Love, revenge, murder. In the desert of Mr MooQ’s ‘Adelina’ there seems to be no rule.

Mr MooQ makes his voice soar in an imaginary wasteland in search of ‘Adelina’, setting up a western story in a modern key. In his brand-new single moved by Latin pop beat and laced with powerful vocals, the EDM singer-songwriter Mr MooQ reveals the tragic tale of Adelina and her lovers.

Here the artist, capable of “romancing the world of groove to a whole new level”, invents a hybrid genre that he defines EDM-Lite / Synth / Pop.

With a story of passion and feelings that seems to come directly from the heart of Mr MooQ, ‘Adelina’ is a piece of fervent music that drops us into a unique and inviting atmosphere, with a voice that evokes traditional tragic western narratives.

The track sounds broad and expansive, integrating a blend of electronic instrumentation infused into an acoustic sound scenography that effectively hybridizes the EDM, synth and pop genres on which the artist bases his music. The corroboration and the organic and dense amalgam of all these factors create a peculiar and alternative love potion.

Signed with the Independent label Fortune Frog Music LLC, Mr MooQ is working on the release of new music, following a prolific momentum of inspiration.

Mr MooQ - Adelina - single artwork
Mr MooQ - Adelina - single artwork

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