NØBLE is the pseudonym of the singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer otherwise known as Ethan Keller.

He is an artist who has been writing and producing his original music for seven years. He began his journey into the world of music in high school, when he was only sixteen, in his hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Having developed a visionary style, his musical deliveries turn out to be colorful and creative thanks to his ability to fluently mix different genres and styles. A real infusion of different ingredients, carefully measured to create exquisitely appealing recipes.

NØBLE // "Runaway"

From his Soundcloud profile page [ link ] NØBLE presents this wide array of creations, with compositions ranging from wide cinematic soundscapes to tiny atmospheric vignettes.

Twists centered on an indie vein with a hip-hop sound, these songs still stand out for innovation and for being characterized each by its unique identity.

All these features can be also found in “Runaway“, the latest single that NØBLE recently released, a song in which synth-pop and low-fi reminiscences intertwine sinuously on an engaging beat and a catchy harmony.

With his “Runaway“, NØBLE is capable to delivery all the vibes of his creativity, enriching the lyrics driven by his performance.

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