Born and raised in a small town in Germany in 1980, natural dichotomy started his journey in the world of music when he was 12 years old, listening for the first time to Bad Religion. Thus began a long voyage that, through the punk, alternative, progressive, and experimental subgenres of rock, led him to advance his musical taste.

By opening up his mind and heart more and more to different music genres, at the age of 30 natural dichotomy took up his first guitar and started creating his music, combining it with the power of virtual instruments.

Following the first and rawer album ‘let go & control’, today natural dichotomy returns with a new collection of 11 tracks of evocative chill music, publishing the album ‘no sweet without the sour’:  a predominantly instrumental release, dotted with sporadic lyrics, infused in introspective and atmospheric sound environments.

Here, structurally complex arrangements twist and intertwine with unexpected melodic lines. Markedly denoted by a personal musical vision, the album is imbued with drum patterns that interchange, between drop and turnarounds, with guitar-driven twists, aiming to depict an atmosphere that sounds always vibrant.

Listen now to ‘no sweet without the sour’, the second album from natural dichotomy, available for streaming on:

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natural dichotomy // no sweet without the sour- album cover