Out on July 3rd, 'Never The Same' is the third single from the talented 19-years-old Neave Zaria, preceding a debut album that is due for release in late 2020.

Committed to her art from an early age, Neave was personally approached to compete in the X Factor Bootcamp finals when she was only 14 years old. An iconic artistic persona, which reflects her charming nuances both with visual and sound, this young and talented Guildford-based artist continues to build her path as she’s putting a very bright future in her hands.

That of Neave is a smoky, touching, and vibrant soul, made of palpitations, rough caresses, and nuanced colors. All this rendered through a vocal command capable of directing all the music delivery in an exquisitely direct and permeating way.

A delicious combination with which Zaria showcases an explorative range in which she embodies, with assurance and ease, vibrations and touches inspired by her roots, which harken back to the renowned names of classic jazz and soul legends such as Amy Winehouse, Aretha Franklin and Etta James, and which also include more contemporary openings like Jorja Smith.

A star that is already rising, with tens of thousands of streams amassed by her previous singles on YouTube and on streaming platforms, with ‘Never The Same’ Neave closes a lush debut triptych, perfectly painted and preciously crowned by her full-bodied and soulful voice, as it is surrounded by a radiant aura of charm.

Beguiling and captivating, if this is the premise, we can’t wait to hear her debut album.

Listen now to ‘Never The Same’, the third single from Neave Zaria, out on July 3rd on Spotify.

The track is accompanied by a video, silhouetted around Zaria delightful artistic person. Watch it on the Neave Zaria’s YouTube channel.

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