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Producer and composer Nazariff releases Your Spell – a Witch house track with a touch of mystery – out on May 28 on all major platforms.

The escapist desire to flee from a toxic relationship is a recurring theme in several songs of all kinds. Nevertheless, in Your Spell, the brand-new single produced by Nazariff, we can find the elements that have characterized his vision over the years in addition to a widely relatable theme.

From Hip-hop to Rock, Nazariff has been capable of imprinting his own pace on different works, giving them a dark undertone that became a typical and recognizable signature of his music. Producer, DJ, and soundtracks composer for TV movies, he clearly has much experience that allows him to work with all the different genres and styles.

Now, as he brings to us his brand-new single titled Your Spell, a granular tune sprouting from the Witch house subgenre, we can find all those main characterizations conceived and packaged as a whole song.

Masterfully depicting the situation from which the singer is trying to escape, the lyrics flow into gripping lines. And at the same time, almost unsettling effects are blended to feed the sound design of a suffocating atmosphere.

Then, embroidered by a powerful female voice, the piece suggests a broad range of sensations and instills a subtle yet doping dose of mystery, adding a dense point of originality to the whole work. “It started out as a track I was working on,” said Nazariff sharing the backdrop of the song. Then he continued: “as it progressed I realized it needed something special. So I reached out to a colleague that gave me a vocal she never intended to release.”

Witchcraft distinguished by an enthralling aura of shadowy light, Your Spell is an excellent archway, to discover the creative vision of Nazariff, and to start on follow him as he continues to delve into his sonic journey.

Listen now to Your Spell, the latest Single by Nazariff, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via


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