Born and raised in California’s San Fernando Valley, Onicks is an artist who began his journey into the world of music by playing in several structured schools and advanced bands, learning different instruments, including drums, trumpet and keyboards, experiences that in time allowed him to master the vocal side of music too.

At the age of 14 he moved with his parents to Broomfield in Colorado. This move was a big change for Onicks and ended up being the beginning of his long journey into a darker side of his life, marked by drugs, experimentation and rebellion, his other easy ways out of reality besides writing.

After high school and moving to Los Angeles, Onicks created several video channels on YouTube, creating various visuals, including two quirky music videos for his singles ‘Double Dose’ and ‘Manimal’ that have become extremely popular in the LGBTQ community around the whole world. All this, only to fall victim to his demons again.

But it is precisely in this period of further transformation, in which drugs regained the upper hand on his life, that Onicks began to shape that style of dark writing he still sports now.

Onicks // High - single artwork
Onicks // High - single artwork

Today Onicks has changed his life and has returned to his music and his art, to being an edgy artist with performance in his veins and an intense story to tell.

Resulting from his human, existential and artistic evolution, the story of Onicks’ twisted past, marked by the dark sides of love and dependence, now takes shape and life in his latest single ‘High’, a visceral and permeating sonic experience that is dense, saturated, and exquisitely produced.

Magnetically attractive, with his new work Onicks shows off a captivating, rich and evolved sound, full of that sense of evolution and revolution that belongs to those who made the rounds on a turbidly infernal roller coaster, and came down alive, albeit full of scars.

With lyrics that go far beyond the visionary, with little green men seen in the mirrors and hair sticking straight up, Onicks’ words wriggle in an excellent interweaving of backing and doubling vocals, while the percussive rhythmic beat pulsates and pumps, pushed by synthetic bariton brasses.

An unmissable emotional orgy, dynamic in its development and sonically enveloping, Onicks’ ‘High’ is certainly among the most interesting discoveries we have made in recent months.

Listen now to ‘High’, the latest single from Onicks, and find out more about his music by checking the links below: