With her new single titled “Go Easy On Me“, OLGA takes us on a journey through the pitfalls of relationships. In particular, those that you know from the beginning will not end well, but you can’t avoid to dive into.

Go Easy On Me” is a song made up of rhythms and lyrics typically belonging to old school pop, but which are made deeply personal by OLGA, thanks to a powerful and impactful voice.

The slightly retro groove and honest delivery that distinguish OLGA‘s vocal performance work side by side with up-tempo melodies. The valuable production, of professional level, enhances the wide sound landscapes that the mix constructs in a balanced way.

A really well made pop song that you’ll listen to several times with pleasure, with a recognizable theme and a vocal performance that you won’t forget.

Listen now to “Go Easy On Me” by OLGA, which is available on Spotify here ]. To keep in touch with OLGA check her
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OLGA // "Go Easy On Me" - artwork
OLGA // “Go Easy On Me” – artwork