NGHT WLVS is a synth pop trio based in Denver, composed by producer Data Stitch, singer Sunni Merange, and drummer Neon Leon, who have made music together for over 10 years, dedicating themselves to perfecting and refining their skills and their style.

Pushed by a new creative vigor, from 2018 the group has infused life into a new idea for a unique aesthetic and a clear vision, creating something they had never done before, renaming themselves NGHT WLVS and creating the eponymous 5-songs debut EP.

Their latest release is the phenomenal single ‘Vacancy’, undoubtedly the most crystalline and mature sound vision of their stylistic development. A compelling and magnetic synth pop number, ‘Vacancy’ excels for the quality of production, thanks to a mix of synth pop elements perfectly placed in the sound spectrum, with a formidable refreshing touch of popping crispness, born of a wise use of percussion sounds in the high frequencies.

NGHT WLVS // Vacancy - single cover
NGHT WLVS // Vacancy - single cover

Moved by a dance rhythm, ‘Vacancy’ naturally slips away like water, giving an exquisitely coherent and organic listening experience, saturated and imbued with communicative density. It is a formidable example of what NGHT WLVS are capable of creating, and we look forward to hearing more of their music.

Built around the theme of a classic  heartbreak story and its subsequent emotions, ‘Vacancy’ is already available for streaming, and is accompanied by an official video available on Youtube. Find all the links right below: