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Rock band Musicismost debuts with a compelling “Pheromone Too” sting. The first of five singles expected in the coming months, to be followed shortly by a video and an album announced for mid-2021.

Musicismost is a Rock band formed in the summer of 2020 in Chiswick, London.

Led by frontman singer and songwriter Maniacal Honker, all the members of this new band have been involved in different projects and in the music industry over the past 20 years, but none of them have ever been in a rock band ….. at least, not until now!

After working in non-musical jobs to pay their bills, the time has come for the guys at Musicismost to hook up and come out in unison as a compelling lineup. As Honker explains, this is their first (and last!) Attempt to make a living from music. “Otherwise, it’s back to washing dishes!” as he said.

Their first single “Pheromone Too,” released on November 17, 2020, has already garnered more than 130,000 streams, and together with its “Hard Mix” version has brought the band over 5,000 monthly Spotify listeners.

This compelling song sheds light on pheromones: those invisible aromas that we cannot properly smell, detect or consciously notice, but which can undoubtedly creep into us and greatly affect our lives.

The first single of five to be released in the next few months, “Pheromone Too” will be followed by a video that the band is currently recording, starring “Cutey” and “Beary.” The band has not yet announced an official date for the launch of the video, which however appears to be imminent, while it has noted that an album is scheduled for mid-2021.

Fascinating, with blown flanged tones. Involving, with beating drums in syncopation. Scratchy, with guitar riffs scratching in distortion. Here Musicismost debuts with a multicolored work, which in remaining rooted in the strain of a “canonical” hard rock, lets out an organic creative coherence, of aesthetics, style, and concept, which demonstrates how these guys have a clear vision of their path.

The impetus, as persuasive as it is mellifluous, of the visceral “pulsiveness” of “Pheromone Too” falls like a hammer on the anvil. And the echo given off by this first blow releases reverberations that expand in the quarry of a blacksmith that tones and amplifies a conscious awareness of that most instinctive and ideally uncontrollable vein.

A first strike, a first release, a first step, for a band that debuts with a captivating number that makes us want to find out what comes next, in what promises to be a journey of character and vision … of a sting pheromone.

Listen now to "Pheromone Too," the debut Single by Musicismost, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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