are the background to the fictional story of a young woman who contemplates a possible pregnancy during her time in Barcelona.

A free and natural flow with a delicate soulful touch, Hydie Humbles’ ‘Barcelona’ is something to amiably accompany us towards the imminent summer atmospheres.

Listen now to ‘Barcelona’ by Hydie Humbles, and find out more about Hydie music, checking the links below:

Hydie Humbles // Barcelona - single cover
Hydie Humbles // Barcelona - single cover

Rikardo // Thinking ‘Bout You

‘Thinking ‘Bout You ‘is Rikardo’s brand-new dance disco number, out on May 29.

Riccardo Paparella, aka Rikardo, returns with the new single ‘Thinking’ Bout You’, available from May 29 on all digital stores.

The lyrics tell of a love story that happens during the summer. But the protagonist wonders if it can be something more, if love can survive in all seasons or if it’s just a “Summerlove”.

With this new track, home-made from its graphics to the mixing and mastering and produced in collaboration with Silja Rós, Rikardo brings us fresh sounds with a sinuous nuance that moves between dance and disco music.

As Rikardo tells us: “The production boasts the poorest technologies on the market, however, as Emily Dickinson said, «To make a prairie it takes a clover, a bee and a dream. And if the clover and the bee are missing, the dream alone will do.»”

Fresh and engaging, ‘Thinking ‘Bout You’ is an unmissable release, ready to take us into the summer atmosphere.

To not miss the release of ‘Thinking ‘Bout You’ and to find out more about Rikardo and his music, find and follow him all over the web, checking the links below:

Rikardo // Thinking 'Bout You
Rikardo // Thinking 'Bout You

Tommy Botz // Maggie

Fighting the demon of alcoholism, songwriter Tommy Botz inspires change through the power of the words and melodies of his uplifting country single ‘Maggie’ and the 6-tracks EP ‘Family and Friends’.

With a decade-long battle against alcoholism behind him, Tommy is now far from a dark path of incarceration and homelessness that featured broken marriages, lost jobs, no car and no license, where living to drink and drinking to live had become his routine.

Now sober for over 16 years, Tommy Botz is a rising star who has accomplished his lifelong dream of professionally recording his music. Taken from the 6-tracks EP ‘Family and Friends’, ‘Maggie’ is only one of the over 200 songs that country songwriter Tommy Botz has written over the years.

Dense and emotional, ‘Maggie’ is just a tiny morsel of what Tommy gives us with the ‘Family and Friend’ EP. Both a cautionary tale and an uplifting journey of redemption, his wide-ranging music is deeply inspired by the life experiences and vicissitudes that have become the source of a powerful light stirring a change even in the darkest lives.

Listen now to ‘Maggie’ and ‘Family and Friend’, available for streaming on Tommy Botz website.

Tommy Botz // Maggie - EP cover
Tommy Botz // Maggie - EP cover

Celiane the Voice // Systematic

Celiane The Voice is an eclectic artist that has created her own path in the entertainment industry thanks to her unique style, capable of captivating audiences in the US and abroad, and her carefully curated caricature paired with artful aesthetics.

An artist distinguished by her operatic voice blended with an electronic soul, Celiane’s concept is a fusion of disparate musical styles, that she pours into a unique vision of technology and soul, wearing an answer to what she sees as the mechanizing of humanity.

Through the techno-human archetype that she uses when performing, she conveys her message about  institutions trying to mechanize the mind of humankind, how we don’t really understand some of the technology we’re using, and yet we’re becoming their slaves, in a world with sex bots that seem to have come directly from Celiane’s favorite anime, ‘Ghost In The Shell.’ “At what point with technology do we lose who we are?” she muses. “At what point are we no longer spirit and human? My art form explores love, consciousness, breaking free and what all that really means.”

Seeing technology as a tool – a pathway into a future where it serves the elevation of humankind – Celiane’s music is a blend of metal tones with a bright sounds palette, influenced by anime and video games aesthetic. A sonic richness that finds new expression in her imminent single ‘Systematic’, the release of which is expected on June 13, 2020, and which we had the pleasure of listening to in preview these past few days.

With her lush and organic ‘Systematic’, Celiane exquisitely immersed us in the power of her musical delivery, made unique by her mix of electronica and hip hopera. The granular and full-bodied sound, rich in layers, arpeggiated synth cycles, vocals effects, and captivating rhythms, is articulated between different elements in call and answer structures. Everything is skillfully calibrated to saturate every space of the sound spectrum, in a mix masterfully balanced around the vocals, which dynamically and effectively make the catchy melodic line evolve.

‘Systematic’ will be released June 13, 2020, on all the major digital platforms. You can pre-save it here.

To not miss the release of ‘Systematic’, find and follow Celiane The Voice all over the web by checking the links below:

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