“Never Leave the Basement”, the latest from Nadia Vaeh, Atlanta-native indie artist winner of the IMA “Vox Pop”, is a hooking twinge on troubles within society, social media, and quarantine.

One who found her way into art through modeling and joining a local Atlanta circus, Nadia Vaeh began singing in circus productions.

But this was not the beginning of her artistic path. In fact, Nadia’s love for music and singing go back to when she was just two years old, branching out those roots nurtured by her parents by inserting her into an itinerant youth choir.

Daughter of a poet mother, who gave her a love of words, and which fueled Nadia’s talent as a lyricist, this inspired artist experienced an unexpected turn at the age of 17 when she lost her mother to suicide.

After dismantling her high school band and quitting songwriting, she has drifted away from the microphone for years. That tragic loss of her led her down a path of self-sabotage and destruction, where relationships and parties became the gall to ignore pain.

When she finally decided to start over with art, which would ultimately save her life, she was a shell of a person looking for answers from anyone and anything to deal with her heartbreak. Speaking of that past life parenthesis, she recalls: “I made a lot of missteps in the beginnings of my career and had to learn a lot of things the hard way.”

For Vaeh, songwriting is not only personal healing, it is also a platform to help others heal and address social issues.

And it is precisely in this groove that she drops her latest work. A pop-rock anthemic tune inspired by the many troubles entrenched within society, social media, and quarantine.

“The first lyric that came out when writing this song was: Advertisements scroll like pavement, max us out like credit cards, don’t pay them.” So Nadia introduces us to the birth of “Never Leave the Basement,” then she continues: “This was inspired out of the frustration with social media and the entertainment industry being so irresponsible. A lot of my friends and colleagues are suffering (the pandemic only placed a magnifying glass on this) and much of that has to do with how we are inundated with billboards and ADs everywhere telling us how to be happy or look.”

With a captivating Chorus and a sound that differs from the pure Pop of her most recent works, this song was featured on BBC Introducing before release .. a rarity … brought to us by this promising up and coming singer/songwriter, who among other things also won the 2020 IMA Award for Best Holiday Song and WAM Award for Best Holiday Song.

Definitely an act to put on your radar, the release of Nadia Vaeh’s “Never Leave the Basement” will be accompanied by a music video within a few weeks. 

Listen now to "Never Leave the Basement," the latest Single by Nadia Vaeh, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via nadiavaeh.com/music

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