Optimistic Gangsta pushes his Conscious Rap beyond with “Contradicting Yahweh,” an ambitious tune that showcases the spirit of his personal vision.

Conceived as an exploration that juggles between old-school aesthetics and bolder experimentation, captivating modern vibes, Optmistic Gangsta brings a work that emphasizes the breadth of its horizon.

Open and closed by a soft blend of immaculate guitars and strings, the sinuous melodies find a rougher contrast on the shell of a less fluffy kernel.

Centrally placed in the composition structure, this dense core bounces off a solid, fat rhythm section. While the melodies continue to show off their warm work, the lyrics unfolded on a tight flow as needed give the right idea of ​​what Optimistic Gangsta’s personal approach is.

The otherwordly-effected voice wields syllables with pungent instinct, albeit crowded along soft curves. Then, as if the bewilderment were less, by confirming a principle of focus, everything becomes less out of focus, closer to the dimension of mortal man, and then slips with minimal emphasis towards the instrumental theme of the intro.

Optimistic Gangsta isn’t afraid to push it to the limit when needed, but it also understands that sometimes taking a step back is the best way to get the song to breathe.

A release that through its layers offers a lot from the point of view of sound aesthetics, if you are looking for something that comes out of the usual well-tested schemes and canonical clichés then “Contradicting Yahweh” by Optimistic Gangsta is for you.

Listen now to "Contradicting Yahweh," the Single by Optimistic Gangsta, available in streaming on YouTube.

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