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The new groove from the glorious band Osibisa is a number that keeps the funk elements and enhances for a deeper tribal experience.

Osibisa, the band at Yamaha Music London
Osibisa, the band at Yamaha Music London

Celebrating the life of Manu Dibango, who died of COVID in April 2020, Afro-Rock godfathers Osibisa drop their new work in over two decades, the first released on a major label in over 30 years.

Funky from start to finish, the single “Douala” is a party starter driven by Afro-Latin percussion that plays a predominant role in carrying out the engaging charge of Douala’s latest work.

The dramatic shifts in tempo, smart breaks, challenging segues from one rhythm to another, and the complex interweaving of the arrangement place exceptional demands on their individual and collective talents.

There’s no four-to-the-floor backbeat here but a set of complex polyrhythms. Much of this dynamism is a product of the development of syncretic idioms drawing from African as well as European roots.

Each instrument is rendered in stunning detail. With Douala, Osibisa has created something rich and powerful, set to deliver a strong sense of happiness, sincerity, and warmth that becomes immediately relatable. Likewise, the accompanying video for Douala is a vibrant celebration of joy and life in its simplicity, and it is finally available on YouTube.

What began as an experiment has withstood the test of time, developing an inclusive attitude that has allowed him to make Latin, African, Caribbean, Jazz, Funk, Rock, and R&B as something of his own.

An exciting act, which has managed to create a confident, polished, and cohesive sound, their spark is evident only in a few well-established ensembles.

Osibisa seems to be tremendously comfortable enjoying the opportunity to approach these traditional rhythms from a new perspective, allowing their individual brilliance to flourish, perhaps now as never before.

Ready to jump into Osibisa‘s uplifting and frizzing boat? We are already on board this glorious vessel of good music, which stands out in its most potent and universal form, en route to a virtuous horizon.

Osibisa, the band performing at Yamaha Music London
Osibisa, the band performing at Yamaha Music London

Watch now Douala, the latest Video by Osibisa, and listen to the single, available on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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