NILUM, an artist who moved to London from Transylvania at the “tender age of 466”, continues to live up to what he calls a pact with the devil to pursue his passion for music.

An up-and-coming artist on the hip-hop scene, with his music NILUM talks about mental health while inspired by the aesthetics of vampires and horror films.

Razor-sharp rock vocals and rap lyrics, silhouetted against dark, bewitching and heavy 808s pushed by dirty and distorted basses, are the elements with which NILUM experiments in his self-productions and music videos.

As a result of his most recent alternative creative vision, recently NILUM published the official lyrics video of ‘Nevermind’. Fourth release since his debut, “Nevermind is a song about depression and anxiety” explains NILUM, who then continues: “most specifically about the feeling of knowing that even though you feel depressed, and would want to talk about it, other people who has never experienced anything like it simply would not understand.”

Listen now to ‘Nevermind’, the fourth single from NILUM, and find out more about his music, checking the links below:

NILUM - Nevermind - single cover
NILUM - Nevermind - single cover