This is 'Blessing' - 15 heart-filled tracks divinely composed and self-produced, infused with acoustic folk atmospheres and embellished with an alternative and dream pop touch.

Written to bring some light into an increasingly darker world, the original and permeating musical delivery that Moody Bats set up with ‘Blessing’ is a fresh and dreamy breath of clean, radiant and enlightening air, that, while addressing the themes of water and light shining through the dark, gives back all that sense of perpetual wonder that we can grasp when we pause to focus on the deeper sense and essence of what surrounds us, of our relationships, the world and nature.

Ranging from rock to pop sounds, now moving through movie sets and now through introspective acoustic parentheses, the 15 tracks that make up the album are connected by a double, alternative and dream thread that naturally and organically follows the musical argument of the entire release, in which a myriad of hints of psychedelic blooms sprout, hinting at ’90s rock and ’70s folk.

It is so that, from the sound of waves and guitars of the introductory track ‘Water’ to the sparkling acoustic rock atmosphere of ‘Don’t Break My Heart’, Moody Bats accompany us with naturalness in a long, articulated and immersive listening experience. Each track calls the next, like being on a relaxed Sunday morning outdoor stroll in the middle of the countryside, when your feet leisurely and on naturally lead you to enjoy the warmth of the sun, the caress of the wind and the rustling of the leaves.

Moody Bats // Blessing - album cover
Moody Bats // Blessing - album cover

Divided into three parts interspersed by the two interludes ‘Passage 1’ and ‘Passage 2’, the central one takes on a cleaner musical connotation, less acoustic and closer to electronics, with some acoustic guitars giving way to electric guitars in combination with synths and organs, as in ‘Frames’.

‘Blessed Me’ is the link that skillfully closes the whole cycle of the album and at the same time somehow sums up its essence. Reintroducing the sound of the waves from which it all began, the acoustic guitars of the first part join the crystalline synths of the second part, setting up a song with an exquisitely candid and relaxing musical aesthetic.

Suggestive and qualitatively valuable, ‘Blessing’ by Moody Bats is a formidable listening experience that brings to mind those moments spent outdoors and in the company of our loved ones. Something that we are sure we are all missing at this moment.

A poster to take as an example that shows, if necessary, the communicative and evocative power of music.

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Listen now to ‘Blessing’, the debut album of Moody Bats, available in streaming on all major digital platforms.

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