There are more than 800 featuring that since September last year, we have embroidered, sewn, and chiseled through our words to capture, frame, and highlight the brilliance, value, and preciousness of an eclectic musical selection of which we are more and more proud of.

Hundreds of artists, some of them also recurring, that we have had the pleasure and honor of helping in telling the stories, passions, and feelings enclosed in and conveyed by their music, their songs, their lyrics.

Day after day, we have worked hard both on the front line and behind the scenes, to develop and improve our platform as much as possible, aiming to guarantee the best and most comprehensive coverage to the largest number of artists.

We dedicated ourselves to grasp the deepest folds of every song we talked about with honesty and consistency. What we have penned is precisely what we have found in.

Inevitably, this also meant getting involved and exposed. Two points that artists know very well. This is why we have always striven to treat with respect and regard the work of all the artists we came into contact with, even with those for whom we couldn’t give coverage.

Despite the recognition and support returned to us, this turned out to be an exhausting and challenging work.

But it is something that, through the commitment that we intend to consolidate and increase, has led our blog to be ranked 12th on the Feedspot’s Top30 Indie Music Blogs.

Being selected from over 100K influential bloggers, this is an undeniable rewarding gratification, that combined with the steady daily growth of followers on Instagram, prompts us to tirelessly proceed on this journey.

For us, the ideas and projects we wish to furtherly develop, and the desire to extend and spread what we started, sounds clear and loud like an arena anthem. 

And as our style craves, while not bounding to any genre or gender, it makes us sing at the top of our lungs: 

We Will Rock You!

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Feedspot Top 30 Indie Music Blogs & Websites For Indie Music Fans in 2020

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Queen // We Will Rock You

A British rock band formed in 1970 from a previously disbanded Smile, Queen is a starred supergroup, honored with seven Ivor Novello awards and inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001.

With a total of 18 number-one albums, 18 number-one singles, 10 number-one DVDs, and with over 300 million albums sold worldwide, this is one of the world’s best-selling music artists.

Considered by many to be the par excellence arena anthem, ‘We Will Rock You’ was originally featured as B-side on ‘We Are The Champions’.

A beat marked by foot stomps and four spoken words, ‘We Will Rock You’, is the perfect sing-along tune, impossible to be ignored neither to be forgotten.

It’s no coincidence that the advertising business has also borrowed this song for biting commercials.

Listen now to Queen’s anthemic number ‘We Will Rock You’ and find out more about their great music, by checking the links below:

Also, you can discover ‘We Will Rock You’ on NOVA ERA, our playlist featuring on a weekly rotation all the artists covered by Nova MUSIC blog.