Describing the challenges that a new relationship brings along, thanks to her direct and penetrating voice Naama emerges with her latest alternative production, creating an exquisite reflection of that inner debate that arises when a new relationship begins. “Neither good nor bad: you always have that dilemma if you are good enough for each other.” Thus the talented Guggenheim introduces the theme of her latest single, bringing us a story with which many cannot help but identify.

Starting with an enveloping, warm and clean atmosphere, Naama accompanies us in a sound environment infused with intimacy. The rhythmic line of percussion and synth is gradually deviated as the guitars and bass are added, taking us out of the initial comfort zone, into the heart of that dilemma, the central theme of the song. Syncopated forms and arrhythmias intertwine in a formidable way with soul and electronic elements, building a rich and eclectic ambivalent range of jazz and R&B harmonies.

Naama Guggenheim // Dilemma - single artwork
Naama Guggenheim // Dilemma - single artwork

Crossed by a psychedelic drift, ‘Dilemma’ is a listening experience that surprises verse after verse, introducing at the end of each musical discourse a new and interesting element of novelty, as in the chorus, where the piano abandons us inside a broken rhythm where the gospel girls choir “Children of Music Project” enters the stage.

The hypnotic parable of ‘Dilemma’ closes in a dreamy sound environment, with Naama becoming a bit more optimistic as the song empties and fades away, underlining that sense of full acceptance that sees us giving in to the love we want to receive.

This is one of the most interesting and authentic alternative discoveries that we have had the pleasure of making in recent months.

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