With a visual that seems to come out of an opulent baroque work of art, Nina Tribus amazes with a “grandeur” appeal, which sees her immersed in the role of a decadent diva from Versailles.

Between sensual and caressing whispers and roaring scratching exploits, the London artist flaunts an artistic act guided by her voice, the strong melodies and magnetic visuals take a lot of inspiration from from the Baroque and Rococo styles.

The expressive uniqueness and its magnetic attractiveness develop, grow and seem able to reach a show of sophistication unattainable for most, artfully built on a song moved by electronic rhythms, immersed in a powerful atmosphere with dark outlines.

Entirely self-made and self-directed by Nina with the help of her collaborator NILUM, the official video of ‘Medusa’ is an unmissable gem.

A glam-dark Marie Antoinette with a mysterious charm, theatrically revised in a contemporary pop key. We look forward to seeing and hearing more from her.

Nina Tribus - Medusa - artwork
Nina Tribus - Medusa - artwork

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Nina Tribus // Puff Puff - single cover

Nina Tribus // Puff Puff

Nina Tribus definitely makes big vocals cool once again, releasing her alternative pop number ‘Puff Puff’.