After the critically acclaimed debut album ‘Record of Wrongs’, Mister Keith returns with the new single ‘Dig a Little Deeper’.

Singer-songwriter Keith Ayling, known under the stage name of Mister Keith, renders, in an exquisitely contemporary guise, a personal performance in alt-pop-folk key, giving life to a release imbued with a fine and melodic lyrical sensitivity.

By setting up a lively palette of colours where the present meets the memory, with ‘Dig a Little Deeper’ Mister Keith weaves a warp of sound, lyrics and emotional suggestions, that evoke an imaginative perception to which each listener can relate in their own way.

With a Pindaric flight that starts from the tension of anxieties and uncertainties, and then moves towards more liberating hopes and perseverance, ‘Dig a Little Deeper’ is an unmissable uplifting listening experience, in which to get lost and find yourselves at every listening.

Listen now to ‘Dig a Little Deeper’ by Mister Keith, and find out more about his music, checking the links below:

Mister Keith // Dig A Little Deeper - single cover
Mister Keith // Dig A Little Deeper - single cover