In preview, Nova Music blog had the pleasure to taste ‘Church Music’, one of the tracks from the next album by Music by Gestalt, a group of talented musicians based in Los Angeles, California.

The new artistic act of Music by Gestalt brings us back to our roots, making us rediscover with new eyes the enthusiasm, love, passion and amazement of something that we have already seen before us, over and over again.

Born from an admirable creative drift of contemporary classical music, the expressive and compositional vastness that Music by Gestalt brings with their ‘Church Music’ seems to have no boundaries or limits. By offering us one of the deepest and most overwhelming calls to our feelings we’ve had in recent times, the track presents itself as an overture whose acts follow each other and merge sinuously, with evolutions and revolutions that flow away like a stream.

Here Music by Gestalt gives to us a work of art with few equals. If we consider its expressive and argumentative cusps, it could be a rhapsody. Yet, the softness and naturalness with which they make us slide with liquid fluency between one act and the next is of disarming spontaneity. And one can’t but be amazed when confronted by the emotional storm aroused by how swinging rhythms and jazz riffs are juxtaposed to the power of hyperbolas in prog-rock key, where what seems like a guitar distorted beyond belief, unexpectedly changes shape, revealing its true nature as a vibrant and romantic cello.

We could continue on writing torrents of words as we continue to analyze the more than 6 minutes of ‘Church Music’, without however being able to do enough justice to the breadth and beauty of such a wide composition. And if this is the premise, we dare not imagine what awaits us from the entire album. For sure we can’t wait to hear the entirety of ‘Debussy’s Fawn’, knowing already, in a well-placed act of trust towards Music by Gestalt, that it will be valuable and quality music, that we would like to see rewarded with the unique flavor of listening to it on vinyl.

To find out more about Music by Gestalt and to not miss the release of their album ‘Debussy’s Faw’, check the links below:

Music By Gestalt // Debussy's Fawn - album cover
Music By Gestalt // Debussy's Fawn - album cover
‘Debussy’s Fawn’ // new album teaser – Music by Gestalt