We discovered her some time ago, with her compelling number ‘Indecisive‘. Since then, Natalie Nichole has continued releasing singles that got from tens to hundreds of thousands of streams.

Natalie Nicole // Sunshine - single cover

The musical and visual impact that Nichole has on the public is certainly something unforgettable. But Natalie is not just about talent and art. Her latest ‘Sunshine’ is out with the independent label Indience Music Group, that she created by herself and that she is leading as CEO.

The rising wave of success that this young, beautiful, and talented entrepreneur is fueling feels unstoppable. The flow of passion, sensuality, and musicality that Natalie flaunts now finds a new and captivating outlet in her single ‘Sunshine’.

About this song, this captivating burst of positivity penned during the Covid-19 quarantine, Nichole said that she “really wanted to put out something positive during the pandemic. Everyone has been in their homes for like a month or more, and it gave me nostalgic vibes.”

With creative brilliance and distinguishable style, Natalie’s new work sounds rich, driven by contemporary R&B vibes, and enhanced by her vocal performance. Just another success on the road to fame for the rising star that is Natalie Nichole.

Listen now to ‘Sunshine’, the latest single from Natalie Nichole, available on all the major digital platform, and find out more about Nicole and her music, checking the links below:

Natalie Nichole