The single “Ballin’” from the young and beautiful Miss Chay Bella, also known as The Rap Princess,  is a contagious hip-hop track with subtle pop and R&B vibes.

From the very first verse of this track Miss Chay Bella shows she’s in perfect control of the situation, thanks to a focused performance and a consistent flow, enriched by a bewitching sinuosity that tickles and satisfies even the most demanding ear.

The rhythmic subdivision, point-like in the high frequencies while full-bodied in the low ones, creates an interesting contrast with the fluidity of Miss Chay Bella‘s voice, which alternates between tight flow rap and longer, more harmonious phrasings.

In her music we find another reflection of Miss Chay Bella‘s femininity, besides her image and her appearance. Her sex appeal bleeds through in her music, but always with grace, class, and the right amount of determination. Engaging vibrations, a hypnotizing style, and her artistic coherence already make the Rap Princess stand out in today’s rap and hip-hop music scene, where an army of male artists mimic each other like so many toy soldiers on parade.

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