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Singer, songwriter, model, and circus performer, multi-talented artist Nadia Vaeh brings her engaging single “Boomerang” to the next level, with a remixed version signed by Manchester producer Qubism, off of her crisp and bright brand new two-track single “Rewired . “

Pop artist Nadia Vaeh, has recently released two of the winning remixes from her 2020 Fluid Audio Remix contest where competitors remixed one of Vaeh’s songs. The two winning submissions were by Vence Ray (remixing ‘1,000 Cuts’) and Qubism (remixing ‘Boomerang’).

I am very proud to release these two winning remixes from the competition I hosted with Fluid Audio this year,” explains Vaeh. “Hosting this contest was a saving grace for me. It gave me a new perspective on my songs but also provided a new lens for how to look at this insanely challenging year.

Nadia is absolutely right in saying this. “Rewired” is a pearl, and the brightest stroke of brilliance comes from the way Qubism’s touch takes the already great “Boomerang” track to an even higher level.

Thanks to its heritage, the remix of Qubism captures the emotional vein of “Boomerang” and renews it further with dynamism and freshness, while maintaining the melodic imprint of the original.

Here it is undeniable that a certain connotative dance touch of this respectful lifting is even more beautiful and intriguing than an already exquisite raw material.

The past of the Manchester artist, who for years played in a band as a vocalist and guitarist, as well as his musical heritage, close to classical music and as to house and techno, are the alchemical mix of secret “ingredients,” “further added to the dual multi-artistic versatility of Vaeh.

The result is therefore a kaleidoscopic spectrograph of richly colored reflections, silhouetted by a precious diamond just when it is struck by the perfect ray of light.

“Boomerang” by Nadia Vaeh remixed by Qubism is one of the most exciting surprises we have discovered in recent months. Something we want to keep with us for a long time.

Listen now to "Boomerang," the latest Single by Nadia Vaeh, Qubism, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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