Kieran Whitehurst is a 22-year-old artist who is making himself known with the stage name of OCB Key. Based in Manchester, UK, he has actively devoted himself to learning music for the past 6 years, developing a medium through which he expresses that sense of positivity, personal growth and love he is experiencing.

Moving on the strings of trap and R&B music, OCB Key calls into his unique mix elements of future and chill out, to create a blend of characteristic colors and tones, which differs with style and characterization.

Among his latest works on his Soundcloud profile, we discovered the two singles ‘Gravity’ and ‘Lookign Back’ stand out, the latter from the 5-track EP ‘Balanced on the Beats’.

‘Gravity’ is a trap number driven by an atmospheric and immersive chill out beat, where the spoken words of OCB Key slip away, reverberated and distant, in a mix driven by plucked synth and a swollen pulsating kick. Here, hanging in a grounding soundscape, the dreamy voice of OCB hovers on the background.

‘Looking Back’ brings a mix of bright and sparkling R&B, more balanced between voice and beat. Here you can appreciate the soft and bouncy flow of OCB Key, which jumps on the crests of the beat accents tinged by a future flavor. A bittersweet parenthesis between memories of the past, which in some way also refers to expectations for the future.

So the emerging artist OCB Key brings us two interesting tracks, which give an interesting parallel and personal vision to the more classic tones of trap and R&B, bringing us something new, something to discover.

Listen now to ‘Gravity’ and ‘Looking Back’, the latest releases from OCB Key’s. Both tracks are available for streaming on OCB Key’s Soundcloud profile.

OCB Key // Gravity - single cover