73% of African Americans said they did not have emergency funds to cover three months of expenses. This is the NAACP warning repeated by Mr. Charles in the intro of the video for ‘Dedicate Black Lives Matter’.

The anthemical number with which Mr. Charles moves our consciences, vibrates and debates in a reflexive, mellifluous and crudely calm way. A protest message to wake up the minds, about a social theme in which economy, politics and social redemption are inevitably linked together.

By impressing in our ears the word “dedicated”, included with style and meaning in the song itself, ‘Dedicate Black Lives Matter’ rises, becoming at the same time an incisive edifying hymn, to fortify those who are suffering the difficulties highlighted by the protests that have been invigorated by recent news events that had worldwide resonance.

Equal opportunity, truth, peace, freedom and justice; they are all the precious values that ring inside, outside and around ‘Dedicate Black Lives Matter’.

Watch now the video of Mr. Charles’s ‘Dedicate Black Lives Matter’, available on the MRCHARLESENT Youtube channel.

Something more about Mr. Charles

Mr. Charles Entertainment LLC, formerly Shasta Records Inc. of Wilmington, De.

Mr. Charles decided to launch his new, and exciting company in 1993. Tucon Management Was formed as a sister company to manage artist signed by the record label.

Mr. Charles has a long track record as an entrepreneur, it is well documented, back to 1960.  He co-owned, along with his wife, a record shop in Downtown Wilmington.

He co-produced a weekly show on The Heritage Cable Vision (Channel 22) “ON/TOP”.  The show featured, roll models of all ages, in the Delaware, Philadelphia, and the New Jersey area. The guest were people in government, the religious community, and the private sector, who helped young, and adults achieve a better, more productive way of life.

As chairman of Mr. Charles Entertainment LLC, he brings to you 30 years as a lyricist, and promoter of such acts as The Intruders, The Delfonics, Vibrations, and Mad Lads. He also Managed The Travelers, Speidels, and The Matadors.

As a teenager he helped organize a group called Lonnie and The Crisis, who recorded ‘Bells In The Chapel’ and ‘Santa Town USA’.  Mr. Charles was also instrumental in the development of Skip Bordley, who later performed with Crown Heights Affair, and Arthur Conley, who toured with Otis Redding.

He helped Arthur Conley and Skip Bordley reach their full potential. Mr. Charles also had the opportunity to work with Kenny Gamble, and The Romeos. Kenny Gamble, and Leon Huff went on to create Philadelphia International Records, they produced such groups as The Ojays, Teddy Pendergrass, Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes, and Pattie La Belle, just to name a few.