With a voice with a delicate touch and a vibrant soul spirit, singer-songwriter Gilda Betancourt shines in the enthralling dance number released by Boston electronic music producer Nostromo. We are talking about “Control“, a single taken from the album “Love Songs To Die 2“. This song is the first result of Nostromo‘s collaboration with Gilda Betancourt, a collaboration that saw them involved in the production not only of this single, but of the entire album.

With “Control” the two artists give us a release that showcases the creative harmony that they have been able to find and build through their collaboration.

Gilda Betancourt
Gilda Betancourt

Nostromo // “Control” ft. Gilda Betancourt

Vibrant and energizing, the song has a dynamic and captivating development, with sound scenarios that now become saturated, now empty out, creating a pleasant dualism with Gilda’s vocal performance, her nuances and colors. The production shows a careful study of sound design, one that does not just use the most typical elements of the dance genre, but that, with creative vision and freshness, finds and highlights those distinctive veins that will make the whole song sound impeccable and unique.

The quantity of details and the respect shown for them, especially for the nuances of Gilda’s vocal timbre, enhance a sound landscape in which retrò vibes mix with contemporary-sounding structures, offering an exquisitely fresh and distinctive creative unicum.

While crystalline and ethereal harmonies dance on a pulsating groove, Gilda’s gorgeous voice seals with almost hypnotic touches the exciting journey of exploration undertaken by the theme of the song, which deals with how sometimes, when you are in love with someone, they have a certain kind of control over you.

Listen now to “Control“, the new single by Nostromo featuring Gilda Betancourt. The single is also accompanied by a music video, shot by Nostromo himself, in which Gilda acts as the protagonist.