Nathan Sloan turns it on and is ‘On Fire’ – the track taken from his 2017 EP ‘Peter’, enjoyable showcase of his polyhedric stylistic versatility.

Nathan Sloan (Rosengarden) is a prolific musical artist, who grew up surrounded by jazz and classical music and has collaborated since a young age with a diverse number of talented artists, also contributing to projects by legendary acts and groups all over America.

After Cleveland, LA, and a few stints in Chicago, Nathan moved home again, turning his eye to the Oregon coast. He took a short hiatus, after a rosy string of live performances, writing, and producing, before opening his studio in Portland, ready to return to the scene with new projects and new music for us to listen to.

Since his debut in 2017 with the EP ‘Peter’, Nathan has appeared on records by Angelo Moore & the Brand New Step, given his contribution to productions signed by Janes World, Ben West, B.R. Mount & the Doubt, Crushingcrayons, and collaborated on several other projects that are on their way to reach the public, hopefully very soon!

Not only a prolific producer/artist, now Sloan also is very busy managing Chicago rapper Luscious Duncan, and Oregon native singer Heather Whitty, while the work on his upcoming project continues to be carried out relentlessly.

The stacked EP that’s on its way will be a multi-genre release with which Nathan will debut in the rap/hip-hop world, featuring rappers from the underground scene. Among these, the first names that have leaked are those of Luscious Duncan and ThrashKitten (The Scooper Swag Project), as well as that of the iconic Lil B the Based God. This indeed is an ambitious project that we are curious to listen to as soon as it is released.

In the meantime, we sifted through Nathan’s previous releases on Spotify, going back in time through the development of his artistic journey, up to his debut in 2017 with the EP ‘Peter’.

And among the 4 tracks that make up that release, the rich, dense, and vibrant sound of ‘On Fire’ somehow suggested a sparkling parallelism with that feverish phase of growth and artistic rise that we imagine is accompanying Nathan, seeing as he’s closer and closer to release the aforementioned new exciting project.

An indie-pop number infused with R&B and soul nuances, the track already shows that rap/hip-hop pattern with which Sloan aims to distinguish his next work. Here it’s interesting to hear how, even then, his creative vision allowed him to create a vibrant tune, moved as it is by a funky groove that gives substance to the whole song.

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Nathan Sloan
Nathan Sloan

While waiting to savor Nathan Sloan’s long-awaited new project, discover his roots by listening to ‘On Fire’, track taken from his EP ‘Peter’, available for streaming on Spotify.

Also, you can discover ‘On Fire’ on NOVA ERA, our playlist featuring on a weekly rotation all the artists covered by Nova MUSIC blog.