NOFILTR struggles and fights his demons in Hurtin'

Two months after he started making music, NOFILTR releases the single Hurtin’. Living music as a creative platform to bring out his emotions, NOFILTR brings us a track that carries within it all the soul of his stage name and his condition of life.

Hurtin ‘is an unfiltered expression of the commitment that this artist, who lives every day the anxiety caused by bipolar depression, is putting into bringing out the best in himself and putting his pain into words.

Immersed in the sense of isolation that afflicts him, NOFILTR brings us his reflections about his complicated love life, the abandonment of the family and the trauma of high schools. Here lyrics are everything. Here are some extracts, given the incomprehensibility of the overcompressed mix.

“Me and my brothas flexing
We gon go get itChasin racks like I need it
So high I’m dreaming

Smoking on gas god damn I’m feening
where the xans I need it
anxious all the time
let it out in my rhymes

Tried suicides a couple times
got in my head
bouta sip on some lean

Wondering why this happens to me
every time I fall in love that bitch we all know it’s a fact

Waistline see a little bit of my strap
bitches on me they come in packs
racks look at my cash its facts

I feel like I’m trapped
inside a box that’s gonna collapse
baby I don’t know how much longer I have “

Since NOFILTR’s musical message is of not easy and immediate readability, we reached him for a short interview to get to know more closely what is behind and within his music. Read on because with his answers NOFILTR gives an enviable lesson in life and honesty.

What musical message do you want to convey through your productions?

I want to show all musicians, producers, management that I have a 100% different style and sound then most rappers. I am unique, I want to do music because I love it. It really does help me.

Your music seems to come from another universe. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Honesty, I have been a fan of “Emo-Trap” since it was first originated by GothBoiClique. I became a fan of Lil Peep (Gustav Åhr), Lil Tracy, Cold Hart and the rest of GothBoiClique in summer of 2017. I also get inspiration from Flordia rappers Pouya and Fat Nick. I blend my lyricism over a alternative trap beat to get my message out.

Hurtin’ stands out for its very particular sound. Distant voices and over-compression rule it all. Where does this stylistic choice come from?

This is actually my second month creating music. I messed around with my vocal settings by messing with the channel EQ and compression knobs. I am 100% an independent artist that doesn’t have a studio. I make it happen any way I can, I just want people to hear my lyrics when I’m hurting.

Emo, goth, trap and much more in an alternative key. Your latest release feels really transversal. How do you manage so many inspirations and condense them all into just one track?

A big thing about “NOFILTR” is the lyrics mean the world. I don’t want to have a beautiful beat that’s already different enough, and waste it. I put my pain onto the paper. I have problems I think about constantly, and music is honestly my outlet. Lil Peep and Lil Tracy write about a rough love life and the drug abuse which I go through. Pouya writes about internal battles with his demons, and I also battle with my inner demons.

Hurtin’ by NOFILTR is available for streaming on Soundcloud. To find out more about NOFILTR check and follow his Instagram profile.