Monarch is a 21-year-old rapper from Calgary, Canada. Guided by an unconditional passion for rap and a deep knowledge of his hometown hip hop scene, Monarch brings to his music self-reflective lyrics  that aim to involve the listeners through content that is distant from the self-indulgent type we tend to find in today’s rap.

With this creative vision, emerging artist Monarch announces the release of his EP “Unlistened“, expected for January 2020, introduced by his recently-released single titled “Calgary Bars Pt.1 (Freeverse)“.

Calgary Bars Pt.1” is the result of a fleeting inspiration: in fact, Monarch wrote this song in just 10 minutes of freeverse composition as he was experiencing multiple days of sleep deprivation.

Recorded raw and unedited, this song showcases all of the genuineness of Monarch‘s freestyle, offering us a flow rap that is stripped bare to its core and yet sinuous, one that’s mellifluous even as it disarticulates organically throughout the song.

With almost 9,000 plays totaled on Soundcloud in just 3 days by “Calgary Bars Pt.1“, Monarch is already looking ahead, to expand his artistic sphere, experimenting with new creative horizons.

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Monarch // “Calgary Bars Pt.1 (Freeverse)” - artwork