NOPRISM // Pieces – artwork

Kick drum and snare on a 4 tempo, a metronomic synth arpeggiator and a good and healthy love of pop. We do not need anything else to let ourselves be ignited and caught by the compelling rhythm of NOPRISM, who with their ‘Pieces’ infect us with an irrepressible desire to dance.

When ‘Pieces’ starts playing in our speakers, the most modern funk of rhythmic guitars shines with the neon lights of 80s new wave. Longing and vibrant, the glittering pop patina of ‘Pieces’ is a disco excitement immersed in the glow of electronics. The dark analog bass bounces syncopatedly from the bottom up to our head, dragging us into an exciting stimulation that lights up with explosive flairs and colors at the apices of infectious hooks.

They say 3 is the perfect number. And it seems to be absolutely true for NOPRISM! This high-energy track is their third release in 3 months and with it  the talented British duo brings us a formidable number, inundated by an aura of bewitching retro futurism, imbued with a dreamy perception marked by veins of bitterness and regrets.

The music created by the talented and promising Newcastle duo is a shamelessly glorious electronic pop, with unexpected suspenseful inserts dropped in the right place, at the right time. Here is evident their debt to the likes of Prince, New Order, Talking Heads and Chaka Khan, but it is precisely in producing good old pop music, without having to reinvent the wheel, that NOPRISM bring to the table a damn compelling number, embellished by a fresh and modern touch that brings their music to emerge in the middle of a sea of bland and lackluster music.

‘Pieces’ is a song that made us want to dance through our sufferings, and we know full well we all need this, especially in these quarantine times.

‘Pieces’ will be available on all major streaming services, as well as being available for purchase, starting May 15, 2020.

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