Comprised of talented singer and multi-instrumentalist Irene Fan, and the equally incredible multi-instrumentalist Gyancarlo Garcia, MYXA is one of the most interesting discoveries we have seen in recent months.

We could say that this is a band born almost by chance, as they met for a fortuitous occasion in a recording studio in Seattle, they started jamming, and then decided to give life to the new project.

Although the band initially included a third member, whom they decided to drop out when things started to get serious, it seems that the duo is a perfect formula for MYXA.

Like two faces of the same moon, the two complement and enhance each other, both being smart players who move with ability in that electronic maze they share.

An excellent example of their creative caliber is ‘Carrion’, the single from their debut EP titled ‘Mosca’.

MYXA - Mosca - EP cover
MYXA - Mosca - EP cover

Far from being a mere stylistic exercise, their flair manifests in a hypnotic granular decantation of trip-hop structures.

Of course, here we find a lot of the imprinting which, as they told us, sees them obsessively addicted to DJ Shadow, Portishead, and Sneaker Pimps.

Nevertheless, a few seconds after the beginning of ‘Carrion’, it has been a considerable effort to remain lucidly anchored to a more technical analysis.
Like masters of genetic manipulation, Fan and Garcia reshape that clay derived from their heritage and musical roots and render it into a new texture full of charm.

Drop by drop, layer by layer, in a few seconds, what might have seemed familiar in the first place has unexpectedly changed into a suggestion that makes our imagination run wild.

The horizontal evolutionary dynamics along which the track develops, combined with the sophisticated search for a refined aesthetic, become the two pillars of an impeccable work capable of engulfing us in an intoxicating listening experience.
On all, that of an ethereal ghost remains the most impressive representation that has flashed in our head.

Powdered with a pale white livery, they hover between mellifluous twirls and snapping glitches, while the cloak they wear lets organic roots to pulsate and extend far away, sinking into an aura of dark mystery.

Engaging and distinctive, ‘Carrion’ is a number that carries within it all the murky charm of the signature of MYXA.

A formidable entry point to enter the enveloping world of MYXA. Needless to say, we can’t wait to hear what comes next.

Listen now to MYXA’s single ‘Carrion’, and find out more about Irene Fan, Gyancarlo Garcia, and their music by checking the links below:

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