Anglo-Yoruba afrobeat artist Mowille shines with ‘Help Me’, the track off his latest album ‘Emi Ekun’.

Born in the late ’80s to the Durodola’s family in the Pace Setting city, Ibadan, Oyo State, and now based in the UK, Mowille is an artist who sings and raps in Yoruba, the Southwest Nigerian dialect that is his mother tongue, and in English, creating afrobeat hip-hop music of peculiar quality.

The infusion that Mowille is capable to create spans over a blending of genres, spanning wide to reach up to R&B and Contemporary music.

This is a precious mix of styles and genres, that acquires a unique light and freshness thanks to the uniqueness of Mowille’s pronunciation and his use of Yoruba.

And that’s how, starting from afrobeat root, his music takes the most tribal elements of the genre and projects them into a fresh and modern atmosphere. The percussiveness of sounds and words, masterfully managed in productions of impeccable quality, becomes a compelling element of characterization, which takes the whole listening experience to a higher level.

A shining example of this creative richness is found in ‘Emi Ekun’, Mowille’s latest 4-track EP, in which the track ‘Help Me’ featuring Bella stands out like a gem among other gems.

Talking about ‘Help Me’, Mowill explains: “I’ve taken inspiration from past experiences and shared experiences of people who have been through sexual assaults”, bringing us not only a beautiful song, but also a track containing an important call against a social affliction of our days.

This is for sure one of the most interesting discoveries we have made on the afrobeat scene for a long time now.

Mowille // Emi Ekun - EP cover

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