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Following his previous EP “Envy,” American rapper NOYZ shoot out the new mellow Hip-hop single titled “Luv u.”

NOYZ is an American rapper, an artist who professes to be a little native with well-defined features, a little stateless, the son of many parts of the country and a few parts of the world.

Falling in love with descriptive writing at a young age, NOYZ soon jumped on the idealistic carousel of becoming a novelist or screenwriter, but the real spark was triggered when he later found himself relating to rap music and the culture of which it is surrounded.

After starting to put his pen on the first notebooks, collecting the first random rhymes together, NOYZ continued to pursue his creativity.

A few years later he made his way to performance venues, with his first show coming in December 2019. That’s where NOYZ decided it was time to take the next step, further developing his career and sharing his music. with the world. Six months later, in June 2020, NOYZ released their 3-track EP “ENVY” and shortly thereafter began work on a second project.

While the complete project is expected to be released in the very near future (rumors speak of the end of March), the young artist has already released a single and a video, “Now I See,” now joined by the new Hip-hop issue titled “Luv u.”

“I wrote“ Luv u ”immediately after the release of my EP“ Envy ”. I came across the beat and I was moved by it,” says NOYZ sharing the genesis of his latest work.

Inspired by his childhood and the experiences he lived at home growing up in a broken family, with NOYZ observing the shadows of a ruined relationship from the outside, the song aims to build a parallel towards the progress of time, exposing under a leaden light how that experience affected him. 

Listen now to "Luv u," the latest Single by NOYZ, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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