‘Indecisive’ is a piece with a vibrant spirit that moves in between R&B and Soul, a song about those times you can’t keep out of your mind someone you know all too well is not ready to commit. This is a love song, one of the classic ones that we all love, but that conveys today’s essence, harshness and sensitivity.

This song is really a big number. The production is of the highest class, with an impeccable construction of the arrangement and mix. Intelligible in each of its precious elements.

Everything is surgically calibrated to support the central focus of the piece, which, needless to say, is Natalie’s voice.

And it is thanks to the vocal performance of this young and talented artist that ‘Indecisive’ stands out amidst the crowd.

Perfectly immersed in the song, Natalie gives us a great performance, warm and intimate in the feeling, clear and fresh in its intention, direct and effective in transmitting her message.

We could still spend torrents of words on Natalie, her recording career, and her promising future, but honestly, there is really no need. Natalie Nichole has something special to offer the world. Her talent already shines with its own light. She has an artistic positivity that flows radiantly, and naturally, from within her.

An incredible artist, already great inside.
A star that has already risen.

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