Miss Elm // The Shape of Light - EP cover

Exploring the emotions that arise in difficult moments through refreshing and honest lyrics profoundly steeped in love and life, Miss Elm gives us a precious collection of 5 delicate gems.

The Shape of Light’ is poetic songwriting in folk pop key. As the artist herself tells us: “I created this EP while I was learning to understand the development of a new chapter in my life. I was grieving the loss of my father and I put all that energy into my music, which I recorded on a laptop with Shaun O’Brien, an extraordinary emerging producer.”

Organic, fresh, enveloping and distinctive, ‘The Shape of Light‘ not only showcases all of Miss Elm‘s skills as a talented singer-songwriter. Through a few cleverly measured and enhanced elements, she demonstrates a mastery and grace in grasping her creativity that amaze with their delicacy and overall vision.

Between anguish and surrender, Miss Elm accompanies us on a journey while dealing with themes of resistance, growth, love, new beginnings and expression. We’re in a dark tunnel we have to go through in order to grow and overcome the negativeness of life, and Miss Elm is showing us the shape of light at its end.

Listen now to ‘The Shape of Light‘, the debut EP from Miss Elm, already available on all the major digital platform.

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