Rapper Monarch, from Calgary, Canada, returns to the scene with a new release, the EP titled “Before December Ends: The Freestyle Files“, introduced by the previous single “Calgary Bars Pt.1“, which we recently talked about on Nova Music blog right [ here ].

Before December Ends: The Freestyle Files” is Monarch’s first EP, preceded by several singles. Here, among its nine tracks, we can find a remix of “Calgary Bars” that makes the song shine once more, thanks to a visionary and permeating drift that shows lo-fi influences with a slightly retro taste.

The other stand out tracks of the album, together with “Calgary Bars“, are the last two. In “Eulogy“, Monarch showcases a flow rap that, by using counterpoint structures, magnetically captures the listeners, making them immerse themselves in the theme of the song. The track revolves around Monarch‘s friend Spencer,  who committed suicide in February 2019, and to whom the artist dedicated the entire EP.

But it is in the seven-minute long last song, “The Prayer“, that Monarch shows off all the authenticity and personal transport that he’s able to pour into his music. This is a sort of monologue, one that’s deeply felt and creates an outro in which Monarch talks about how each song was born, in what sounds like a manifesto of his creativity.

With “Before December Ends: The Freestyle FilesMonarch gives us a formidable example of his musical art, in which he shows all the authenticity of the unconditional passion he has for rap. With music guided by self-reflective lyrics, Monarch‘s flow streams in an organic, coherent and harmonious way throughout the EP, offering an immersive and profound listening experience.

Just like he did with “Calgary Bars Pt.1“, with this EP Monarch manages to transmit a musical delivery marked by his flowing rap. Monarch‘s is a performance that lays bare the core and themes of the entire EP, organically articulating them along the development of all its nine tracks.

Monarch // “Before December Ends: The Freestyle Files” - EP artwork
Monarch // “Before December Ends: The Freestyle Files” - EP artwork

Listen now to “Before December Ends: The Freestyle Files“,
the new EP from Monarch, which is available on
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