South Korean rapper and producer Kushgang is a very prolific artist from Florida, who has been able to attract the attention of a loyal following of fans and listeners, thanks to a music characterized by introspective rhymes on top of the self-produced melodic rhythms.

Arrested 6 times – he has been in and out of prison on several occasions – Kushgang has used music to stay out of trouble and to be creative. With a distinct Southern flair, the Asian rapper Kushgang offers a sort of hybrid form that manages to capture listeners all around the world, reflected in a new wave of style and personality that is quickly pushing him into the charts and quickly making him as an essential breakthrough artist.

From his latest work released recently comes the single titled ‘Kush & Lemonade’. Moved by a crispy beat and by Kushgang’s distinguishable rap performance, the track draws from certain pop influences, giving life to an intriguing exquisite number.

With just under 2 minutes of listening, immersed in an almost ethereal soundscape the central focus of which is focused on Kushgang’s flow, ‘Kush & Lemonade’ arrives like a graceful breath of wind, which touches you gently with its explicit lyrics and then flies away.

‘Kush & Lemonade’ is available for streaming on Spotify. To find out more about Kushgang and his music, check the links below.