A shadowy new wave rocker for the modern age, London based singer, songwriter and composer Oliver Marson debuted in Summer 2019 with the single titled ‘Cocaine Romance’.

The release of ‘Time For Love’ is accompanied by an official music video, filmed by Stephanie Zepoiska in Marson’s living room during the Covid lockdown.

A truly unique and eclectic style on full display. This is the four minutes pop-rock single signed by Oliver Marson, that with his ‘Time For Love’ gives us a catchy synth pop piece, mixed with clandestine new wave sensibilities.

Switching seamlessly from synth waves to pop modes, with his lyrics Marson explores some of toxic human behaviours, such as the darkness lurking underneath reality, along with two of his favourite topics: sex and death.

“I wrote this after quite a severe incident where I was hospitalised for three weeks with a lung infection, I was unsure if I would come out of hospital.” Says Marson about his ‘Time For Love, then he continues: “It was all in all a surreal experience, but it softened me up to the ones I loved and that were close to me. It’s really about that, appreciating what you’ve got and those around you.”

The ’80s sounds echoes with a modern twist – Eclectic, vibrant and theatrical, Marson’s music resonates and demands your attention. Intertwining influence from a range of artists and subgenres, ‘Time For Love’ keeps the listener glued to a four minute experiment, where Oliver blends, flexes and makes flow his provoking, haunting and lifting pop sensibilities.

Oliver Manson // Time For Love - single cover

Listen now to ‘Time For Love’, the latest single from Oliver Marson, available on all the major digital platforms.

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