Mutual Groove // Funky Butternut

Written, produced, recorded and mixed entirely by Mutual Groove, ‘Funky Butternut’ is a spectacular and irresistible concentrate of groove and funky. Music to our ears that lights up like a bright beacon, right from the first bar!

Despite the minimalistic approach to the recording process, Mutual Groove ignites in us that infectious and unstoppable sense of involvement that only funky music can have.

A textbook piece in this sense, ‘Funky Butternut’ will capture the fun, light-hearted side of every listener, which Mutual Groove like few others knows how to turn on and bring to the best levels.

This is an unmissable exercise in style that says “I am your funky, bro!”, with that feeling of live performance that enhances the listening experience, from the miraculous drums work, to the virtuosity of the brass and saxophones, to the scratchy guitars.

Listen now to ‘Funky Butternut’ from Mutual Groove, and check the links below to find out more about their music.