The single “You Are In My Head“, released by Naomi K, is not only a delicate and mellow-paced pop-rock song that stands out for its melodiousness and grunge vibe.

In “You Are In My Head” we also find the serenity and light-heartedness typical of infatuation, when one falls madly in love. The genuine sentiment portrayed in “You Are In My Head” is not love at first sight; rather, it is the kind of love that grows and consolidates along the way.

This dynamic finds a perfect parallelism in the track structure. “You Are In My Head” is a serene song with a calm rhythm that grows, gradually and inexorably, just like an irrepressible love. Verse after verse, the sound spectrum grows and deepens, bringing the song to become something that overcomes any attempt to box it in a single musical genre.

With “You Are In My Head“, Naomi manages to create a micro-fusion of styles, close to each other and therefore recognizable. The organic nature, the naturalness and the subtlety with which she enacts this fine stylistic trait add up to a perfectly coherent and distinctive sound impact.

Naomi K // "You're In My Head" - single cover
Naomi K // “You’re In My Head” – single cover

This is thanks to Naomi’s vocal performance, characterized by a discreet, melodious approach, and perfectly set in the atmosphere of the song.

The release of “You Are In My Head“, which is already available on all major digital platforms, is accompanied by a music video that is a perfect visual complement to this sentimental vision, thanks to a choice of locations and a direction of photography that are perfectly fitting with the theme of the song.

Simple in its structure, accessible in its contents, effective in transmitting the theme.

The perfect soundtrack for every love story in the making.

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