Based in London, Mystic Waxx is an indie-pop duo, brought to life by the thriving collaboration between the classically trained British-Albanian producer Admir Hyka and Polish vocalist Andrea Skalec.

The union of their creativity and their distinctive style has led to the creation of new material, inspired by the recent events that have changed the lives of both these talented and promising artists.

Of particular interest to our palate, their latest work, the concept EP ‘Kayla’, is a 4-track release that follows with pragmatic consistency a remarkable stylistic line already outlined and highlighted also by the pieces of their previous debut album, gathering the appreciation of a loyal following and amassing tens of thousands of streams in a short lapse of time.

“The concept EP captures the mood of Kayla, an exhibition of neglected love fueled by the aftermath of the ability to stay positive and move on even when all hope is lost,” explain Mystic Waxx speaking of the new release.

Here Admir and Andrea take us on a mesmeric and emotional journey that unfolds in a variation of tone argued through every single track. Circling back to the main theme, the original works forming ‘Kayla’ expand into a magnetic outcome. Granularly detailed and atmospherically immersed in an obscure flair, Admir’s touch captures all our attention from the beginning of each song, while Andrea’s gentle yet powerful voice further enhances the suave caliber of the entire release.

The abstractly exploratory flair of ‘Kayla’ is further enhanced by the four official videos that accompany every trace of the EP. One more unmissable than the other, you can see them on the MysticWaxx YouTube channel.

The broken rhythms, the evolutionary organicity, and the deliberately abstract argumentations are just some of the elements with which Mystic Waxx leads us in a sort of unexplored territory of creativity, surprisingly natural and easy to understand in detail, and equally complete and all-inclusive to appreciate as a whole.

Among the most interesting discoveries we have made in recent months, ‘Kayla’ is a release with which Mystic Waxx manages to showcase all the artistic depth of a duo able to stand out from the crowd with style and sophisticated simplicity.

A safe addition to our NOVA ERA playlist, which leaves us with the brightest expectations for what will come next from Mystic Waxx.

Listen now to ‘Kayla’, the latest EP from Mystic Waxx, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms. You can find your preferred one via

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A safe addition to our NOVA ERA playlist, which leaves us with the brightest expectations for what will come next from Mystic Waxx.