Sinuous melodies, fascinating female vocalizations, a captivating flow rap, and an enthralling rhythm on a “Spanish” guitar: these are the key ingredients that make ‘Da Grow Up’ a perfect business card with which Native Sunz present their work to the world.

Hypnotic and infused with a warm atmosphere rooted in hip-hop vibrations, with ‘Da Grow Up’ Native Sunz does not seem to be second to anyone, showing off their raw magnetic energy and appeal.

Native Sunz is an independent music production, engineering, licensing and sonic branding agency, that sources suitable tracks for a wide variety of contexts, from film, TV, advertisement to websites, and everything in-between.

This music production group boasts a select group of artists, songwriters and indie hip-hop producers that gravitate around the figures of the three core members, Stixx Jones, Frank Reed and J. Allen.

Native Sunz’s music is currently available on all digital streaming and distribution platforms worldwide and in 2,200 brick and mortar national stores.

Native Sunz

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