Also known for their appearance in the fifteenth season of The Voice, the duo formed by Adam and Jerome Bell-Bastien – better known as the OneUp duo – emerges with a wonderful, heartfelt and passionate ballad inspired by Christmas, love and family.

Melodically captivating, “Let Me Come Home” is a slow ballad that makes us appreciate all the vocal talent of these two artists, who impress with the nuances they exhibit in their singing.

The wonderful nuances that Adam and Jerome manage to paint sound as variations of the same voice, while still maintaining a personal characterization. We’re in the presence of much more than simple chemistry. Theirs is an artistic marriage, not just a real life marriage.

On several occasions throughout the song they gently support each other, only to appear one the extension of the other, with a unique mutual respect and dualism.

That of “Let Me Come Home” is a radiant pop that rests on classical, solid and edifying foundations, which, thanks to elliptical harmonic structures, generate dynamics that constantly increase the depth of the entire musical delivery. The end result is a deep, engaging listening experience and a song that is an extraordinary gift.

Although it was released last year, “Let Me Come Home” is a song really worth rediscovering, illuminated as it is by an impeccable performance and production that enhance its authenticity and dynamics, and underline its organic nature.

Quite simply, with Christmas so near, this is the perfect moment to discover this song. However, we are sure, after having listened to it even only once, you will carry it with you far beyond the holiday season.

One Up // "Let Me Come Home" - cover

Listen now to “Let Me Come Home“, the single from OneUp duo, which is available on Spotify [ here ]. Too keep in touch with them, check their socials: Instagram [ here ] and YouTube [ here ].